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Report: The Lights Are Out and The Party Is Over For BCG


If you have been wondering what the hold up with BCG has been, we may have an answer. According to the above linked Deadspin article, BCG is on sick leave; therefore, Tech can't legally fire him until his sick leave is exhausted.

The Packers Support Graham Harrell


If you have followed Graham this preseason, you are well aware of his below average numbers which has led some discussion on whether or not he should be the number 2 guy. Well according the QB coach, OC, HC, and starting QB, Graham has their full support. It seems like these guys went out of their way to settle down the restless natives. The link above has the details.

Terrific MBB Roster and Commitment Spreadsheet


I was over on the Rock Chalk Hawk blog and came across the website of roster and commitments for BCS basketball schools. The spreadsheet is broken down by class, takes into account transfers, redshirts, injuries, averaged recruiting stars, commitments, and recruiting targets. Click on the link above to view Tech's.

Here Come the Silver Helmets


Per Level: Also, re: the silver helmet pics floating around, Tubberville has told prospects that #TexasTech will wear those twice this season. Hopefully, Tubs remains consistent in not knowing what he is saying.


The Vaunted Alabama Defense

Yes, Bama has a good defense ... that was apparent Monday night, but as I was doing a little research about who they played this year, I found this interesting: only one team, Arkansas, was ranked...

Could a Grizzly Be The Pirate's Choice for DC? Footballscoop.com update

This from Footballscoop.com "Washington State: We hear that a huge number of guys have contacted Leach about serving as defensive coordinator. Sources tell us that Montana defensive coordinator Mike Breske has impressed Leach. We haven't heard that it's a done deal; but Breske might be the one."

Former UNC DC Emerges as the Leading Candidate for Tech Job

Coachingsearch.com is reporting that Art Kaufman is the leading candidate to replace CG. Here is his bio from an UNC site. He was Tubs original DC at Ole Miss and did not make the move with him when Tubs went to Auburn. From TigerTracks.com: "The only full-time coach from Ole Miss who has not made the move to Auburn is defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Art Kaufman. He was an original member of Tuberville's staff that the new Auburn coach put together back in December of 1994." This is interesting. According to the TigerTracks.com article recent Tubs hires, Terry Price and John Lovett, were on his staff at Ole Miss and made the move to Auburn with him. Looks like he is circling the wagons getting his gang back together.

Attention Nick Holt Lovers: He is gone.


In getting acquainted with ya'll, I have noticed that some of you have a thing for Nick Holt. In keeping with the spirit, here's a bit of news from Footballscoop.com.

FYI: RB Coach Chad Scott Candidate for UNC RB Coach Position


Click Title to go to Coachingsearch.com. They are reporting that Chad is a candidate for the UNC job under Fedora. I understand that coaches move, but with all the turmoil surrounding the program it seems like everyone is looking out for themselves. If so, it doesn't speak well of what is going on inside the program.

Round 3 of Who is Tech's DC?


In Round 1 we saw a quick KO as James Willis quickly discovered the difference between the SEC and the Big 12 and our defense limped to ranking in the 110's. Oh, he also KO'ed his wife. In Round 2 we saw that the 4-2-5 doesn't work very well when you allegedly have coaches demotivating the very players that they are trying to motivate AND much of your unit is either hurt, clueless to the scheme, left the program, or undersized AND the defensive staff appears clueless. What will Round 3 bring? Well a name has surfaced through coachingsearch.com "Texas Tech: Tuberville has some flexibility, but keep an eye on North Carolina defensive coordinator / linebackers coach Ark Kaufman. Defensive backs coach John Lovett plenty of coordinator experience. Texas Tech does not have a special teams coordinator, either." Now the smart move would for Tubs to promote Lovett and hire a Special Teams guy.

NY Jets LB Coach to join Leach at WSU


Mike Smith the LB Coach for the Jets is headed to Pullman according to FootballScoop.com. Smith played for Leach at Tech and was his connection to the Jets. Me likes it!

NB Interviews at Arkansas State


Arkansas State: We hear that Texas Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown has interviewed as well...add another young offensive minded coach to the list of candidates. He has interviewed three times for an HC job. Is he that ambitious OR is something else going on?

Heads are rolling at A&M; AD expected to be fired.


Got to read the article. Wish they would clean house at the upper levels at Tech.

Have You Heard The One About An Aggie Calling His Bosses Boss A "Putz" And Getting Caught


A little light diversion to remind ourselves that Aggies will always be Aggies and an opportunity to thank the heavens that we aren't one of them. The CFO of the Athletic Department makes what he thought was an anonymous comment on TexAgs about the President of the University.

Search for Your New Head Coach Will Be Completed Quickly


According to the usually reliable and plugged in FootballScoop people, your search for a new football coach will end soon. All coaches who are the mix are all familiar enough with the landscape that it will not be a drawn out process.

