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FO, Word of Muth: KC Uses Force


Those sites that we love? Theys is talkin bout us! Another good one, this time from Football Outsiders. ----------------- The Chiefs beat the Saints in overtime on Sunday for their first win of 2012. In the process, they ran the ball 45 times for 273 yards. If there’s one thing we respect at Word of Muth, it is commitment to the running game. The best part is that they chewed up all those yards with basically one scheme: outside zone. They ran a couple single-back powers, but other than that it was all variations of outside zone (force, boss, weak, search and slice). It was simply a clinic in execution.

Houston Brings the Heat


Not Just a Flash in the Pan Kansas City fans haven’t had much to get excited about this season, but in Houston they have one of the league’s form players at outside linebacker. Since he entered the starting lineup in Week 11 of last season, Houston’s overall grade is an extremely impressive +18.8, a grade that would have had him among the Top 10 3-4 outside linebackers in the league in each of the past four seasons. What he illustrates with this performance is not only an ability to make occasional big plays, or feast on outmatched talent, but the skill, technique, and temperament to have big games against some of the best tackles in the league. He flashed raw physical talent, but the technique he showed in the methodical build up to the crescendo that was a scoring play was a delight to see from a second-year player.

Aaah, The Replacements


Now, we have another conflict case -- and if this one is true, it's a major stab at the integrity of the game. On Monday, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was talking with Anthony Gargano and Ike Reese of Philly's 94WIP radio when the subject of replacement officials came up. "During the game, they made like a bad call or something, the ref, and I see Ray Lewis pump his chest up, trying to scare him. Don't you know [the ref] started stuttering? I'm like, 'what's this?!'" Well, most people would stutter if Ray Lewis was in their face. McCoy then had a more disturbing reveation. "They're like fans. I'll be honest, they're like fans. One of the refs was talking about his fantasy team, [and said], 'McCoy, come on, I need you for my fantasy [team],' Uhhh, what?"

Ben Roethlisberger called his own plays against Buffalo, upset with the sideline. Yes, this Todd...


Ben Roethlisberger called his own plays against Buffalo, upset with the sideline. Yes, this Todd Haley thing is going very smoothly.

Jason Smith ‏@howaboutafresca

MMQB: Chiefs Camp Report


This team seems happy with the coaching change. Let's make one thing clear: The Chiefs weren't 7-9 last year because they didn't like their coach. They were 7-9 because they were a M*A*S*H unit by midseason, because Matt Cassel was just OK when he did play, and because Tyler Palko threw a third of the team's 2011 passes. In many way, they're fortunate to have won seven games. But there's little doubt these players are breathing easier with a coach they like and respect more than Todd Haley. "It had to happen,'' one player said of Haley leaving and Romeo Crennel replacing him. "Players were afraid of speaking up. The environment just wasn't healthy. I think it really wore on Matt.'' Todd Haley and Cassel argued on the sidelines at least twice in view of network cameras, and their relationship always seemed on edge. When I spoke with Cassel, it was as much what he didn't say about Haley as what he said about how he's being coached now by new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. "I like how he lets me play the quarterback position,'' Cassel said. "I'm not afraid to give my opinion, or to change the play. Some other times, I've been afraid to do that. But [Daboll] says, 'You're the quarterback. If you see something different out there, you've got to act on it.' ''

BRich gets derstroyed by Houston


BRich gets derstroyed by Houston

CHIEFS LIVE! 8-15-12


Lead-off topic: Eric Berry and Abe Elam key cogs in RAC's Dime defense.

Broncos starting RG Chris Kuper breaks forearm, out six weeks


Right guard Chris Kuper broke his forearm during a drill at Tuesday’s practice. Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Kuper will miss six weeks while he recuperates, a time frame that would keep him out of the first three regular season games. The blow is extra painful because Kuper had just made a comeback from a serious leg injury. Kuper suffered a nasty left ankle dislocation and broke his left leg in the final week of the 2011 regular season and missed OTAs and minicamp as a result of that injury. Now he’s got another injury to deal with and the Broncos have to replace one of their better offensive linemen on the fly.



Some good footage throughout, including multiple replays of Charles' 18 yard TD scamper on a screen pass.

