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Seven things to expect from David Blatt

UPDATE 6/19/14 from Woj. I'd guess he'll go for the head coach job. In a bold move, the Cleveland Cavaliers have offered Euroleague icon David Blatt their head-coaching job, league sources told...

Seven things to expect in the Steve Kerr era

Observations from public comments Coach Kerr has made along with some commentary/predicting from me and links to more information.



OMFG. Did this really happen? Remember the elation now for when you're pissed off on a cold December... Details to come. I assume the family situation + more years + less NYC owner insanity +...


DLD 12/18/08. Shake it like an Apricot picture.

1. Intro It has been a tumultuous time. Not only was Fanfest cancelled, but Apple left Macworld. I have some very deep (i.e., boring to you, but you know how to scroll, so quit whining, I only...


DLD 8/1/08: Apricot Peeks Out of the Killfile

hi folks. I've been reading a blog by Joe Posnanski and I think he's fantastic. In fact, he is the only sports writer I'm reading regularly now.   He wrote an article about Ziggy which is worth a...


DLD 3/10/08: Goodnight Killfile

Greetings entities. A small but vocal subset of ANers know and use the poorly named "Apricot's Killfile", as celebrated(?) in past diaries Fanposts like this legendary poetry slam. Well, to be...


DLD 2/15/08: There's Too Much Confusion

Where is the DLD?  Has it been eaten by the Fanshots?   I tried posting a Fanshot, and (1) it failed, and (2) it doesn't feel the same as having your links lovingly ignored by a hundred hardcore...

sort-of fantasy baseball game


This doesn't feel the same as a Link Dump, but I'm trying this out anyway.


DLD 6/25/07: A Day In The Head Of Adam Melhuse

Icky weekend.  Here some links and cartoons.


DLD 5/11/07: is this thing on?

Uh, did I miss the Link Dump?


DLD 3/31-4/1: killfile and the three bears

Hi folks, the Apricot bunch was planning to go to the Rivercats-A's showdown on Thursday and report all about it with pictures and delightful commentary. Oh, it was going to be grand.


AN Photo Contest #2: Call for Submissions

Okay, by jlaff's request, it's on again. Here's how it works. I've opened up a new Moneybutt server at http://owlmelon.com/cgi-bin/photo.pl Photo Submission Deadline: November 17th, 11:59pm.   S...


DLD 10/20/07: Patience, Profanity & Diego 3 Finale

Looks like the A's might actually take some time looking for a new manager.


DLD 10/19/07: Hug It Out + Diego 3.5

Looks like no quick move is forthcoming on the manager hire. This gives a chance for more people to make completely off-the-wall suggestions as to who should be our next pinata.


DLD 10/18/07: AfterMach + Diego 3.4

Well, we thought we'd have a little breathing room before facing the whole Zito-leaving drama and whatever big moves Billy's got planned. But nooooo, he had to fire Macha. May you live in...


DLD 10/17/07: Gumchewer 2007? + Diego 3.3

Everyone wants to know who the America's Next Top Macha will be. Presumably Beane is going to haggle hard on the contract with whomever he gets, since we're paying Macha $2M to chew gum without...


DLD 10/16/07: Offseason Day 2 plus Diego 3.2

Another day without an A's game.


DLD 10/15/07: First Day of the Offseason

No link dump yet?  Well, I'm opening today's up. Add links to good stuff preferably not about the Tigers series. This seems like as good a time as any to start hijacking a few link dumps.


Baby Winexp on Games 1 and 2 (with Toy Surprise inside)

First as a special reward to people who read these Winexp diaries...


DLD 9-27-06: Group Hugs and Non-alcoholic Bubbly

Here's the only link that counts, thanks to Jonny Oklnd.  All other links are superfluous.


East Bay Express on Moneybutt (plus Butt Thread)

Well, I thought it was a joke when Rachel at the East Bay Express e-mailed asking for an interview about Moneybutt.


Baby Winexp and the Big Questions of Today

Okay, so I fell off the wagon and haven't posted any Baby W diaries in a few weeks. House remodeling plus travel plus insane energy baby = no time. Anyway, without further ado, here are Baby W's...


DLD Aug 18 2006: Remembrance of Things Moneyball

Moneyball was responsible for taking my casual interest in the A's to a whole new level of fandom. Googling Beane lead to AN, which led to a lot of time down the drain. So in honor of that book I...


Moneybutt: The Butts of Summer

Update [2006-7-30 2:12:59 by Apricot]: Your many (30,000+) votes have upset the server and caused very annoying data corruption. So, I'm going to have to call off this round for official results...


Winexp Update and a Day at the Park

Sickness and life have conspired to make today the Apricot clan's first live game. This is a little report on our visit to the game today, followed by some win expectancy numbers and pictures. (h...


Winexp: The Season So Far in Graphs

How time flies. Baby Winexp was born September 3rd and she could barely do anything at the time. She could read a Yahoo Sports game log and figure out where baserunners are. How she has grown, and...


Winexp 5-28-06: The Best Hitting and Pitching Since 1957

Don't feel like discussing this bummer of a week. Instead, I'm going to roll out the current win expectancy contribution numbers and conclude with a quick discussion of the all-time great seasons...


DLD 5/22/06 (continued)

You people are sick.  I'm taking the CGV hit, just because Jeepers couldn't keep his Dump under control.


Winexp 5-21-06: Showdowns Ahead

It was a grrreat week up in the the top of the 10th yesterday. I refuse to acknowledge the rest happened.


Winexp 6: General Hospital

A depressing week where the A's struggled to take advantage of their chances and where there were so many injuries that even people who were already injured got injured. These notes will be a...

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