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Better career: Trinidad or Cotto.

I want to hear the opinions of people in the community here on this topic. Right before Cotto beat Martinez and Trinidad was about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, many columnists in Puerto...

McWilliams Arroyo vs. Froilan Saludar (Full Fight - IBF Eliminator)


Full fight from Bayamón, Puerto Rico. McWilliams looking to do the same as his brother last week: make a huge leap in the IBF rankings to get closer to a world title championship. McWilliams is definitely the more crude of the two brothers. Saludar throwing a lot of punches and looking both sharp and wild at times. Saludar had never been down in his career coming into this fight.

McJoe Arroyo KOs Hernán 'Tyson' Márquez


This is just the final round of the fight. I couldn't find the entire fight. But apparently this has just made arroyo the number 2 contender of the IBF. We may be seeing him get a title shot soon. I'm not sure how much Márquez has left, but this was impressive: 4 knockdowns and you can see how he just flattens him.

Dougie's Friday mailbag - Some Q&A about Cotto/Martinez


Some Q&A with readers about the Cotto/Martinez fight. Fischer provides a counterbalance to readers' reactions about both fighters. But I particularly liked his last words: " Regarding the fall of the "real" Magic Man, my friends were indeed correct. I should have listened to Dave Schwartz and Steve Kim when analyzing the Cotto-Martinez matchup, but I wanted to give the defending champ the benefit of the doubt. Like you, I have been a fan of his style, in-the-ring mettle and out-of-the-ring dignity and charm. I couldn’t get the image of the 2010 and 2011 version of "Maravilla" out of my head. That fighter doesn’t exist anymore and he’s not coming back. That’s Ok. He had a hell of a late-career surge, moving to the U.S. and becoming an HBO staple over the last five years, overcoming setbacks (Cintron, Williams I) and delivering some memorable performances (Pavlik, Williams II, Chavez Jr.) during his mid-to-late 30s. Martinez can move on with no regrets. "


Danny Garcia and his "PuertoRicanness"

I have been very vocal in my dislike for Danny Garcia. While I respect him for what he has done inside the ring (I wasn't quite convinced with that either until he convincingly beat Matthysse), I...

Juanma will rematch Ponce De Leon


Oh my, in one of the stupidest moves I've ever seen, Juanma will try to repeat his victory over Ponce de Leon. This is Shane Mosley type of denial (well, worse, because at least Shane Mosley was great in his heyday). He's going to train with the same trainer as always. This is a legitimately dangerous fight for him. Best case, he gets KOd early. Worst case, he ends up in another war like with Salido and that will fuck him up.

An article about the recent problems in Puerto Rican boxing (Spanish)


This is a newspaper article from Puerto Rico (in Spanish) exploring the horrible bad patch of Puerto Rican prospects.

Is it "possible" that Matthysse/Garcia ends up in Mayweather/Alvarez? Sounds insane


It is POSSIBLE that Garcia-Matthysse winds up on Mayweather-Canelo card. #boxing— Dan Rafael (@danrafaelespn) July 4, 2013

Chessboxing in Brooklyn


"The title highlights a contradiction, pairing an intellectual activity in which the combatants never touch and a combat sport in which opponents aim fists at each other’s chins. There is chess. There is boxing. And then there is chessboxing. "


Hanna Gabriel loses her undefeated record via KO

Costa Rican champion Junior Middleweight Champion Hanna Gabriel (13-1-1, 9KO) lost her undefeated record via KO to Dominican slugger Oxandia Castillo (12-0-2, 9 KO). Watch the entire fight for...

Tito Trinidad Challenges Oscar de la Hoya. DLH is "thinking about it"


Somebody should really prepare boxers for their after boxing careers... some intensive therapy, electro-shock, behaviour modification therapy or something is needed. It's like a drug, and it should be treated as such. Tito Trinidad has apparently challenged Oscar de la Hoya to a rematch in many instances. The latest one was this week and DLH tweeted that he's "thinking about it". The link is in Spanish.