Brian Daboll brings new energy to Chiefs offense


Brian Daboll hasn’t taken off the bucket hat he sported minutes ago at the team walk-thru, and he hasn’t stopped taking down notes. He also hasn’t stopped talking, and Jack Bicknell, Jr., the offensive line coach, can’t get a word in during their post-practice film session. Daboll is like a child who can’t sit still. His animated inner-child comes out often on the Missouri Western State University practice fields. Daboll screams praise from point-blank range at his offensive linemen and runs down the sidelines with his receivers. And when Matt Cassel executed the two minute drill, drove the unit into field goal range, and spiked the ball, Daboll had high-fives for all eleven starters as they came to the sideline. "It takes everybody to do that," Daboll said after Monday’s practice. "Not just the running backs, the line, the quarterback getting stuff set right, the tight ends, the receivers, a collective effort. We’re just trying to keep getting better at it."




Stanford Routt out to learn Chiefs Way


For those of you [coughupscough].. Ahem, excuse me. For those of you that put way too much emphasis on Routt's penalties. I've heard more good things about our #2 corner in this training camp than I have in season's past. Is it just me? ---- A Shield-emblazoned envelope greeted Kevin Ross in his office every Monday morning. And the former Chiefs cornerback knew that its contents – a mea culpa about Stanford Routt’s penalties the day before – would remain unchanged from the previous week’s envelope. As Routt’s secondary coach in Oakland, Ross was left wondering if the Raiders logo on Routt’s helmet triggered more pass interference calls than his play on the field did. "The league admitted that half of his penalties weren’t penalties at all," said Ross. "You start to wonder if it’s because he was wearing Silver and Black, and the thing is, those penalties can lose you ball games. Stanford had to have thick skin to come back the way he did each week."

Football Outsiders: Creating Pressure


Surely these numbers mean something to SOMEbody

Police report points to road rage in Dumervil arrest


Mike Klis of the Denver Post had a look at the police report which describes a scene of road rage that tipped over into an arrest. Dumervil and another man were driving on Collins Avenue in Miami on Saturday afternoon when a white Impala cut them off and witnesses said that led to horn blowing and verbal threats from Dumervil’s vehicle. Dumervil and the other man, Andy Auguste, are accused of then approaching the Impala when traffic stopped and lifting up their shirts to display firearms. Police were called and they caught up to Dumervil’s car while it was still stopped in traffic. Officers asked Dumervil if there was a gun in the car, he said no and a search of the glove compartment turned one up. Dumervil and Auguste were both arrested at that point.

9 WRs that have produced more than Bowe, 2007-2011


Since it was brought up... Figured it'd be good discussion to see the comparison. Pretty good, considering the Receiver Whisperer keeping him out of same games, and being suspended. Also considering Brees/Warner/Cutler/Brady/Manning/Ryan/Schaub vs Brodie/Huard/Thigpen/Cassel. For most of that list, anyway. Cassel can perhaps be excepted from that list, given some OLine woes in 2009, and a complete lack of direction in 2012. We at least know he can excel with pieces in place. Steve Smith and Megatron are obvious exceptions as well, to me, with Megatron having the largest catch radius I've ever seen, and Smith being possibly the best YAC guy I've ever seen. I like to think Bowe would be upper echelon with a higher-quality QB.

[Chiefs Mini-Camp 2012, Day 3: Tweets by @Jacobs71] #Chiefs MC I will give my rankings at 7pm...


[Chiefs Mini-Camp 2012, Day 3: Tweets by @Jacobs71] #Chiefs MC I will give my rankings at 7pm for best at each position. #Chiefs MC Ropati Pitoitua will need to learn to get his hands inside of the OL to make the team. #Chiefs MC I really think Hali, Bailey, Houston, and Poe are KC's 4 best pass rushers. I see a lot of nickel potential with that bunch. #Chiefs MC Quinn with a nice pass to Terrance Copper wide open down the middle. #Chiefs MC Cassel tried to force a bal to Maneri in redzone broken up by Jean Fanor. #Chiefs MC Travis Daniels at FS and Abrahm Elam at SS. #Chiefs MC Maneri getting pushed back at the point of attack by Cameron Sheffield. Couldn't use reach block in time. Pad level to high. #Chiefs MC Stanzi flushed for the pocket throw to Maneri. Maneri with the TD. Great catch and fought for the ball. #Chiefs MC Quinn with the check down to Shaun Draughn for the TD. Good choice room what D gave him. #Chiefs MC Cassel goes back to Baldwin with a back shoulder throw in the end zone. Nice grab. #Chiefs MC Cassel with the back corner throw in the end zone. Baldwin leaped up for the TD. Both feet in. #Chiefs MC Dontari Poe in at nose tackle during redzone drills. Rotated with Toribio and Gordon. #Chiefs MC Hemingway still rounding off his routes and letting the ball get into his body. You will get crushed in the redzone. #Chiefs MC Stanzi with the nice strike to Brandon Kinnie on the drag route for the TD in redzone drills. #Chiefs MC Josh Bellamy with the good option route off Javier Arenas beat him for the TD. Good pass by Quinn. #Chiefs MC Matt Cassel with the Redzone TD to Kevin Boss. Boss great box out of the defender. Catch ball away from body. #Chiefs MC Steve Breaston with a nice toe drag near the sidelines for the catch. #Chiefs MC McCluster with a nice catch a turn up field. Such speed and fluid movement on cuts and acceleration. #Chiefs MC Jake O'Connell still injured. Did not practice. #Chiefs MC Zorn brought out the garbage cans for QB drills today. Trick shot hit 2 out of 3.

