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Avs fan since they have been here. I remember watching game four of the first cup at a friends house until the end of the 1st overtime. Then my parents had to come get me because it was too late (does that age me?). All the way up to now, season ticket holder with the wife (I found one that loves hockey as much as I do!).

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  • NFL Green Bay Packers
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Sacco Gets 2 Year Extension


Looks like he will be around through 2014.


Thankfully January is Over

Well, this January seemed like a LONG month for Avalanche fans.  I know personally it felt like there were very few things the team did 'right'. There have now been 96 months in the regular season...

Duchene an All-Star


Like we didn't know that already. Also, Shattenkirk to participate in the Super Skills comp.

Torres signs in Van


One of the few guys left I was REALLY holding out hope for that we would sign for just a one year deal as a stop gap. And instead he signs for one year/one mil in Van of all places. BOO

Nuggets safe, hopefully Avs too


I think we all knew (or at least hoped) something like this would happen. Looks like everything is coming together, and hopefully we get official word on the Avalanche soon.

Tucker suspended


Come on, anyone who watches us on a regular basis knows that Tucker just fell down as normal on that play.

Budaj in net against Blues


We might as well give up then, since he is SUXXORS.

Arnason Olympic Prediction


"3. Tyler Arnason(notes) will continue to show up for his Dinamo Riga practices, and one day work up the courage to mention to Martin Prusek that the rink is awful empty these days. Prusek will say "Shut up, Arnason, and get me another Gatorade.""


Free Oilers Tix on Feb 6th

So I was hoping to be able to do this more this season, but it just hasn't worked out that way.  But you are in luck, cause I have an extra pair of tickets to the Oilers game at the Pepsi Center on...

Svatos in for tomorrow; Line Changes


Looks like Sacco skated some new lines today. Not sure if he will keep them for the game tomorrow, but I at least hope they keep Tucker off the 3rd.

Poor Lappy


He seems to be having a hard time talking since he lost about half of his remaining teeth recently.

Yip Making The Most Of His Time


Instead of contributing with a lot of words, I prefer to contribute with lots of numbers. SO, here we go. Yip is averaging a goal every ~25 minutes of time on the ice so far in his 11 games played. This is the best ever for an Avalanche player with at least 10 games played. Talk about making the most of your time. I am sure he will not continue at this pace, but we all know he is making quite the impression. Also, I have a lot of data in my site now, so if you have any suggestions for stats, let me know. I know they can be a pain to try to calculate by manually every time you want to know. And no, no shift charts...

Points Per Game: Redux


Recently I posted a small spreadsheet I made about our players points (and goals) per game production. Well I know some people couldn't see it, and it wasn't formatted to nice, so I thought I would give it another try. This time in website form. Be warned, I am not a graphic designer. I don't even think I have a single image on the whole site. But I am a numbers guy, so hopefully those all look good. Enjoy!

Points per game production


Well, because I am a stats fiend, and points per game is an easy one to look at, I decided to see how some of our players have been doing this year. Basically I took the data from Avalanche DB at the end of last season and added in the data from this year so far. So, this list only includes players who had played with us before last year, and only their stats in an Avalanche Unipron. And since some players have played so few games (cough, Durno, cough) it's easy for their points per game to raise dramatically compared to players who have been around a while. But, none the less, this shows how players have been doing this year compared to previous ones. No surprise that players like Clark and Svatos are in the red. But I was a little surprised to see Liles doing better than normal in poitns, even if not in goals. So yeah, I was bored and thought I would share.

I was already starting to forget


Just when I had just about completely forgotten about Bernie, the PR department decides to send me an email letting me know that I can now book Bernie for corporate get togethers and birthday parties for the LOW LOW price of 250$ an hour. And if I have to suffer through being reminded of him, then I figure so do all of you. Enjoy

Anderson Named 2nd Star of the Week


And we all know that he deserves it!

Skoula now trying out for Columbus


While I cannot say I ever liked the guy, I DO hope his string of bad luck ends soon and can at least play in the league still. As long as it's for us :D.


Free Flyer's Tix on Oct 23

Here’s the deal.  I hate how expensive Av’s tickets are.  And I hate when I see corporate d-bags there who know nothing about the game, and leave before the game is even over.  So I thought I will...


Scott Parker Retiring

Hopefully those of you in the Denver area were listening to the Fox this morning.  They had Scott Parker on, and he officially announced his retirement.  Sounds like it is due to a brain stem...


Plaza of Fame

So for those of you who may not know, the Pepsi Center is installing a new Plaza of Fame this coming October.  All season ticket holders are allotted one brick on the new "structure" with the...

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