Bernardo Osuna out as FNF host - Todd Grisham in

From The Sweet Science: ESPN’s Friday Night Fights Returns January 4 with New Host Todd Grisham Bernardo Osuna New On-Site, Bi-Lingual Reporter for ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes ESPN’s Friday Night...

Carlos Quintana Retires


Carlos Quintana says he has retired from boxing following his fourth round TKO loss to Keith Thurman on Saturday. He says that Thurman hits like a mule and he never really recovered from the punch that first put him down. Link is in Spanish.

Shooting victim Rola El-Halabi set to fight for world title


Some of you may remember two years ago a young, promising boxer by the name of Rola El-Halabi got shot several times by her stepfather the night of a fight. Now, two years later, she's going to fight again!

It's like Mayweather/Ortiz but without the talent


Funny video about a Mayweather/Ortiz moment in a local MMA competition.

Ivan Calderon to FINALLY announce retirement


According to El Nuevo Dia, Ivan Calderon will announce his retirement later today. He will be missed, but it's overdue. He never should've fought after the second Segura TKO. Godspeed!

Chavez Jr. calls Tony Weeks "racist"


Chavez Jr continues making headlines. Now he tweeted that "Look at that racist ref [Weeks], look at how he helped Maravilla up from his second fall, tell me if I'm wrong" ...

Juanma Lopez says that he's willing to fight Wilfredo Vazquez


As most of you know, WV2 and JML do not like each other. They've engaged in several "press wars" before, and they're at it again. WV2 called out JML after his fight (not in the ring, in the interviews afterward) and basically insulted JML again. He said that JML had an inflated sense of self and that he wasn't Floyd Mayweather to be putting up so many financial roadblocks to avoid a fight with him. JML has answered and said: "Have your people call my people" basically.

Brilliant piece of self criticism by Sergio Martinez


The entire article is in Spanish, so if you understand the language I recommend reading it. Sergio talks candidly about the last round and calls his bravado "ridiculous" and that he "fucked it up" when he was pitching a shutout. The only thing I don't like is that he says he wants to fight Cotto because he "doesn't like him".

Danny Garcia (trainer) parts ways with Victor Ortiz


I found this amusing. According to him, Victor wanted out of the fight in round 5 and now Garcia's complaining because Victor didn't "follow his instructions"... I guess it's pretty easy to shout instructions when you're not the one taking punches in a broken jaw. I know Victor takes a lot of guff for being a "quitter", but I actually think it takes guts to put your health before your image. Many are afraid to take a stand like that. I think this can be a good thing for Ortiz. We'll see.

Audley Harrison explains David Haye fight


Basically, he didn't "take a dive", but he went on to the fight just to collect the paycheck because he wasn't physically able to fight. He knew that, but didn't tell anyone because it was a lot of money.

13 boxing cats (videos)


The first cat hits the speed bag better than Antonio Margarito.

Juanma suspended for one year


El Nuevo Dia is reporting that the Puerto Rico boxing commission has suspended Juanma Lopez for one year beginning on May 10th (which is when the mandatory suspension for a knockout ends). Juanma was also fined 10,000 dollars and expected to do 100 hours of community service. Obviously, Juanma will appeal the sentence.


Boxers with bad balance

Yesterday, while I was watching the Burgos/Cruz fight, I thought that Cruz had, probably, the worst balance I've seen in a boxer. But balance can be an important thing. It can lead to disheartening...

Cotto begins training with Pedro Diaz in his corner again


Miguel Cotto told the Puerto Rican media that trainer Pedro Diaz will be back in his corner for the May 5th clash with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Diaz is back in Puerto Rico and Cotto has begun preparations for his upcoming fight. Also, reportedly, Cotto has been keeping himself in form and weighs around 170 pounds as of right now. (Link is in Spanish)


Fights that will probably never happen

Mayweather and Pacquiao have taken centre stage in the discussion of important fights that will probably never happen. However, Scott's article about Rigondeaux and Donaire and Garcia's comments...

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