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Winexp 5: No Hits, No Runs & Big Errors

So nice to have Barry dealing again. He had a monster week, good for #2 in the MLB. This was partly helped by his pitching twice this week, but he gets most of the credit for our performance in his...


Link Dump May 4: Suspicious

Where the heck is today's link dump?


Winexp 4: Soggy Week in Review

An awful week that looked okay in the box score, but not on the DL. And I don't mean On The DL. Here's the week from Baby Winexp's point of view.


Baby Winexp, Special Heart Attack Edition

Because we can all laugh about the game now, right?  I was lucky enough to be on BART for the minutes of terror, but it was funny as hell to read the last AN game thread, which had everything I...


Winexp 3: The Blah Week in Review & Melhuse

Well I picked a nice week to be off the grid... now I can experience all the blah in one batch, the news that Street and FragileBoCro are hurt and the generally crappy way we've been losing. Here's...


Winexp 2: Players of the Week and Winnable Games

Well, that week sucked. Here is the A's week in win expectancy, or, in our case, loss expectancy. Search diaries for "winexp" for background. Before we get to the numbers, Nico wrote what I thought...


Winexp: Players of the Week and RicarJoe RinKen

Win expectancy is an approach to assess each player's impact on the game by measuring a team's likelihood of winning before a play and after, and assigning that change as credit or fault to certain...


Link Dump 2/10/06: HIDDEN Link Dump

Yes, today's Link Dump is hidden. Call it an experiment, call it the people's will, but it's still hidden.


AN Photo Contest Results

Fantastic pictures, everyone. Thank you to all who entered and all who voted.  These pictures were all taken by AN members and, in my opinion, are as good as any professional pictures I've seen. T...


Travis Buck Romantic Haiku Corner

his latest poetry in all its glory.


LAST CALL: AN Photo Contest Submissions

Just a reminder. If you have taken an A's related photograph, why not enter our friendly contest?  It's free. Photo Submission Deadline: December 24th, 11:59pm. Place to Submit and Vote: h...


AN Photo Contest Call for Submissions + Open Thread

Okay, it's on. Here's how it works. I've opened up a new Moneybutt server at http://owlmelon.com/cgi-bin/photo.pl Photo Submission Deadline: December 24th, 11:59pm.   Submission Instructions: Open...


Moneybutt beta: Turkeybutt

Okay, if you don't know what Moneybutt is by now, you probably don't want to know.  If you haven't checked it for a while, there are enough men, women, bizarre entities and turduckens to attract...


Moneybutt 3: Hinder Pot Luck / Open Thread

Hinder Pot Luck.  Okay, I think we know what happens in the classic format of Moneybutt. Basically, a fair number of people enjoy clicking on a few butts and looking at pictures and a small number...


Moneybutt 2 Winding Down + Open Thread

(1)  I'll leave up Hinderlord Smackdown through Monday, so people who want to spice up their workday can do so. Almost at 35,000 votes in two and a half days.  The original thread is here. (2)...


Moneybutt 2 is LIVE (updated)

Update [2005-11-6 3:39:8 by Apricot]: It's been a day and a half, resulting in almost exactly 30,000 votes. Some of you are frighteningly committed to clicking. I figured out a way to very quickly...


Link Dump Oct 24

2005 "Real" Gold Gloves Hardball Times looks at baseball's best and worst defenders. Chavez is 5th in the MLB at 3B (A-Rod is second to last.) Kendall tied for 4th worst C in MLB. Sorry, that's all...


Link Dump Oct 23

A beautiful essay on Bill King by Jon Carroll. Jenkins casserole in the Chron. In short: King was the runaway number one announcer at football; LaRussa's temper made his players underperform;...


Link Dump Oct 22

Okay, so it's not Oct 22nd yet. That's okay. As long as you don't read this until Oct 22nd, we'll all be okay. So you're on your honor to hit the close window box if it's too early for you.  NO...


Link Dump Oct 21

Sharon's made a playlist of the best audio calls of the 2005 season. Most of these are Bill King, rest in peace. I am not in a place I can do this, but it would be great if SOMEBODY were able to...


Link Dump Oct 20

Sorry this is a little early, but I'm on the east coast for a few days. If someone else beats me to opening the next few Link Dumps, I'll post Diego in the comments. Bill's passing has been well...


Link Dump Oct 19: Thanks and Goodbye, Bill

What a day. I'm glad there was a place like AN to just gather and take in the news. Bay Area's superstar sportscaster Bill King, who described in his distinctive rapid-fire style some of the...


Link Dump Oct 18

Some News From Yesterday A's exercise option on Payton; part ways with Yabu (AP) The Oakland Athletics exercised their $4 million contract option for outfielder Jay Payton on Monday that keeps him...


Link Dump Oct 17

Two fluffy articles and... Oakland owner Wolff excited about direction A's are headed (AP) Athletics owner Lewis Wolff is pleased his team rehired manager Ken Macha last week and restored some...


Winexp 6: Pitching 2005 & Comparing Win Shares

As part of this on-going series on win expectancy (search for AN diaries on winexp), I compiled in an automated way the win expectancy from play-by-play data for all of 2005. I think (as do many...


Link Dump Oct 16

ChiSox Beat Angels With Pitching, Big Bats (AP) At long last, the Chicago White Sox seem to have figured out how to make it back to the World Series: great pitching and big home runs, with lucky...


Link Dump Oct 15

Slow news day yesterday. Chuckle. A's rehire Ken Macha as manager (Slusser) (10-14) 12:28 PDT OAKLAND -- In a stunning reversal, the A's will bring back Ken Macha as their manager, officially...


Link Dump Oct 14

From The Instructional Leagues: Kevin Melillo (Scout.com) Kevin Melillo isn't one to rest on his laurels. After an outstanding campaign that saw Melillo zoom up the A's prospects charts, the second...


Link Dump Oct 13

King Kaufman's Sports Daily "Smallball": Overused word, overused strategy, as White Sox show again in Game 1 loss to Angels. Hershiser A's new candidate There's another diary dealing with having O...


Moneybutt: FINAL RESULTS (Updated)

Update [2005-10-8 22:30:31 by Apricot]: The voting is now closed and here are the updated results. Well, Moneybutt was a raging tidal wave of bizarre AN clicking and judging.  Clearly the Nation...

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