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Moneybutt: Quantitative Ass Rating

Okay, this is I believe simultaneously the most brilliant and most moronic thing I have ever accomplished.   Moneyball is all about quantifying the unquantified, right?   So what is the biggest...


Link Dump 9-30 plus Diego Finale

New Slusser: New leader to follow? / Zito could mentor A's young staff or depart like Hudson, Mulder GnGG's link A's season a surprising success Don't miss gotgreen's link: A'S REPORT / Chavez...


Link Dump 9-29 plus Diego 11

So when is Rickey playing? Are they going to start Cruz? Crosby took one for team / A's shortstop tried to play through pain down stretch In many ways, Bobby Crosby is the embodiment of the A's...


Checking Back On Our Predictions

Okay now that our season has run its course, this is a quick check-in on some predictions I made this season. It's funny to look back because most of these seem obvious or stupid now, but they were...


Link Dump 9-28 plus Diego 10

Well, the leaky balloon that was September has finally gone flat. Again, we kept on fighting back when there was no hope, in order that we might have hopes, so as to feel all yucky as they were...


Link Dump 9-27 plus Diego 9

Our Tragic Number is 2. It is amazing that it is still larger than 0, but it is. I have to admit, we're in that part of the season where I had to decide whether to TiVo the A's game tonight or the...


Link Dump 9-26 plus Diego 8

Ladies and gentlemen, our Tragic Number is 4. Any combination of Angels wins and A's losses totalling four means No Playoffs For Us. A little thin on the links this weekend. Sorry. Maybe you all...


Link Dump 9-25 plus Diego 7

As mentioned in Sharon's diary, Harden could pitch out of bullpen Sunday (AP). ``It's not out of the realm of possibility (Sunday),'' Macha said. ``If it's 3-2 in the ninth, don't expect to see...


Link Dump 9-24 plus Diego 6

It's been a great year. It's looking really really grim. BUT WE'RE STILL IN IT!  The only thing I'm really pissed about is that Kenny-boy managed to get a win out of the whole thing. Totally...


Link Dump 9-23 plus Diego 5

Excuse me while I wipe the vomit away after following that Rangers game. Thanks for nothing, chair-chuckers. It's looking grim but WE ARE STILL IN IT, DAMN IT!  Let's go D-Rays! We need some help...


Link Dump 9-22 plus Diego 4

First, ANers in TX and Louisiana be well. May Rita calm herself before hitting land. Second, the A's round-up. Beane leaves door open for a one-day Rickey return In the past, general manager Billy...


Link Dump 9-20: Adventures of Diego Chavez

Two game write-ups plus A's Report: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news?slug=knight-_WWW_SPRT_12692671&prov=knight&type=lgns h...


Link Dump 9-18 Presented By Bay Alarm

"Just listen for the screams coming from Athletics Nation." Chron articles: A's Report and Game Report. Bobby Crosby appears ever more likely to be ready Monday, and that would be not a moment too...


Winexp 5: RoY, Cy Young & MVP

As you may recall, I last sent Baby Winexp (v46) to her room for telling me Rincon was doing well and that Blanton wasn't as good as I thought he was. Well, she used her time wisely and had some...


Link Dump 9-16 Presented By Barton's Droolers

A LEGacy of wishful projection. I'll start the ball rolling with... Slusser's Report: "He had two days off and I'm not playing a statistical game right now," Macha said. "There's only one statistic...


Link Dump 9-14 Presented By Bipolar Express, the Movie

Bruce Jenkins at the Chron does not usually irritate me. However, he checks in with a mishmash of ignorance. In short: look past a batter's statistics except for the ones I know and love like RBI...


Link Dump 9-13 Presented By Nacho Runs

Starting the ball rolling... Questions and answers on the farm. Excerpt: Who was the biggest surprise in the A's farm system this season? I'd call it a dead heat between Andre Ethier and Kevin...


WinExp 4: Street has a nice butt. So does Santana.

This diary is a thread that outgrew its holding pen.  Here is the original comment on the Sep 10 game v Texas with Street's ultra-clutch 5-out save under some very trying conditions. Read  the f...


Link Dump du Jour: Sep 10 2005

From The Chron Game Report: Ellis has now hit leadoff seven times this season and he's not shy about expressing his feelings about it. "I love it, LOVE it,'' he said. "I feel like I have the chance...


Win Exp 3: Walk Off Walk Game & Open Thread

Just until Blez has the official celebration thread. Here is the Win Exp report on this wonderchild in-your-face bite-me-all-you-whiners game. TOP 5 PLAYS Bot 9.0. R:-2. B:23. E. Chavez doubled to...


Links R Us, The Dump: Sep 7 05

From MLB Draft 2005: Grading The Supplemental 1st Round (number is the draft order, not a ranking): 36. Oakland Athletics - Travis Buck, OF, Arizona State Buck gave the A's every reason to feel...


WinExp 2: Plays of the Year, Rookie of Year, Injuries and the New Guys

This diary continues some analysis from the first win expectancy diary, which explored a way of assessing how much each player contributed to our team's past success. Roughly speaking, your...


WinExp 1: Graphs! Graphs! and Quizzes

I wrote a program to take play-by-play data from Yahoo Sports and transform it into win expectancy calculations. Combined with Excel, we can make cool pictures so you can see roughly how much...


Measuring Cringe Factor

Jim Callis, Jennifer, Sharon and a few other ANers have combined to pioneer work on a new sabermetric measure called Cringe Factor. Callis: The point I was trying to make is that there are guys in...


Daily Link Dump: 8/23

Put your media links here! Scoreboard gazing / A's can't help themselves, especially now As they head into the final six weeks of the season by opening a road trip in Detroit tonight, the A's are...


Link Dump & Open Thread: Ninja-Positive Zone

Everyone needs to check out the original primal ur-ninja site. Then check out the original Huston Is A Ninja thread. True scholars can see every mention of ninjas on AN ever. Devo was the literal...


Gossip from AN Day 2

Well AN Day 2 was lots of fun, especially once Mrs Apricot and I figured out how to get Hopey to enjoy her first ballgame (by napping).   I know others will post excellent pictures from AN Day 2....


Name the Play Poll

(AP sez) When Francisco Rodriguez dropped a simple return throw from his catcher, the Oakland Athletics sneaked into first place all by themselves with perhaps the strangest win anyone had seen in...


off-day special: concrete recipes

Instead of posting about Adam Dunn, here is something tasty for you all. Jennifer has just explained that "concrete" is a frozen custard mixed with special ingredients. E.g. Mud Slide- Cappuccino,...


all-negative vibes diary (no woofing)

During the dark ages, B.C., when a prominent minority of AN was absolutely losing their minds with despair, I posted an all-positive vibes diary. Now it is the Enlightenment, A.C., and we...

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