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Another UT Assistant Leaves Today


From Football Scoop: Arizona: Multiple reports say Texas defensive backs coach Duane Akina has accepted a position at Arizona. The folks over at Burnt Orange Nation don't seem to be too thrilled about this. Apparently, he was a heck of a recruiter and put a number of UT DB's in the NFL. All is not well in Longhorn Land

TTU DT Recruit decommits


According to a Chris Level tweet: TCU hosted two #TexasTech commits this weekend (Jon Lewis/LaDarrin Robertson). Lewis switched, Robertson sticks and visits TT next weekend

DC Update


From Football Scoops: Texas Tech: Our sources tell us Tommy Tuberville has narrowed his search for the defensive coordinator position to former South Florida co-defensive coordinator David Blackwell and an SEC assistant.

Top 10 Mistakes Mike Leach Made During The Maryland Interview


I have no idea if anyone here still cares about Leach not being hired, but over at Double T Nation Old School Raider (check out his avatar ... it's hilarious) discovered 10 reasons why he wasn't. Enjoy. Oh .... you might need a scorecard to keep up with some of the inside baseball talk. So here it is where appropriate: 7 and 8: Mike loves to learn about all sorts of things. If there was a Hall of Fame for people making random and useless knowledge interesting, he would be head of the class. 4. He used tennis ball machines while at Tech to help the receivers focus and concentrate when catching balls. 3. He and Myers, the AD, had a very strained relationship. In fact, in his last contract negotiations with Tech he requested that he report to the Chancellor, not the AD. Word is (from many) that Myers isn't a peach to work under ... 2. In one of the greatest quotes in TTU history, Leach goes off on Texas A&M and their Corps of Cadets. A&M has an attitude and a culture that Tech people routinely lampoon. Here's the quote

Rick Barnes Sticks Up for Pat Knight ...


Barnes calls Knight an excellent coach on the technical aspects of the game, says that Knight does things right, and has an excellent recruiting class coming in. Interesting.

Tubs Talks to Ubben about the DC Search


Thanks Brandon Rawe for your tweet on this ... Don't know what to quite make of this ... one thing that is apparent is that Tubs doesn't seem to have a sense of urgency about completing the search. That seems strange. I would think that he would get on the stick before the good candidates move. I would also speculate his network of buddies that he knows and trusts either isn't interested in coming to Lubbock after seeing what happened to the defense last year OR he doesn't think that they are qualified to lead this unit. I do appreciate that Tubs is looking for a chemistry fit with the program and the city. It's a long shot .... but I would talk to Dave Wannstadt


Tuberville's Hiring Dilemma

Tuberville is facing some difficult hiring decisions over the coming weeks.  Barring anyone leaving he has two vacancies to fill, but there are three things on this team that need lots of...


Myers and Williams in Wonderland

This is comical ... Seth brought this quote to the front page from Kirk Bohls from the Austin American Statesman published around 5 pm CST on 12/9/10: Texas Tech head football coach Tommy...


Wanted: A Coach Who Can Put Together A Championship Staff

  Tubs wants to win championships.  We want to win championships.  Hance loves coaches who talk about winning championships.  So let’s take a look how other championship caliber teams have put...

Comic Relief via the Cookie Monster


Many of you saw this during the summer but it is so funny and appropriate for this week, I had to post it again. Enjoy!


Wanted: A CEO coach who can recruit a well-balanced staff

  Our nine assistants have a total of 18 years of D-I experience.  11 of those years were spent in non-BCS conferences, primarily the Sun Belt (Troy and UNT). Three of the coaches do not have D1...


Tech Football's Achilles Heal

For many of us, I am stating the obvious so bear with me.  This comes right out the the AJ:     On national signing day, Tuberville said he filled his staff with young assistants because of the...


Why Tech Football Is Like Apple

Apple is known for innovation and execution.  That is how they became a market leader.  It started off with two innovative college drop outs (one who can be viewed as a demanding nut job) who just...


