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The Greatest Gregism


...or did he mean GERGism? Either way, this is a classic post that is worth re-reading. Because once you do, you'll find RichRod's decision to hire GERG that much more hilarious.

Just Askin' with Jay Paterno: Video Interview


-HE'S AWFUL! -NEPOTISM! -FIRE JAY! Side note: How many doom and gloomers are upset that SI filtered out your questions seething with blind, Jay/Joe-hatred?

HE GOES TO PENN STATE. UGH. "It was definitely over the wall," said Jared Macchirole, a 20-year...


HE GOES TO PENN STATE. UGH. "It was definitely over the wall," said Jared Macchirole, a 20-year old Penn State student from Queens Link:

JoePa Presser recap


Courtesy of Lions247. Some interesting notes: -Powell requested to go back to defense -Latimore may be out for the year -Crawford is probably out another week. -Stanley is practicing I really would like to know how many guys we have available for DE.

Practice Update


Courtesy of Lions247. News is concerning, but promising.

Guess who's been on the sidelines lately?


Guess who's been on the sidelines lately?

Kersey apparently granted release from PennState


According to Lions247, it was more of a comfort issue..being at PSU than his playing time.

Good stuff from Lions247


At this point, the headline could read "Robert Bolden ties shoes" and I'd be excited. Also....

Rittenberg Chats with Lynn


Nothing earth shattering. Lynn is well spoken..optimistic about the secondary and QB situation. Rittenberg is, as always, still goofy-looking. Update 8-17-10: Here's a video he's doing with Wiz. Looks a little less silly this time.


2010 Defensive Unit: Most Athletic in How Long?

Despite what we've lost from last season, does anyone think that this D, while inexperienced, could be one of the most talented/athletic we've had in sometime?

A Journey Through College Football D--kdom


Great article I stumbled upon from over at If you thought that crap Bilemia pulled on us in 2006 was bad, check out some of the other examples. -Pete Carroll gets a few mentions (no surprise) -Mark D'Antonio's '08 antics also get a mention

Ramblings of an Old Man...


...and I'm not talking about Joe Paterno. Maisel/Cooke podcast from June 15th. Around 11 minutes in, Beano goes off on Delany and the B10 because revenue was a motivation for expansion. Apparently, the B10 has complete disregard about the state of college football. Highlights include: -Beano comparing Delany to Napoleon -Beano arguing that expansion should improve the league and then admitting that Nebraska DOES indeed improve the leage -Maisel setting Cooke straight about the importance of cable TV and their jobs The rest of the podcast is basically for the story about the dude and his chicken.


Way too early Bama thread...

I know the game is still eons away and we still have a long way to go until we can put a good offensive product on the field, but this match up intrigues me. The big question is, do we have a...


Top 10 PSU Plays of the Decade?

Saw that they did this for Iowa on BHGP and thought we should collaborate on a similar list for PSU..

Forde Hates Us

Why to watch: To see whether LSU coach Les Miles (27) calls for a quick kick with his team trailing by two in the final seconds. And to see whether the Nittany Lions can dispel The Dash's season-long belief that they're vastly overrated. Does this guy have an agenda against us? Or so I just need to take off the tin foil hat?

Quarless Gets a Rick Reilly Shout-out


but not exactly the "good" kind of shout-out.

JoePa nearly gets nailed...


FOS is offering this play break-down for free. Usually its premium content, but it shows some nifty and sort of funny action that breaks down as Moye grabs a sideline pass right in front of Coach.

Wah....I threw a few arm punts...Can Mr. T gimme a call too?


Seriously, if this kid becomes a bust, do Shaq and LeBron keep calling him? How is this even news?


PSU vs. UM: Hypothetical Saturday

Disclaimer: I'm in a weird mood. Given our "rich" history of playing UM and in the Big House, I wanted to exercise the creative part of my brain, by envisioning the most ridiculous, yet...

Game preview....


Who's Howie Schwab? The camera ab-so-lute-ly loves the man.

Green Injury Worse than Initially Thought. As posted by Fight on State. Great year, Green! Get...


Green Injury Worse than Initially Thought. As posted by Fight on State. Great year, Green! Get well soon!

Season reflections..(and other random thoughts)..

Way to ring in the new year. But seriously, I'm not all that upset about the Rose Bowl because as Mike put it in his latest post "It is what it is," something like this was a very possible outcome....


Back to our early season roots

Not trying to pull the whole "I told you so," business, but guess what? I told you so. Earlier this week I commented on how the team seemed to be getting away from their diverse attack which made...


Will we see lawlor tomorrow?

It seemed like the spread HD formation was the new hotness in late september and I believe a large part of the success behind that was because lawlor was demolishing guys out of the backfield. M...


Just re-watched 1st Half of OrSU game....

Who's tightened up the  offense? The coaches through playcalling or cautiousness by the players? The team literally seemed to have the pedal to the medal as everyone was getting involved....

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