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Give Philbin a Chance

Reading numerous comments on this site it seems pressure's on brand new coach Philbin to win it all in his first year just because he's been given a future HoF QB who is on the downside of his...

Brook's Top 50 Prospects


If we do get Flynn or stay put with Moore, there are some enticing options here ... Courtenay Upshaw and Melvin Ingram fit a need at 3-4 OLB, Rieff & DeCastro would be great O line options. Coby Fleener sounds like the kind of TE we need to partner Fasano, and the likes of Mike Adams and Zebrie Sanders sound solid RT options in a good spot for our no.2 pick. hmmm?


How long / disruptive will a transition to West Coast Offense Be?

Cautiously optimistic about the Philbin Hire. I like that he's offense focused and will probably leave our D which is coming on great, largely intact. That said, surely he will want a transition...


Even if he wanted it is Cowher the right guy?

As the clamour over Bill Cowher continues despite his denials of interest (far from categorical) consider would he really be the best guy for the Dolphins if he were available?Bill Cowher left...


Did Mike Pouncey's injury and a flag cost us the game?

Before we get too down on the coaching staff this week for conservative play in the 4th, wasting time outs, somehow not magically producing the win against the NFC East leaders away, already...


Déjà vu!!

Anyone recall the last NFL team to send the Miami Dolphins to 0-7? ... Spooky!!!


Miami - Where OCs go to fail?

Just watching Scott Linehan's offense with Matt Stafford tearing up the bears. Spent last night watching Mike Mularkey's offense go up impressively early on the Pack, after earlier watching Chan...


In Defense of the Secondary & 5 Things they can improve in the bye week

  Kind of inspired by Mosul's 5 things article today.  Love the concept, hate the "fire the defense" vibe.  Jeez, New England actually has the worst defense in the league and you don't see their...

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