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OT: Todd Dodge supposedly returning to Texas HS Football and other College Football Talk

Todd Dodge will be accepting the gig at Marble Falls...the hiring is imminent based on the 10 business day posting periodApparently acccording to other sources in the area Dodge was the front...


Yu announcement tonight

By Tim Dierkes [December 19 at 7:40am CST] The Nippon Ham Fighters will announce their acceptance of the high bidder and the winning team for Yu Darvish tonight, tweets Danny Knobler of CBS Sports...


OT: College Football (The BCS Aftermath)

It's official, the eye test wins. Bama vs. LSU for the title. Saban voted Okie St. 4th. Classy all the way. has the TCU bowl game ranked as the 32nd best out of 35. Hooray!!!! So close to...


College Football OT (Tuesday) or Why I am still railing against a LSU vs. Alabama Rematch

I don't want to see LSU play Alabama again.  I just don't.  The first game was 9-6.  I understand how much NFL talent there is on those two teams, but still, 9-6.  I am going to post an excerpt...


College Football Monday (11-28)

That other thread is way too big to wade through so, here we go. No surprise, especially after he asked off ESPN's telecast of Michigan-Ohio St., but Urban Meyer's health and family have obviously...


OT: National Title Predictions Thread

I know people have been kicking this around but I thought it might be fun to pack them all into one thread.  National title game tonight.  Oregon vs. Auburn.  Two teams ranked in the mid-teens/low...


OT: College Football (UT Coordinators Thread)

Since we have seen the importance placed on the coordinator positions at THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS on this board, I have officially titled this the UT Coordinators Thread.  Now, I dont' want any...


OT: College Football (Stupid Boring Finals Week)

Not much going on in the world of college football this week.  FCS playoffs are about the extent of it.  Bowl games kick off in another week or so.  I find it funny that so many people are almost...


White Sox reach agreement with Adam Dunn

Saw this on MLB Trade Rumors.  I know it isn't as important as the Greg Davis firing, but it is important nonetheless.  Wonder if Dunn came off his no DH stance, or if the White Sox really think he...


OT: College Football (Championship Week)

Obviously we know the big championship games this weekend.  1. SEC: Auburn vs. South Carolina at the Georgia Dome (Auburn only a 4.5 point favorite interests me against a 3 loss SC team.  I know...


OT: College Football (Friday)

Not much to say here.  TCU/Utah and Bama/LSU are the obvious big ones.  I would love it, LOVE IT, if Horns 130 would make another appearance, but I'm pretty sure the coward in him won't.  Who...


OT: College Football (10-5)

Lot's of interesting developments around the corner 1. Is Denard Robinson really so good that Michigan can keep winning despite playing ZERO defense? 2. Will UT lose enough for Horns130 to leave...


OT: College Football Thread (Tweener Thread)

Last one is pushing 900 comments so let's roll out a new thread.  I added some fun filled football quotes to get to 75 words.  I'll apologize in advance for the first one.  I know it was stupid...


OT: College Football Week 3 Results Thread

Also known as the "Hey Josey, Muschamp wants to know how his overrated arse tastes" thread... Couple of things... 1. Mike E owes us his left nut after promising betting it that Baylor would...


College Football Week 3

New thread for the upcoming weekend.  College Football!!! College Football!!! College Football!!! College Football!!! College Football!!! College Football!!! College Football!!! College...


OT: College Football Post Weekend Thread

Also known as the "Mack Brown had his starting offense in throwing deep balls up 20 with 2 minutes left" Thread.  Multiple things to talk about here.  OU rebounded by beating the dog out of a...


Bad News Glaus Lovers

  It appears according to MLB Trade Rumors that Glaus is close to signing with the Braves to be their everyday first baseman.  Not a huge surprise.  We had heard the rumblings that he wanted an...


Mariners agree with Figgins

It appears as if Figgins will sign a 4 year 36 million dollar deal with the Mariners.  The little guy ends up not leaving the division... This note from MLB Trade Rumors about the Angels trying...


OT: Madden retires from booth

Madden announced his retirement from broadcasting today.  No more Al and John on Sunday Night Football.  Any guesses on who replaces him?  I personally think he has lost some of his effectiveness...



Okay, I know this game doesn't get great reviews, but I rented it for the Wii and wanted to warn anyone who had the same idea.  #1: I turn on the game, choose the Rangers, and realize Young still...


A's sign Cabrera

Per ESPN, the A's have reached an agreement with Orlando Cabrera.  He replaces the forever underachieving Bobby Crosby.   I have wasted many a fantasy picks on believing Crosby was going to turn it...


Spring Training Day 2

Since there is no mainpage deal going.  The Karate Kid just struck out Pena Jr. and DeJesus back to back to end the 1st.  It looks like Young got a hit after being the only starter not to yesterday...


Spring Opener

I know it is way early to read much into it, but I just heard Benson is starting tomorrow's Cactus opener instead of Harrison because they feel like Benson is more stretched out to start a game. ...


Red Sox sign Wilkerson

The Amazing Striking Out Brad Wilkerson has signed a minor league deal with the Boston Red Sox.  That's a good add for them I suppose.  Everyone needs a guy like that to strike out constantly and...


FA Starters

ESPN is reporting that the Dodgers have interest in Looper, Wolf, and Garland.  Another team looking for a starter not listing Sheets as an option.  We might end up getting him by default.  Plus, I...


Kris Benson

MLBTR has a story up saying Benson called a reporter in Baltimore and claimed 4 teams were interested in him, one of which is the Rangers.  If we were to sign Benson, would you be more excited...


Texas/Ohio St.

Did any of you Texas fans ever consider that Ohio St. might beat you?  Of course not, you are too arrogant to ever think a Big 10 school could compete with you.  USC did smash Ohio St., but...

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