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Attended Georgia Tech but lived in Greensboro and Chapel Hill my whole life. Been a huge fan of Panthers and UNC basketball since 95

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Best Draft Picks in Panthers History by Round

The Panthers had very mixed results for each and every round since 1995. I'm going to look at which draft pick made the biggest impact on this team for each round. I found it odd that all of my...

NFL 2013 Schedule Release Date


So it turns out the schedule will NOT be releasing today. This is rather sad on the NFL's part to delay the release until possible next Tuesday. What are we fans supposed to do for the next week? Study? Go to work? Gosh.

NFL 2013 Schedule Release Date


Like many on here, I'm extremely excited to see our schedule for the 2013 season. Time to see how many prime time games we have, how the games are spread out, and when our bye week is. Usually the schedule is released two Tuesdays before the draft which would be April 16th!

Adrian Peterson arrested


Wow I thought Adrian Peterson was a very mild mannered player. I had a lot of respect for him because he was such a stud not only on the field but off of it as well. What is up with all of these football players from the NFC North getting arrested?

NFC South Training Camp Battles


I don't agree with this story by Matt Williamson on ESPN for two reasons: It isn't about TD vs Anderson and there are 3 other positions I think require special attention. The LB situation we have is a very good one to have: 4 capable players for 3 spots. I believe training camp will be more about experimenting rotating these players around and finding where they will be more comfortable. We could see TD subbing in at WLB, Beason shifting from WLB to MLB, and Kuechly shifting for all 3 spots. In the end I think our starting LBs will officially be Anderson, Kuechly, and Beason with many variations of all 4 players at different positions in a game. The main battles I see in camp: 1) Cap'n, Norman, and Hogan fighting for the #2 CB spot 2) Nakamura and Martin fighting for the S spot opposite Godfrey 3) Otah vs Bell for RT Let me know your thoughts.

2012 NFL Regular Season Schedule Release Date


I'm so ready to checkout how many prime time games we are going to get, the order of our opponents, and when our bye week is going to be. I've been eyeing April 17th at 7pm for a few weeks now and it's now confirmed!

Importance of the Preseason


We all know the 2012 preseason recently came out. But how important is it really? The Panthers are 31-38 all time and have won at least 50% of the preseason games in their 4 playoff seasons. When we went 12-4 in 2008 we had some very good preseason games including a huge rout of the Redskins that would preview how dominant our running game would be. The Detroit Lions went 0-16 in 2008. Guess how many preseason games they won? All four. The Panthers have gone 2-10 in the last 3 years and that's been pretty indicative of our regular season success. Even though preseason games don't really matter, I really want to see everyone on our roster strive for the win so they can truly show the coaching staff what they are made of. I like our opponents for this preseason as we will go up against stout defenses and diverse offenses.

Stephen Hill Combine


As a Tech student, I've seen what this kid can do. I am very impressed with this guy for his blazing speed ( just ran a 4.3 forty dash at 6'4" at the combine) and his work ethic. He was very disappointing his first two seasons; however, last off season he took his training to the next level by bulking up and improving his speed. He is very strong, very quick, and an excellent deep threat which are necessary in the triple option offense. Hill is excellent in run blocking and can manhandle a corner to get the ball. I think he would be worth a fourth round pick or even our second round pick because I think he will be better than alshon jeffrey.

Kyle Vanden Bosch Red Devil Eyes


Anybody else had to turn away from the screen for a second while they panned around KVB? It totally creeped me out. I'm kind of curious why he wears the Nike Maxsight lenses. I can probably understand if you're a WR/DB trying to track the ball. But why does a DE need them? It's not like he was anywhere near Brees all night.


Panthers 10 year 2nd & 3rd round draft history

Now that the season is over, all I can think about is who we are going to sign in free agency and who we are going to draft. I've made lists of who I thought were good and bad picks for both 2nd...

Andre Johnson out


Even after last week's second half debacle, I believe we still have a chance to pull an upset if our defense remains steady and supa Cam can stay consistent. With Johnson out, I predict martin will have a pick in this game.

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