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the Man Astride Goldencents

We're officially adopting Goldencents as the CC Derby Horse of the Year, right? In that case, check out Kevin Krigger, the jockey figuratively behind and literally atop the horse.


Gerod Holliman

What's going on with him? I just checked ESPN's recruiting list, and he no longer shows on there for 2013 (although his commitments in both 2011 and 2012 are on there). Does this mean he's...


Thinking through National Championship scenarios

(without involving anything too farfetched, such as Jacksonville upsetting Florida the same week that Georgia Southern beats Georgia) First of all, I’m making three very important...

Glee/UofL cheerleading mention

So, I'm totally too manly to watch Glee (lying through my teeth) but one of the fictional characters got into the University of Louisville and was attending there because they're "the best cheerleading squad in the nation". Which is true. The more you know. Wait, that's NBC, not Fox.

DaMarcus Smith at WKU

in case anyone else missed this news too. If he had to go anywhere else in the country, I'm glad it's WKU. Go Toppers!

BIG EAST and AQ Status

Andrea Adelson consults the four letter network's BCS Guru and determines that, if AQ renewal is the same as initially obtaining AQ status, even with adding Boise State the BIG EAST wouldn't make it. However, no one knows how a conference loses AQ status.


Stats Thus Far

A Brief Rundown of the numbers in the BIG EAST so far.  The first number is national ranking in points for, the second is points against. Rutgers:  45th 11th  WVU: 12th   37th Pitt: 70th ...


Fling It.

Okay, I know last year we were a running team with Bilal pounding it, but I think we need to change it up this year. We're at around 50/50 passing to run if you pull out sacks from the run game: P...


Sources say TCU is accepting the Big 12 invitation Monday. No surprise there.


Absurd Solutions to Conference realignment!

1)  Let's go English Premier League style on it.  Bring in a lower tier conference, establish relegation.  The top two teams in the lower conference move up to the higher conference for the next...


this doesn't deserve a post

But what happens with Damarcus Smith since he didn't qualify?  Does he lose a year of eligibility or his redshirt year or does he come in with a full 5 years ahead of him? Also, to talk random...


a quick distance rundown...

I have no clue what's going to happen, I refuse to conjecture on it anymore, but I needed something to do instead of writing my paper that's due tomorrow, so here ya go.   I screwed up and didn't...


Thoughts on Louisville's conference situation

I've been looking through the mass of comments on the post where I've tracked developments since yesterday, and I just wanted to cover a couple of my personal thoughts before I go to sleep....


Pitt, Cuse to ACC, on Rutgers and UConn, ACC tv*7th Update*

Pitt and 'Cuse are in talks with the ACC according to ESPN and the NY Times. ****EDIT**** Pitt and 'Cuse have applied to the ACC , according to ESPN's Heather Dinich. The new news is that...


I love Will Stein

Sorry, it's true.  I know the hip thing nowadays (and, well, always) is to blame everything on quarterback play, but I just don't think it's fair especially after the game he put up tonight. He...


Pitino, why I am SERIOUSLY unconcerned

Let's talk, shall we? I know, I know... We've already got Austin's fanpost which is all the rage, but I have to be my own man, have to jump out there on a limb. There's a lot of talk about Rick...

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