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The Vastly Different Paths of Calgary and Tampa

Ten years have passed since since Calgary and Tampa Bay met in the Stanley Cup finals- what happened in that time to bring the two teams to such disparate positions since?

5 Questions: Flames at Lightning


John Fontana of Raw Charge stopped by with some answers to questions we had about the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Cosmo Quiz: Are the Calgary Flames Devoted to Me?


In lieu of a 5 Questions today, I decided to come up with something fun. This something turned out to be a Cosmo Quiz about whether my man was devoted to me. Given that I have no man in my life,...


Gamethread: Ducks at Flames

To call it a shocking turn of events doesn't do it justice. It was devastating, horrifying, and entirely without foreshadowing. When put into narrative context, it makes sense- and really it...

5 Questions: Flames at Oilers


Ryan Batty, an editor and writer at SBNation's Copper and Blue answered a few questions I had for him- and supplies what is probably my favorite "5 Questions" so far.

Flames Beat Sabres; Sabres Fans Probably Happier


In a turn of events that was neither predictable nor shocking, the Calgary Flames beat the Buffalo Slugs Sabres 3-1.


Flames In Phoenix: Delushious

Calgary Wines Malbec- Cabernet Sauvignon- Champagne Cabernet Blanc- Sparkling Rose- Bordeaux Tempranillo- Cote Chalonnaise- Dolcetto Zinfandel- Muscato- Cream Sherry The first wines are...

Kings at Flames Recap: It Was a Barely a Game


For about five minutes in the first, Calgary looked like it might actually make the match against Los Angeles interesting. The next fifteen minutes featured the Flames trying their best to dispel...

5 Questions: If Only the Sedins Would Move


Wouldn't it be great if they were actually traded? Vancouver would descend into madness.


Calgary at Wild: Not-Rumble In the Not-Jungle

Come for the insane Calgary line suggestions, stay for the insane gamethread comments.

USA vs Canada Open Thread


Coming for the drinking game, stay for the open thread

10 Questions for USA vs Canada


A Canadian writer and an American writer ask each other five questions about the opposing team (and take digs at each other too, naturally)

No NHL in the Olympics? How Canada Would Look


If the NHL pulled out of the Olympics, what would a Canadian team look like?

Flames at Flyers Recap


Calgary lost to Philadelphia, but did they at least play well? (Yes, yes they did.)

Flames at Islanders Game Preview: Woo?


Calgary isn't great, the Islanders aren't great, but this game can still be great!

5 Questions With The Enemy: Habs Eyes On the Prize


Arik Parnass of Eyes on the Prize stops by to answer some questions about the Montreal Habs and their sad state of affairs.

Flames vs Predators Preview


With a win at home finally on the books, the Flames are drooling at the prospect of doing it, you know, again. While Nashville mirrors Calgary in division standings, at 6th in the Central Division,...


Coyotes at Flames Gamethread Live: GET EM

It's nice to see the Calgary Flames play a mostly competent game- let's hope they do it again tonight! GET EM FLAMES. Lines Forwards Hudler - Backlund - Stempniak Bouma - Monahan -...

Bob Hartley is a Poor Coach


Lost in the kerfuffle of suspensions and fines for the coaches of the Canucks and Flames respectively, is one very important piece of information: Bob Hartley showed his hand as a shortsighted and poor coach.

Flames at Sharks Preview


The Calgary Flames continue their roadtrip tonight at the HP Pavilion, facing the San Jose Sharks in what will likely be a much calmer affair than the recent barn fight against the Canucks. C...

Flames Center Matt Stajan Has Probably Extended


Is extending Stajan the right move for the Flames? A look at what he brings on and off the ice.


Flames at Canucks Gamethread: It's Gonna be "Fun"

How do you approach a game that will in all likelihood be soul crushing? Alcohol, jokes, and music.

How is Edmonton Still Worse than Calgary?


Calgary is a team that is Not Good. Edmonton is a team that is Very Not Good, despite drafting in the top 10 every year since 2009. What can Calgary learn from the failures of Kevin Lowe and company?

Alaska Aces Wearing A Beautiful Jersey


In celebration of ECHL Hockey Heritage Weekend, the Alaska Aces designed a jersey that will melt even the Malaspina Glacier.

Have We Seen the Last of Jarome Iginla In a Calgary Flames Jersey?


Will Jarome Iginla return to the Calgary line-up next season? And does the non-return of Brent Sutter really affect that?

Brent Sutter Not Returning (In Other Words, Fired)


Brent Sutter has been fired. Rejoice!

Rating the Headline Potential of the Top 2012 NHL Draft Prospects


How do the top NHL Draft Prospects rank in terms of "Headline-a-bility"?

A List of All the Questions the Calgary Flames Face


A list of the many many questions the Calgary Flames are starting to face.

Why the Success of Flames Prospect John Gaudreau Matters


John Gaudreau- an undersized college freshman- is much more than a typical 4th round draft pick to the Calgary Flames.

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