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Manny released


Posted just a few minutes ago on the A's' facebook page. I can not find the information anywhere else, however.


My A's hat habit and superstition.

I, likely as many of us on this website, have a large collection of A's hats. In total I would say, including duplicates, I have over 75 A's hats. I have official game hats, replica hats, fashion...

Reddick has bad facial hair.


Our shiny new outfielder has some bad facial hair going on. At least he doesn't eat 30 pounds of meat a day.

Chili Davis: Hitting instructor for 2012.


It appears that Chili Davis is our new hitting instructor. I remember him warming up with like 6 bats in each hand.

Mark Ellis signs with Dodgers


Good luck Mark. May you play well against the Gnats.

Jeff Sullivan says Ryan Sweeney will be our starting outfield next season?


yes, he said it. Who wants to bet that Sweeney will have a higher OPS than Ichiro next season?

Jose Reyes to MArlins? Hanley Ramirez to A's!


While this may just be internet rumor fodder it sounds quite fun to think about. If the Marlins acquire Reyes could they move Hanley for maybe some pitching? It would be a buy low on Hanley and thus the Marlins might handle some of the 46.5 Mil remaining on his deal.... maybe....

Who the heck was Phillip Hollingsworth?


I see that we have traded for Kila Ka'aihue. He put up some monster numbers at AAA as an overaged 26 in 2010 (.319 .463 .598 1.060 avg, obp, slg, ops) so he might be worth a small loss gamble. Why not, really. That said, who the heck was Phillip Hollingsworth? I can't find information on him anywhere. Was he somebody, some franken non prospect, that Billy built based on some left over broken parts (you know, Harden's alarm clock, Mecir's foot, Geren's heart)? There seems to be nothing on him.

Kouzmanoff to Rockies


Good for Mr. Kouzmanoff. He said all the right things when he was sent down, played about as well as he could have potentially played, and now might get another shot. I don't imagine that we will get anything of value in return for him at this point but I would be interested to see who we get back if it is not for cash considerations. Good for him. I hope he does well at the big league level against the Giants especially.

Brandon Allen called up


Is it me or is he going to be Chuck Norris, Henry Rollins, and Bruce Lee all rolled into one? No, that would be beneath him.

Coco to DL maybe? Taylor?


So, Coco might be heading to the DL. Coud we see Taylor soon? Obvously I would not want to wish injury on Crisp but I would love to see Taylor get some big league at bats in the coming weeks.

Ziegler traded to Arizona.


No word on the return. I will miss Ziegler a lot. He really seemed like a great guy and I always had positive feelings about him as a reliever. His streak in his rookie year will always be remembered.

Weeks to be called up


As posted in the roto world blurb on the left Weeks will get called up. I guess this means that Ellis is to go to the DL. Lets hope this is good. Either Weeks plays well, or others play well, and we rebound for this season or Weeks gets a lot of playing time and we look towards the future. Either can be good.

Crisp's slam yesterday.


Crisp's slam yesterday.

zack greinke?


Zack Greinke is likely on the market. Should we?


DLD 9/3: Bigfoot is still not confirmed. World cup of baseball!

Bigfoot has not yet been confirmed, but, EL CHUPACABRA LIVES!!!!!!!!!!     Also, starting on September 9th is the baseball world cup.  22 countries are competing to win the world cup with first...


March 10th Daily Link Dump: Denorfia!

In case you hadn't seen the news yet our very own Chris Denorfia was a hero last night for team Italy.  I was very suprised to see this but happy.  Then again, there are quite a few major leaguers...


DLD 4-23:Jackhammer

More speculation about Frank Thomas.  The head line of the article: From a Blue Jay to a Jackhammer . Basically the article states that the Joliet Jackhammers of the Northern League are willing to...


DLD 4-18-08 "He's day-to-day, so we will see how he feels tomorrow."

  Rich Harden is dead, AKA, day to day.


April 7, 2008. DLD. Everything Sucks.

I am not typically a negative guy and I am actually fairly optimistic about this year's team but for today, everything sucks.  It is my birthday and I am pretty depressed about how things are...


Japan trip; in jeopardy? Red Sox players voted not to go!

It appears that there is a dispute about coaches and other non players getting paid to participate in the Japan Major League opening day festivities.  The red sox have already held a one day strike...


DLD 1/24/08: Chavy to the Angels?

So, I am checking my email and the various websites that I check daily and I decided to check the A's rumors on prosports daily.  


AN running club? {OFF TOPIC}

With the little one asleep on my lap and the wife taking a much deserved nap I thought that I would take the time to write this up.  Athletics Nation is a large and relatively diverse community so...


New A's fan finally here

june 1st, 1:13 pm east cost time, 10:13 PST, ABLJG (his initials, he has a long name) came into this world in a heaving mass of 9 pounds and 1 OZ.  He is big and hungry..... YAY!!!  He is finally...

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