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Trade Idea

This is just a trade idea I've been contemplating lately, and I'd thought that I would make a post since there's not much to talk about during the lockout.  First off, the Jazz now have two...

Rubio's future uncertain again?


"Ricky Rubio, who earlier this month was reported to be headed for the Minnesota Timberwolves next season, made comments following Tuesday night’s Spanish league title game that indicate his future is uncertain. 'We are talking with Barcelona and we will soon see,' Rubio told reporters about his future last night."

Krstić moving back to Russia, agrees with CSKA


Ok so everyone's pretty caught up on Iggy but here's a knew idea. With Kristic going back to Russia and Shaq retiring the Celts are in need of a center. It seems that Kaman would be a perfect fit for their half court offense and his veteran experience. I'm not so sure as to what kind of value the Clippers can get for him however. There's obviously Jeff Green (whom I'm not a huge fan of) and lets not forget the Clippers draft pick they hold. Maybe a three team deal could be arranged to make this work. Just a thought...

Blake the Quake


Shaq, having had dozens of nicknames himself, comes up with a moniker for Blake Griffin "O'Neal has decided rookie superstar Blake Griffin should be called "The Earthquake." The recently announced all-star reserve is [known] for his incredible "earth-shattering" dunks." did we think of this one?

Davis Working Hard to Get in Shape


"Insiders say Cavs guard Baron Davis is working hard at getting in shape. He came to the Cavs with knee and back problems and was overweight. He was in Cleveland recently working out and appears to be in much better shape."

Olshey Defends trading pick


"We made the decision at the trade deadline that the next step for our team was going to be via trade or free agency. [This trade] gave us a better odds of improving than a 2.8 percent chance of winning the lottery and adding a seventh player under 23 to our roster."

Laker Drama


considering how most of us hate the Lakers, here's some pretty juicy drama and possible explanation as to why the Lakers have been off during this year's playoffs. "The snitch told, "Pau thinks that [TEAMMATES] wife was behind it. Sylvia didn't have many friends and he's convinced that [wife] either is behind it, or could have talked Sylvia out of it." And word is that when Pau's TEAMMATE [the husband] tried to talk to Pau about it, the two got into an ARGUMENT - with each saying some very RECKLESS THINGS about each others LADIES."

Knicks Offer Rejected?


"Nuggets wouldn't be able to refuse an offer of Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu, Minnesota's 2012 first-round pick (which the Clippers possess from the long-ago Sam Cassell trade) and the requisite expiring contracts to absorb Al Harrington along with Anthony." Hmmm.. where will Melo end up? Is the Clippers' offer better than this?

What do Denver Nuggets do now?


Marc Stein discusses new possibilities for Melo and interestingly includes a possible deal with the Clippers. "Nuggets wouldn't be able to refuse an offer of Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu, Minnesota's 2012 first-round pick (which the Clippers possess from the long-ago Sam Cassell trade) and the requisite expiring contracts to absorb Al Harrington along with Anthony." I still can't believe ESPN can fathom the idea of Carmelo going to the Clippers. Perhaps the emergence of Blake and EJ have made the other LA team a desirable destination.

Blake an EJ combine for 3 of's top 10 dunks


Surprisingly, EJ snags the #1 spot and I don't even think that was his best dunk. I personally think the one in Utah over Al Jefferson was better but thats just me. Also, the Mozgov dunk was only #4! Blake also snags the #7 spot with a dunk over the Pistons. Nice to see EJ getting some respect even though I think Blake's was better.

EJ breaking Steph Curry's ankle...literally!


EJ breaking Steph Curry's ankle...literally!

Phoenix Suns on the decline? finally?


"To be honest, if I was outside this picture and a betting man, I would probably pick us to be outside of the playoffs considering all the changes and the new guys," -Steve Nash "The problem, according to Steve Nash, is that winning might be a long ways off. Nash was particularly frustrated with the process of going from a team he felt was very close to winning an NBA Championship to essentially starting over again.' Possible playoff spot opening?

LA Times: Clippers hold long practice sessions to prepare for regular season


Basically everyone but Rhino is healthy now. Aminu is still working diligently on his shot (staying after practice) and VDN is working with Blake on free throw shooting.

Blake being treated like a rookie on ESPN, its pretty funny. For those of you who don't watch...


Blake being treated like a rookie on ESPN, its pretty funny. For those of you who don't watch ESPN, the RV is kind of a running gag:

Al Thorton nearly hit by car while walking


"Seriously, that could have been my career," he said. Kind of random but crazy to read how AT was nearly hit by a car but was able to literally jump on top of it and save his legs.