Leach Watch


Interesting tidbits found on FootballScoop about Leach: Houston Nutt tells Tim Brando that Leach might be the right guy to succeed him at Ole Miss. Sources tell FootballScoop that RichRod, Leach, and Tommy Bowden are still involved with the Tulane search. "Arizona: We have been told by people close to the situation that Chris Petersen will not make this his next home. We also have been told that the administration feels that Mike Leach would not be a good fit."


The Five Stages of a Break Up. Which Stage Are You?

Alright, let's have a little fun. We find ourselves in a difficult situation with our beloved football program. Relationships can be so messy and every once in a while they end badly. As the song...


Analysis of Tubs Post Game Press Conference

Get the full transcript here.   COACH TUBERVILLE: All right. Sloppy coaching, sloppy playing. That's about the most hit and miss game I've ever been involved in. Ups and downs, the effort was...

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black


Pulled this gem from the LAJ lead article: "We’ve got guys that have played in five or six games now and it’s time to grow up," Tuberville said. "It’s time to grow up and do what you need to do to win games." When are you and your staff going to grow up, Coach? You have 19 games under your belt as a Red Raider and you and your staff still haven't figured out how to close out a game against a quality opponent. C'mon Coach, with your pedigree from the vaunted SEC, making great coaching decisions to close out games ought to be second nature to you. This game was winnable despite all the miscues on the field. You had a chance and you blew it. By the way, I read your post-game presser and you did acknowledge up front that there was "sloppy coaching" and "sloppy playing" Thank you for acknowledging the obvious. Recognizing the problem is the first step in solving it, so what is the second step, Coach? You mentioned in your presser that Doege is responsible for interceptions, fair enough, but when are you going to accept responsibility for this team? More later. Ugh!


Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm ...

1. #82 First off I love stories of transformation and redemption. If Adam has seen of the errors of his past, turned the corner against them, created new work habits, and cleaned up his immature...

Coach You Know Who and Returning to Football


Found this today ... Courtesy comes to us from the twitter feed of the coach of most successful 10 years that never happened. What caught my eye was his comment about the NFL at the end of the interview. Question: In the NFL, would the Air Raid be as successful on first and second downs as much as it is on third down? A few teams employ many of the elements of the Air Raid on third down (Patriots lead the way)

SI gives DTN a lot of love on their TTU page


Check it out! The more time I spend on the SI site, the more I like it. The best part is they are not the four letter network.

Staples from SI produces another quality piece about A&M and the SEC


The more I read him the more I like him. Hits all the perspectives including the ESPN one.

SI's Andy Staples Sound Reasoning About A&M and SEC


Andy's argument makes a great deal of sense. He focuses on the importance of the process ... dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Also makes a sound argument to the attractiveness of the Texas T.V. market. If A&M moves, it will increase the SEC's population footprint by 42% and add two top ten markets: DFW and Houston to another top ten: Atlanta. Good read.

Tuberville's Interview with the KU beat writer


Short article and interview about Tubs empathizing about Turner Gill's first year at KU. Near the end of the article he talks about Tech: "On offense, the high-octane days of former Tech coach Mike Leach now are officially gone. The Red Raiders return a quarterback with experience in Seth Doege, but Tuberville said he builds his teams around speed and defense. "That’s how you win championships," he said. "It’s not with anything else other than the speed on defense. (That gives) your offense an opportunity not to have to score 100 points to win a game. And that’s the mode that we want to get into."

Donald Trump on Leach: "and he got screwed."


The Donald endorses Leach's book: "Mike Leach is a great leader and an amazing motivator of men. And he got screwed. He’s got fantastic ingenuity, not only on the football field, but what he did with Texas Tech. The guy was on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine as the head coach of Texas Tech. Think about how unusual that is. He is just so smart and really is a great guy, and a great coach." -Donald Trump

Sports By Brooks: Feldman is indefinitely suspended by ESPN for helping with Leach's book.


After receiving approval from ESPN management to work with Leach, ESPN indefinitely suspends him for working with Leach. Huh?

Prunty Named Big 12 Recruiter of the Year


Good job Coach! Read the article for the way Tech ranks nationally for positions.

Headline: "KU Rolls in 'Dead' arena" TTU Administration are you paying attention?


Yep. That's how the number two team in the country describes our arena.

New Texas Tech Football Website


I really like what they have done with this site. There is enough video to keep you entertained for a good hour and it covers all aspects of Tech football ... history, teamwork, player development, highlights from prior years, game day experience (including the Raider Walk) and has a very well done promo about Lubbock. The funniest part is when Tubs answers the question: What is your favorite food? Response: Fried Catfish! No lie. I about spit my Guinness on the screen when those words came tumbling out of his mouth. Here's to Catfish Jesus! HT to Neal Brown's tweet.

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