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It is a long and perhaps boring story. My cousin was a famous professor at Tech and a local Atlanta politician yet the rest of my family, myself included, has a multiple-generational tradition of attending Emory and being doctors, lawyers and preachers. One of Emory's founding principles was that everyone should be an amateur athlete and the monetary corruption of big time college athletics should be eschewed. Hence there was born early on at Emory an appreciation for Tech football which was not only the only game in town in Atlanta but which seemed to avoid the corruption of big times sports while upholding the tradition of academic excellence, something Emory sought to uphold by simply forgoing certain intercollegiate sports.
I saw Dodd coach as a small child and never forgot the experience. In my neighborhood in NE Atlanta we played tackle football on the lawn and everyone took the name of a Tech player. To this day I have trouble grasping why anyone would live in Atlanta and be a Georgia fan. It was Tech and Emory that helped build the town and Georgia fans only came later to try and reap the harvest. I am overstating the case of course but it is appropriate hyberbole when compared to the barking mutts who do not understand the relationship between academic rigor and quality of life.
My current professional career has taken me to Massachusetts though I still own a home in the North Georgia Mountains. As I get older I become more selective about which sports I follow. Tech football remains part of the small pantheon which adds spice to my life.

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Once Again: Tech's Special Offense


Tech's very special offense is fueled by the power of believing.


Tech involved in "Pay for Play Scandal"

   Here we go again.  Another reporter with loose lips links Tech to a scandal.

If You Were Not a Tech Fan, What Would You Really Think About the Upcoming Football Season?


If you were not a Tech fan would you think a team with glaring weaknesses in 8 components of the game really had a chance at having a good season?

The Best Power Forward In NBA History


First we must give homage to the players who helped create the game we have come to love.

Ode (more or less) To The Four Position


I think a case could be made that Dan Issel is one of the greatest if not the greatest Power Forwards of all time yet he is never mentioned as one of the all time great power forwards.

Who Is The Best Small Forward Ever?


Perhaps more legends of basketball have played small forward than any other position. Who would you vote as the best ever?

Time to Vote for Your All Time Best NBA Point Guard


It takes a special breed to play this position and, psychologically speaking, someone who is very comfortable in their own skin.

Time to Vote for Your All Time Favorite NBA Shooting Guard


Time to pick the all time best NBA shooting guard! If you are not voting for Michael please explain.

Which All Time Great NBA Center would You Want To Build A Team Around?


If you could have any NBA big man in the prime of his life who would you choose as center to build your team around?

What Professional Football Experts Say About Former Tech Athletes


A little web surfing plus a few select phone calls reveals a seamy underbelly of NFL trash talk and rumor-mongering when it comes to the young men who have given their all on the field and in the...

Should Tech Recruiting be Judged by a Different Standard?


In light of the facts Georgia Tech's 2011 recruiting class is all the more remarkable but those who expect them to recruit a Cam Newton type player should keep several things in mind . . .


Who Are Tech's Best Basketball Players?

     As this season meanders along I keep saying to myself things like, "I actually like basketball."  So in that spirit lets reflect on some positive images from the past.    If I had a time...


A Not So Bold Prediction on Auburn versus Oregon

    I hope I am wrong about this.  On the morning of the big game I am seeing all of the earmarks of a blow out.  The first clue I get is when certain people in the media are straining real hard to...



  Few college football fans would disagree with the premise that the best way to judge the strength of a football conference is the won / loss record.  Unfortunately, without a college playoff...



  First I just have to get this off of my chest.  During the first few bowl games I kept hearing the announcers say things like this:   "As everyone knows the SEC is a tough conference; those guys...


From Heather Dinich's Ghost Writer

  Prior to the start of the current Bowl Season I would have said the SEC was the strongest conference in the nation. Even if they do not eventually end up with the number one team in the nation I...


What would it mean if Georgia gets beaten by a "high school offense?"

  For the record the rational side of me thinks Georgia will win tonight convincingly.  But about eight hours prior to the kick off of the Tech-Georgia game I began to imagine what it would mean if...


Where we are and where we go from here . . .

   Let me admit a few things up front.  First, I have been trying to be optimistic about this team.  I keep acting like they can win even when all realistic chances of that were eliminated by the...



  Now that it is painfully clear that Joshua Nesbitt has played his last down for The Institute what do you think the future holds for him?   Are we looking at a future coach or announcer?  Or do...


Kansas may repeat the 1981 Yellow Jacket feat

  Watching Kansas beat Tech this year and then lose to Southern Mississippi reminded me of a team I have seen before.  What if Kansas' only win this year is against the Yellow Jackets?  Well, it...


Once upon a time there was a Conference that was looked down on by the rest of the country

  It had been at least 13 years since a college football team from the conference had been bestowed the title of National Champions.  Often times teams from the conference could not  play...


"That's why they let us go ahead and play the game."

 Coach Paul Johnson, who forever is getting questions that seem to presume the outcome of a game based on this offensive philosophy or that loss of a player, is also forever reminding sports...


SEC and ACC now tied

O.K., I just watched Virginia Tech blow a game against Boise State.  I won't lie to you, this hurts the league's reputation.  But here is what really hurts.  The SEC has lost just as many out of...


LSU very, very, very lucky, daggumit.

  I am trying really hard to let go of the UNC - LSU game.  But it is nagging on me.  Originally, when I decided to watch this game I was resigned to being philosophical about it.  UNC was playing...


Will the Timing-Critical Nature of Coach Paul Johnson's Offense always be a Liability?

  Reflect again on the very first offensive play of the 2009 Orange Bowl.  Dwyer bursts up the middle with a wide open field between him and the end zone but the play is whistled dead because a...


Who will the surprise player be in 2010?

Now that we have had two years to watch how Coach Paul Johnson puts together a team one of the questions is who will be this year's surprise football player? Consider this.   As pundits talk today...


Does CPJ have anything new to show us?

Here is the discussion question.  Do you think we are going to see more surprises with Coach Paul Johnson's offense this year or have we pretty much seen it all? After the spring practice of 2008...



Let's face it, we are all just trying to kill time until football season starts.  So here is another way to waste time.  What are your top ten favorite science fiction movies?      I am opinionated...



  If you were to pick an ALL TIME Tech football team, offense and defense, who would be on it?  If I were less lazy I would prime the pump by giving you choices at each position but my schedule the...



  First I want to assure everyone that I am not a conspiracy freak nor am I inordinately paranoid.  But I would like other readers to give me their reaction.  When Tech was clearly a favorite to...

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