Video: Blake and DeAndre's New Handshake


Also check out other videos posted today including the scrimmage and an interview with Blake

Sekou Smith on Blake Griffin


Though I'm not too familiar with Sekou, he seems to be a less biased writer when it comes to the Clippers (forgive me if I am wrong). Anyways, Smith discusses BG as a ROY candidate in this article and includes an interview. Basically saying: don't forget blake griffin as possible ROY because Washington still has Arenas! Also included is a BD interview from

Rasual Butler via Twitter


"Just finished my conditioning test with the clip u know ur boy pass it!! Coach Del Negro ran the last one with me! Says a lot about him!!!" nice to see support from one the players

How the L.A. Clippers stack up


A lengthy Eric Pincus Clipper break down. Not the typical article by him because he includes some stuff we haven't heard before. More specifically, some very blunt quotes from Kim Hughes. Loved his insight on Baron's lack of leadership. EP also chimes in with his opinion on EJ: "While he's yet to reach the heights of Bryant or even Brandon Roy, there aren't many shooting guards ahead of Gordon in the conference. Names like Jason Richardson, O.J. Mayo, Monta Ellis and Kevin Martin are his contemporaries. It's a matter of preference where exactly Eric fits on that list, but it's not a stretch to say he's in the 3-8 range in the West." I liked this quote: "Playoff teams need role players - Ryan is a good one."

Tmac works out for Chicago


Before we get ahead of ourselves, it must be noted that the source also says that Tmac to the Bulls "is probably a long shot". It seems like the Clips have the advantage here but who knows. How much cap space does Chicago have left?

Ronnie Brewer to Join the Bulls


Well I guess we can throw that scenario out the window. Brewer is supposed to get $12.5 over 3 years

Ridnour agrees with Wolves


This basically means Sessions is available. He has come up a few times in fan shots. I don't think we need him, but it wouldn't hurt to have another back up point guard at a reasonable price. Rookie Ladder: Bledsoe at #7


Nice to see one of the our rookies getting some recognition. Unfortunately their highlight of the game was pretty much all John Wall with the exception of one EB floater.

Summer League stream


In case you don't have NBATV or ESPN3, is apparently playing the games live. This is pretty neat I don't think they did this last year

Possible 3-way trade


Something to hold you over if you're like me and dying for something to happen in the Free Agent bonanza. This is a trade scenario that has been tossed around lately "When Stoudemire becomes official, it would end the five-year era of David Lee, but set up a possibility of a sign-and-trade to add another piece. There's been rumors of a three-way trade talk between Golden State, Minnesota and the Knicks where Lee winds up with the Timberwolves, Monta Ellis comes to the Knicks and Al Jefferson goes to Golden State. Lee visited Minnesota yesterday and it has only $7 million in cap room, meaning he'd want a sign-and-trade" I kind of feel like its redundant to trade Al Jefferson for David Lee. Isn't the idea to trade one of their PF's for a center, and not another PF? Love the idea of Monta in NY with Stoudemire. I'm sure Jefferson is going to love playing center for ANOTHER team (sarcasm?). Keep in mind that this is purely a rumor.

Rookie Rankings: Blake Griffin starts at #1


"A year older, even if spent on the bench, is still a year older. For my money, Blake Griffin is the man to beat in the Rookie of the Year race. Griffin, drafted No. 1 by the Clippers in 2009, missed his first season after suffering a serious knee injury that kept him out of the Clippers' lineup. (Because he didn't play in a regular-season game, he's still considered a rookie.) A lot remains to be seen whether Griffin is fully recovered (he claims he's going at 100 percent), and we won't get to see him until the preseason because he'll be skipping the Clippers' Summer League games in Las Vegas. Still, with All-Star Chris Kaman sharing the frontcourt duties and scorers Baron Davis and Eric Gordon in the backcourt, the pressure will be off Griffin. I expect Griffin to average at least 15 points and eight rebounds and, more importantly, help the Clippers improve on their 29-win season, which should go a long way in the voting." Also worth noting that Paul George is in the top 10 and Aminu is not there.

Re-Building The Clippers


A nice little article by Eric Pincus to help hold you over until thursday. Although nothing we haven't heard yet, its nice how he pulls everything together. I like this little tidbit: So do the Clippers anticipate making a huge splash once free agency begins? Olshey: "I think splash is the wrong word. I know we're in L.A. but this isn't signing an above the title guy to star in a movie," said Olshey. "We're trying to put a basketball team together. I think that's the splash is finding the right guys to fill out this roster that can give us a chance to win every night. That's the drill. That's what people here are going to get excited about." Amen to that

Golden State Warriors Unveil New Logo, Color Scheme And Branding Elements


I like their new logo. Wish the clips would change it up too.

L.A. Clippers (10% chance)


The Clippers getting some respect as a possible home for LeBron. However still ending in.."well, it's the Clippers"

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