@Jacobs71, Twitter

[Chiefs Mini-Camp 2012, Day 2, Tweets from @Jacobs71] I think QB, LT, and pass rushers is where...


[Chiefs Mini-Camp 2012, Day 2, Tweets from @Jacobs71] I think QB, LT, and pass rushers is where you spend your big money. Unless you have a top 3 player at a position. to end my Bowe thoughts. I hope he gets back on the field. He is the best WR just don't think he deserves elite money. Flaws in game With O'Connell hurt and Rucker on IR. KC getting thin at TE. Boss and Maneri with a majority of reps at TE. @ryanscotthall VJ also doesn't give away his routes with his shoulders. And uses his body well to not allow DB to jam him at line. Jalil Brown with some good coverage in team. He has been solid all of camp. Really impressed with Cory Greenwood's coverage out of the flats today. He made throws tough. Mikali Baker has some speed as a returner. Most impressive player of the day Steve Maneri. He took advantage of all the addition reps and looked like a TE in passing drills Underwhelmed with Alex Tanney. He just doesn't have the accuracy I thought he would. Allen Bailey blows up the final play with his pass rush. Poe with the big pass rush. D pumped up for him on the sidelines. Stanzi behind Hemingway. Normally spot on. Stanzi with a nice quick pass to Kinnie. Steve Breaston made a great adjustment to ball behind him. GREAT CATCH. Ton of concentration. Cassel with a nice strike to McCluster over the middle. Brandon Flowers with a sweet breakup on Baldwin in deep route. Steve Maneri with a really good route. He used his body well to get separation. Javier Arenas in WR hip pocket. Nice breakup on out route. Quinn forces pass picked by Kyle McCarthy. Stanzi with a dart to Steve Maneri over the middle. Great catch by Maneri. Little surprised at the overthrow by Stanzi to Chandler Williams out of bounds. Normally has better touch. Cassel overthrew Baldwin. Next play came back hit him again over the middle. Good poise by Matt. Great catch by Baldwin. Cassel forced a pass to Breaston. Routt jumped in front and almost had a pick. Tanney threw the ball out of bounds couple of times during team. Ton of overthrows. Sheffield got into passing lane on quick pass and knocked the ball down. Great awareness. Tyson Jackson got around Winston on a deep pass. Forced Cassel to throw early. Always amazed at the intensity Peyton Hillis runs with. He hits the hole hard and with authority. Heyman beat by Hillis out of flats for easy catch. Cory Greenwood stuck with Cyrus Gray out of the flats. Really impressive coverage. Quinn with a nice ball outside. Brandon Kinnie made a good adjustment for the grab. Baldwin with double move on Routt. And a nice grab. Hemingway had a good comeback route today. But saw him slip to the ground 3 other times in team. Josh Bellamy had a nice quick comeback route. Nobody can stop McCluster. Guy is turning into a solid route runner. Crisp cuts and understands how to use his body. Cyrus BLEW by Leon Williams out of flats. Gray had easy catch. Shane Bannon beat Dexter Heyman out of the flats for easy catch. Steve Maneri impressive with double move against Studebaker. Maneri made the grab. Taylor Gentry with a tough grab against Cory Greenwood. Cyrus Gray shook DJ in 1 on 1 out of flats with double move. Justin Houston with really impressive coverage against Kevin Boss in 1 on 1. Dontari Poe just continues to improve every day. He had some good pass rushes today in team. LB Drill Cameron Sheffield has a really nice swim move. LB Drill Leon Williams did a good job keeping shoulders square at LOS In LB drills Dexter Heyman had good breakdown, nice pop, good reaction time to back. WR went against DB and Backs/TE went against LBs part of practice. Team ran 3rd down situations a majority of the day. They are bringing Siler along at a slow and steady pace. Not forcing all drills on him yet. Brandon Siler looked good in individuals. I liked his punch and getting his hands inside on bag. Travis Daniels at FS, Abram Elam at SS on 1st team. Anthony Toribio was out there as 1st team NT today. @DenBlee No doubt in my mind McCluster makes the team. Best receiver out there in cuts and technique. Daboll loves him. I think the battle between Cyrus Gray and Shaun Draughn will be the most interesting. Both backs with great speed and run hard. Cassel best QB on the field today. Stanzi took a step backwards today. He had some overthrown balls today. Wylie, O'Connell, Charles, Bruggeman and Moeaki all did not practice. Eric Berry still gone because of family family issue. Romeo said they expect to look at bringing in another TE Jake O'Connell has cast on thumb. Romeo thinks strained ligament Per Romeo, Martin Rucker to be placed on IR. Expected to have surgery.

