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Blazers' Offseason Target... Marvin Williams?!

http://sports.yahoo.com/news/portland-trail-blazers-39-summer-2014-39-not-180100883--nba.html I would usually post this as a fanshot, but I felt like this article was so out of left field that it...

Wages of Wins thinks Kevin Love deserves $45.6M/year


Yikes. Also, by this measure, players like Jose Calderon, Ramon Sessions, and Marcin Gortat deserve more money than Lamarcus Aldridge. It's figures like this that make me realize Dave Berri's "Wins Produced" is pretty ridiculous.

Paul Allen says test for lymphoma is ‘clean’


Great to hear. Maybe he'll be back to his regular self and not go all power trippy on us again?

Kelly Dwyer ranks Lamarcus Aldridge as 11th best Power Forward in the League


Seems about spot on for me. A decent producer but has all the physical tools to be much better.

Henry Abbott picks the Blazers


Abbott effectively admits that he thinks this series is a toss-up, but in his attempt to find a viable "upset", he picks the Blazers.

Nate McMillan, miracle worker


Kelly Dwyer takes a decent look at the Blazers' season and what Nate McMillan has done thus far. Right, wrong, or indifferent, it's good to see us getting some pub.

Create-a-Caption: Rudy Edition


Rudy's adorable pose gets him on Ball Don't Lie's daily caption contest. Enjoy!

Waive good bye to Shav.


According to PTB's facebook page, Shav just got waived.

And you thought it was bad when WE lost to the Warriors?


Try at home against a team that only played 6 guys. Incredible.

So much for the Grizzlies learning their lesson.


Seriously? As if Heisley wasn't the joke of the league already.

So maybe Von Wafer isn't the next Jordan afterall?


Looks like Baron Von Wafer is joining Linus Kleiza in Greece to play for Olympiakos. Good riddance. You know its bad when the Rockets, a team that will be in desperate need of scoring this upcoming season, aren't willing to resign him.

Are you there God? It's Me, Zach. Courtesty of Ball Don't Lie. Gotta love it.


Are you there God? It's Me, Zach.  Courtesty of Ball Don't Lie. Gotta love it.

If you had to put together an NBA Power Ranking as of today for the 2009-2010 Season...


Would you put the Clippers, Bulls, or Hawks ahead of the Blazers? This guy did.

A subtle stab at Travis Outlaw.


So I'm not the biggest Travis Outlaw supporter, but he's not helping his cause. Here is a recent update of his on Facebook: " What does it mean if a girl tells you she doesn't like basketball players??? I'm not...it's the off season!" Well, color me surprised! He's not playing basketball in the off season!

Brandon Roy wins a 2009 "Worsties" Award for worst game winning celebration.


Screw that noise. As Wheels always says, do it til you're satisfied!

What are the players from the 2006 draft worth?


Needless to say, the Blazers made out like bandits. Roy and LMA are likely to have to the two highest paid players from the draft when all is said and done... according to this site, at least.

Bill Simmons thinks we should have picked up Kirk Hinrich.


"Kirk Hinrich: Played so well on both ends that I'm now moving him into that Jason Terry/Mo Williams "We got overpaid and teams were afraid to trade for us, and maybe we let it affect us a little, but we remained talented, and as soon as our situations turned a little and our teams improved, we made a comeback; now everyone feels absolutely stupid for not trading for us when they could have had us for 40 cents on the dollar" group. Hinrich makes $10 million this season and $26.5 million total over the next three. That's not a fair price? How could the Blazers not make a run at him when they're trotting out that hideous combo of Steve Blake and Sergio Rodriguez? This bugs me." Ugh, Simmons' ignorance infuriates me. Steve Blake's post season: -averaging 11.4 points on 51% shooting (and 10-22 from beyond the arc) -6.4 assists on 1.0 turnovers during this post season. Kirk Hinrich's post season: -averaging 12.2 on 51% shooting (10-21 from beyond the arc) -2.2 assists on 1.2 turnovers. The argument/difference maker here could be Steve's horrible defense. We all know Brooks had an extraordinary first game. However, when looking at games 2-5, Brooks' stat line looks like this: -averaging 13 points on 39% shooting (6-17 from beyond the arc) -4.2 assists on 1 turnover. So really, how can Hinrich be the difference maker? Commiting more than $26M for comparable stats seems ridiculous.

Rip City Revival - Yahoo! Sports Blazers Article


Cover story on Yahoo! Sports NBA page. I doubt it reveals anything we don't already know, but it is yet another outside perspective which is always nice to see. Enjoy!

Z-Bo better than Chris Bosh?


...well, at least one person thinks so. Somebody needs to tell Zach there's a reason he's never made an All-Star team or been invited to play in the Olympics. Boy am I glad this guy is out of Portland.

BDL 2-on-2 Tournament: Blazers vs Cavs in the FINALS!


Go vote for our hometown boys as they attempt to complete their dream run to the NBA title!

Henry Abbott's take on the Blazers


Not much to say... Abbott gives his take on the Blazers. I like his comment about how offensive rebounds play into how slow the pace is for Portland. I didn't give that a thought until now.

Quite possibly the biggest Celtics homer article ever.


The opportunity has passed? Are you kidding me? If anything, Cleveland is stronger, Orlando is stronger, Atlanta is stronger, the Blazers are stronger, and the Lakers are stronger. Meanwhile, the Celtics got rid of their biggest bench spark player in Posey, and are relying on a fairly inconsistant point in Rondo, although he's made some big improvements since last year. I also think it's funny how he refers to the blazers as a "tomato can", as if we can be just kicked aside. Bulletin board material, anyone?


Which All-Stars are you voting for?

Aside from the obligitory blazers, who else are you voting for? This is what my list looks like: West- BRoy CP3 Amare' LMA Oden   East- Devin Harris DWade Chris Bosh Lebron D-Ho W...


LOL @ Bill Bradley of the Sacramento Bee

"After spending two of the past five nights watching the top centers of the 2007 NBA draft, I ask you to ponder this: Who would you pick now, Spencer Hawes or Greg Oden? I would take Hawes. You say...


Full/Half/Quarter Season Ticket Holders: Roll Call

I can only assume we have quite a few here...I just picked up a couple Quarter Season Ticket Packages today...I got some 200 level (yellow) second on the Blazers side. I decided it's the best...

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