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Robert Rence and his Inner Bear Fandom

Mr. Rence went full Ditka tonight. Sweatervest, aviators, and attitude. Let me tell you, he was super excited to get into some classic Bears gear. The Bears get two thumbs up. The glasses...

What can $20 get you at the ballpark


An infographic on what $20 can get you at each ballpark.

Earl Bennett in a car accident


Hit by a drunk driver. Sounds like he's unhurt, which is fantastic news. Update: Vaughn McClure reporting that DJ Moore was in the car with Bennett, but both are okay and working out at Halas Hall today.


The Origins of Baseball: A completely true history.

Many of you think you know how baseball started.  You all think it may have happened in England or France in those silly years that can be referred to in hundreds:  Thirteen Hundred, Eighteen...

White Sox fan gets backwards Sox tattoo


The image is pretty great. Not too bright on anybody's part. I'm so punny.

Super Bowl Shuffle Parody Commercial


A parody of the Super Bowl Shuffle will appear during this year's Super Bowl. The ad will feature a number of the 85 Bears. I, for one, will have my tivo set in anticipation.


My clearly original take on "fixing things"

[Name of player] needs to go.  [Player] can't [play defense/pitch/hit/is a cancer]. Curse words. The solution is to [trade for superstar player/trade for DeRo/DFA player/call up random minor...


official - Marquis to Rockies

Article I always liked Marquis.  Thought he handled his role well.  Larger deal incoming? Here's a brief clip: The Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs have agreed in principle to a trade...


Off Day Fun: A single change to the game

With the addition of instant replay to the game, I got to thinking, what other things could change about baseball to make it better?  So my question to you all is, what would you change about the...


The "New" WGN

I haven't been able to watch much of the games lately but when I have turned on WGN I've noticed a couple of disturbing trends. First, what's with this new logo?  It's ugly and pretty creepy. S...


Umpire Suspended

The umpire from the Milton Bradley incident has been suspended. know Al and others have talked about Umps being or trying to become part of the...



My first "diary" and it's more of a question for those more knowledgeable than I.Does anybody have any updates on Mark Prior?  Or links as to where to find information about him?  I'm just curious...

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