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Knicks fan that grew up in CT now stranded in Indianapolis.

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The last time the Knicks and Celtics met in the Playoffs was 1990. After the Knicks fell behind...


The last time the Knicks and Celtics met in the Playoffs was 1990. After the Knicks fell behind 2-0, they rallied to win the best-of-five series by taking the decisive Game 5 at Boston Garden. It was New York's first win at the other Garden in 26 tries. My Dad would generally bring home the Daily News backpages after Knicks/Giants/Yankees victories. I colored this one with a crayon (I was 7). I'm not sure what's more sad: the fact that I colored in newspapers in crayon, or that I still actually have this in storage.


Isiah Defenders

As you've probably heard, there have been some rumors about a possible return by a former front-office executive. With Donnie Walsh's age/health concerns, and the fact that he's coming to the...


Nets' Plan B

It's been a big week for our friends across the Hudson.  There has been a lot of talk from both the Nets organization and their fans about impressing LeBron, and destroying the Knicks'...


My plan for Knick's to get LaBron!!!!

A P&T reader takes care of the Summer of LeBron so you don't have to.


Can't we all get along?

Editor's Note: I'm Seth Rosenthal and I approve this post. Here's Mase, from the Fanposts. Being a Knicks fan during the NBA Trade deadline over the past six or seven years has been a wild...


Complaining just to Complain

Editor's Note: Mase brings it once more. This is excellent. Game Thread coming soon.Sometimes I really like Mike Lupica.  When the Knicks were relevant in the 1990's, his columns were a...

Knicks say "No" to Iverson

good news. even with Duhon's epic sucktitude, there's no reason to roll the dice on an aging, locker room cancer like A.I. i was starting to wonder if Donnie Walsh knew what year it was. think about it - pursuits of Grant Hill and Jason Kidd in the offseason (both All-Stars in '98), trading for Al Harrington (High School Player of the Year in '98), Larry Hughes (9th overall pick in '98) and Cuttino Mobley (also drafted in '98). if he really thought it was 1998, why not bring back LJ, Houston, Childs, and Camby - then package Mills, Starks, and Cummings for Sprewell? it worked before.


Knicks 110, Pacers 103

Editor's Note: Mase was in attendance, and took over recap duties for the Knicks' second win of the season. Here he is... Morning, dogs and poodles!  I got to catch one of the few Knicks' wins...

Cock Shot

Before he turned into a 6'10-do-it-all-Italian-wunderkind and P&T man-crush, Gallo was rocking the 90's mushroom cut in Serbia. (side note: are those basketball shoes or Dutch clogs?)


Mase says RELAX...

(I usually hate referring to myself in the third person, but I needed an attention-grabber). In case you didn't realize the season started, the Knicks are 0-2.  A blowout loss in Miami was...

$10 million per for Nate?

Knicks' beat writer and Eddy Curry lover Marc Berman is reporting that the pro team Oilykmpkiakoiks (extra k's and i's added for Greek emphasis) is offering Nate Robinson a package that translates to $10 million (!) per season. Also, Lee has an expiring five-year offer from Donnie & Co.

Knicks offer Hill one-year deal

Editor's Note: Thanks to Mase for snaggling the story while I'm at work. One year and half the mid-level (around $3 mill) seems perfectly reasonable to me. via Celtics Blog via Sporting News via New York Post. No specifics on the deal, it only says "a portion" of the team's MLE. The Celtics could only muster $1.9 million, which wasn't good enough. Update: "Contrary to a published report, the Knicks have not made a formal offer to Hill, but, according to a source, Hill's agent, Lon Babby, did discuss parameters of a potential deal with Knicks president Donnie Walsh." - Seth

ACTUAL Radioactive Fallout from Z-Bo/Q-Rich swap

P&T member and easy to remember nicknamer nyknickerbocker just posted his thoughts on the Z-Bo/Q deal and what it meant for the Knicks potentially keeping David Lee.  Memphis is all hot and...


Q: Who is Mike Taylor?

  A: He was a 2nd round draft pick out of Iowa State who now plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. via Fun with Numbers involving Mike Taylor 157 - the number of points...


Sessions vs. Nate

To continue the discussion from last night and today's recap, I decided to try to make the argument that going after Ramon Sessions and letting Nate walk may be more beneficial than signing Nate...


Opposing players and standing ovations

I thought I should try my best to make a clarification on a disturbing trend that has happened at Madison Square Garden since the Knicks franchise has gone in the tank: standing ovations for...


Knicks 122, Pacers 113

(Editor's Note: Our very own Mase attended last night's win over the Pacers and was kind enough to recap what he witnessed. Enjoy.) Yes, Sir!   Morning, space cadets.  I got to catch our...


All-White American NBA All-Stars!

The other night in the game thread we were having the discussion of the top white American players in the NBA.  I was talking it over with a few co-workers, and here is the starting five that we...


Thoughts on Lee

NOTE: This was originally going to be a comment in the "Bell/Diaw" thread, but then I went way overboard and turned in into a fan post. as good as David Lee is, and as much as we all like him, is...


Dear God, please no...

(Editor's Note: From the Fanposts: I'm with Mase. Walsh's rep goes kaboom instantly if he trades Lee for Diaw.) The latest from NY Daily News beat writer Frank Isola's blog Knicks Knation: "The...


Knicks 116, Barons 106

  Hey kids.  Just in case you were out having a social life instead of watching the Knicks in a early November regular season game against a one-win team, here's your recap. The Thunder sounds...


Scrubdown #2: Rick Brunson

Actual Editor's Note: Here's our friend Mase with an homage to Posting and Toasting's second favorite scrub of all time. As of now, Mase denies all allegations of drug use before said homage,...


Know the Prospect: Eric Gordon

  Editor's Note: Big thanks to Mase for writing up this fantastic Eric Gordon profile. If any of the rest of you are experts on one prospect or another and are interested in doing your own KTP,...


Pacers/Knicks thoughts

I've never figured out why but after moving out to Indiana for school in 2001, I've stuck around.  I live in Indy now and don't often get to fit in a trip to the Garden even though I go back to CT...


The Knicks deserve this?

from's Page 2:"Dear New York Knicks,Please, please, please: do not fire Zeke. Do not get religion, discover common sense, have the wherewithal to turn things around. Just continue to...


Coaching changes?

i think we are all in agreement that isiah is out of time, out of money, and out of chances to turn this team around.  however, ive been having problems thinking of a possible candidate that would...


Everybody coming back? flurry of former Knicks are mentioned in this article including: Allan Houston, Latrell...


P&T Top Ten: Number 9- Anthony Mason

Editor's Note: Anthony Mason's Haircut rocks the shit with this post on his namesake. Arichmix is up next with Charlie Ward.Similar to John Starks, Anthony George Douglas Mason was an unknown...


Marbury on Mike'd Up

some strange comments from starbury on 'miked up' (heres the full YouTube clip: for the season: "10 ppg, like 12-13 dimes, like 2-3 assists,...


Kobe to Knicks talks sprouting up again...

From Chris Sheridan over at"New York: If Chicago is one of the logical places for Bryant to end up, that raises the question of which team could make a competing offer. That's where...

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