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I'm a Cowboys fan. I ran a pretty successful cowboys blog at but I got tired of managing the site and would like to stick to just writing for a while. My goal is to get my stuff on the front page of BTB. I also used to have a Youtube page with a total of 600,000 views but the NFL took me down. If you wanna get in contact with me just hit me up.

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  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
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Your Cowboys and Play Action

In my last post I suggested that the Cowboys should have taken more advantage of the success that they were having in the running game against Baltimore by taking more shots down-field against the...


The Misuse of Dez and Miles

Before I begin, I want to commend Dez Bryant on his performance in Baltimore on Sunday. He played hungry and motivated. He made several key third down catches and was having his way with the...


If You Were to Add Another Receiver...

You may be okay with the young guys at receiver on the roster. You may not be. That's not at all what I'm here to debate. It's not a question, however, that somewhere on some team out there, there...


All 36 Times that Romo Was Sacked w/ Video

via I don't edit videos and post them for my benefit. I've seen all of these videos several times. The reason that I'm posting this video that I made is so that the people who don't...


UDFA Safety Eddie Whitley Highlights

I get bored and I have a lot of free time. Today I was looking up a lot of stuff about all of the Cowboys undrafted free agents. I had failed, in the last month or so, to look up much on free...


Dissecting the Big Plays in the Run Game (Videos)

I'm assuming you read the title. By "big plays" I'm referring to runs of 20+ yards. The Cowboys were pretty average in that category last year and ended up ranked 15th in the NFL with 11. To...


2nd Year Success Rate for 2nd Round Backers, Good News for Carter

The bust rate for first round picks at any position is very high. Every team drafting in the first round is looking for a multi-ProBowl player who eventually becomes one of the very best at...


A Simplified Way of Looking at the Importance of Safety Play

Even with the offseason Acquisitions of Brodney Pool via free agency and Matt Johnson via the draft, the safety positions for the Dallas Cowboys could still be described as lack-luster and the...


Just made my James Hanna Highlights Public

Enjoy, these are the only highlights out there. I made these highlights months ago but I didn't have them listed so you couldn't find them before. I hope you like them. Here's what the NFL Draft...


Is Tackle (Free) a Bigger Problem than Commonly Viewed?

No one is going to debate that pass protection was a problem last year. The Cowboys were in the bottom half of the league when it came to sacks allowed and that's not including all of the times T...


It's Not Where you get a Receiver... but What Kind.

Laurent Robinson's gone. He's not coming back. Maybe he'll come back in a year or two when Jacksonville dumps his giant contract after realizing that Blaine Gabbert is not Tony Romo, when they...


Gilmore a Darkhorse at 14? Over Kirkpatrick?

Fans have mixed opinions about corner Mike Jenkins. Personally, I like him. That's all I'll say on that matter because in the end, all that matters is if the Cowboys like him or not. Based on O...


Carr & Connor Cause Mercilus & Ingram to Make Sense

The game of football is the most codependent sport that there is. Receivers rely on quarterbacks and quarterbacks on receivers. Backs rely on guards and guards rely on tackles. From a broader...


Jerry Says What about Pool? Hints at a Pass Rusher Early?

via I've been looking into safety Brodney Pool for a while now. Last off-season, he, like Abe Elam, seemed like a good fit for the fact that he had played in...


Dez's Production vs All First Round Picks Since '05 through 2 Years

via The requirement for precise routes, a complex understanding of how defensive coverages work, and the ability to adjust to faster, stronger competition make it...


Time to Start Grooming Witten's Replacement? A look at Ladarius Green and James Hanna

The better teams in the NFL understand that it's better to get rid of a guy a year too soon than a year to late. While Jason Witten still has years of greatness left in him the fact remains that he...

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