@Jacobs71, Twitter

@Jacobs71: Chiefs OTAs, 6/7/2012


#Chiefs OTAs Alex Tanney has some work ahead of him in his footwork. #Chiefs OTAs Shaun Draughn and Nate Eachus have made the most of their touches. Both look quick and hit the hole. #Chiefs OTAs I saw Jeff Allen getting back out on the field today. #Chiefs OTAs Wylie showed his speed on a couple of quick routes. #Chiefs OTAs Quinn struggled outside the numbers. Couple passes in the dirt. #Chiefs OTAs Jake O'Connell with a nice sidelines grab today in redzone. #Chiefs OTAs Dontari Poe looked good again today. He isn't guessing that much. He has improved. Ready to see him in full pads. #Chiefs OTAs Anthony Toribio looked good in drills today. He had some good power and technique. #Chiefs OTAs Peyton Hillis had some good catches out of the flats got upfield quickly. #Chiefs OTAs Ropati Pitoitua back in drills today. Great size and and long arms. He had good pop and kept blockers at bay. #Chiefs OTAs Stanzi had a nice audible and threw a strike to Brandon Kinnie for a TD in redzone. #Chiefs OTAs Cassel had a nice scramble for a TD in Redzone. #Chiefs OTAs Cassel threw a pass on a rope to McCluster. Spot on for a TD in redzone. #Chiefs OTAs Travis Daniels had got pick off a ball batted in the air. #Chiefs OTAs Cassel with a couple TDs in the redzone drill. #Chiefs OTAs Romeo saying Rucker injury doesn't look good. #Chiefs OTAs Romeo said Martin Rucker getting a second opinion.

PFF, Shaping the Slot: Defense


It’s unfortunate that Eric Berry’s 2011 season lasted all of five snaps, as he may be in line to take the safety position to the next level. He appears to be well-equipped to join our final, most impressive prototype, but I’ll list him here until that spot is earned. Berry has the ability to play as a run-stopping strong safety or a centerfield-patrolling free safety, but his ultimate value may be playing close to the line of scrimmage covering the slot and making plays against the run. If he is given the opportunity and takes to the role, we may see the Chiefs become the next team that uses the nickel as its base defense.

Some QB That I Used To Know - Gotye Parody


Some QB That I Used To Know - Gotye Parody

Some Clarification is in Order: A Link in the Chain or a Hole in the Net


Some awesome football theory by Topher Doll of MHR. Dude drops knowledge.

@Jacobs71: A Few Notes from OTAs


Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 #Chiefs OTAs Ricky Stanzi looked great again. He threw some perfect passes. Multiple launch points because of pass rush but perfect spirals. Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 #Chiefs OTAs Stanford Routt is the comeback king. He broke up 2 comeback routes today and 3 Tuesday. Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 #Chiefs OTAs Kevin Boss looked good in his routes today. Such an upgrade over Becht and Pope. Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 #Chiefs OTAs Fans are going to like Brian Daboll. He is building a really good offense. And does a good job keeping the urgency/tempo up. Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 #Chiefs OTAs Allen Bailey has the best punch after first step. Bailey looks good on the field. Good pop. Good footwork. Stays square. Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 #Chiefs OTAs Poe isn't guessing as much on what technique to use depending on the blocks coming at him. Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 #Chiefs OTAs Watched the DL today. Dontari Poe is starting to grow. He his looking better in his technique not guessing as much. Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 #Chiefs OTA Poe stayed after practice and worked on punching the sleds with proper hand placement.

Top 5 linebackers in the NFL


Tamba Hali cracks Willie McGinest's list of Top 5 LBs in the League

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