Things That Make You Go Hmmm ... Our Special Teams

I was going to title this post:  Looking Under The Hood of the Special Teams, but thought that wasn't necessary because there really isn't a point in diving into deep analysis when everything that...

Three OSU WR's may not play vs. Tech


I haven't followed OSU at all this season so I don't know how significant this is. Who does?


Looking Under the Hood of the Tech Offense

We saw the Tech offense really come out of its shell the last 1.5 games.  Here is a look under the hood of last week's game v. Baylor: Tech ran 95 plays in 13 possessions.   That averages out to...


Behind the Big Play Numbers - Tech Defense

  Let’s take a look under the hood regarding Tech's Defense and big plays in Big 12 play.  In three games, the Tech defense has allowed the opposing offense to gain 10 yards or more 36 times.  T...


Tech Offense Output Analysis ISU vs. UT

2010 Offensive Output UT ISU Raw Differential Total Plays: 54 100%   87 100%   33      Total Passes 36 66% 62 71% 26      Total Runs 18 33% 25 ...


2010 Offensive Output vs. UT (The Numbers)

Texas Tech vs. UT 2010 Offensive Output Total Plays: 54 100%        Total Passes 36 66%        Total Runs 18 33%         Plays Breakdown by Yards...


Lessons On Destroying A Team's Identity From The Phoenix Suns

I don't suspect many of you follow the Phoenix Suns, in fact I probably wouldn't if I didn't live in Phoenix, so bear with me here.  As the head coach, Mike D'Antoni, ran a very exciting and...


Talking Championship Football, Boys ...

An open letter to the DTN community,  I know the DTN blogging community is disappointed with tonight's loss but let me tell you that no one is more disappointed than me.   We have to remember that...

Ruff Wins Number 2 ECU Defeats Memphis 49-27


Ruff has it rolling. The is a video link of Lincoln answering questions from the media. I love their attitude.

Why would she do this? Courtesy of Courtney Linehan ...


Courtney Linehan Hey Tech fans, Craig James is now on Twitter! Follow him @craigjames32.

DMN quotes A&M AD on why A&M did not move to SEC.


The A&M AD understands what everyone else sees. Financially and athletically they would be in the bottom half of the SEC. Notice the phrase, "I was very concerned about trying to take things slowly, and not rush." Interesting ...

Fox 34 Video Coverage of Leach Stuff - Check Out What Hance Says About Leach's Post Game Speech


According to a written statement provided by Leach's team, Hance was in the locker room after the Baylor and Kansas games and witnessed Mike's speech's. After the Baylor game, he told Leach that that may have been the best post-game speech that he has heard and sometimes you have to "go West Texas" to get your point across. Amazing.

The Band is Getting Back Together at ECU


Ruff names Clay McGuire (RB Coach), Dennis Simmons (Outside Receivers Coach), and Brandon Jones (OL Coach). That's six of nine on the ECU coaching staff with Tech ties. Wonder if Leach will be an advisor, unofficially of course.


Whose Lying? And Could Myers Become the White Knight?

After yesterday’s allegations filed by Leach’s team, some of the fuzziness with this whole picture began to come into focus.  As easy as it is to tar and feather Gerald for this fiasco, I was never...


Excellent Huffington Post Article on Journalitic Integrity, NYT, Leach and James

This is a must read .... it is written by someone outside of the whole saga and really nails it.  He contends that if Leach is lying, he is done as a college football coach and rightfully so.  If...


Disgusted with ESPN coverage? Here is How You Can Act.

I filed a complaint about the coverage Tech is receiving to the ESPN Ombudsman who is the "public's representative" to all of  ESPN's media outlets.  I think if enough people send something to him...


NY Times 38 minute interview with Leach 1/1/10

Here is a link to a NYT interview with our Captain.  Very enlightening.  He is definitely defending himself.  Craig James calls Leach's assertion that Craig was calling coaches and administrators...

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