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The Reality of the Wes Welker Situation

43 of 67 snaps played, 14 yards, 5 targets, 3 receptions. These are the numbers Wes put up yesterday. You can look at them in two different ways. The first way is that the Patriots were forcibly...

Patriots Week One Recap: Game Breakers


I've decided to start doing a two- part weekly segment called Game breakers and Game makers. Game breakers are crucial plays (or calls) that had a huge impact on the outcome of the game. Game...

Austin's 53-Man Roster Following Cutdown To 75 Players


QB (3): Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett, Brian Hoyer WR (5): Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, Deion Branch, Matthew Slater, Julian Edelman RB (5): Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, Danny Woodhead, Brandon Bolden,...

What Base Defense Will the Patriots Implement in the 2012 Season?


One of the main questions surrounding this next year's New England Patriots' defense is whether they will run primarily from a base 3-4 or 4-3 defense, given the selections of two defensive ends...

Why is Jermaine Cunningham a Forgotten Commodity?


It might be just a regional thing, but fans of Boston-area sports teams are fickle. Extremely fickle. A player could be the greatest since Ray Bourque or Ted Williams one week, and a complete...

How Realistic is Trading Wes Welker for Matt Forte?


I've seen rumors (far-fetched at best) working their way around the web recently about the Patriots being interested in trading for Matt Forte. While I realize that the chances of the Patriots...

Jets Acquire Tim Tebow for a 4th Rounder


Personally, this makes no sense to me as the Jets recently signed Mark Sanchez to a contract extension and already have two backup quarterbacks for 2012. From a non-football perspective, the Jets might be the most entertaining and dysfunctional team in any sport, ever. Cromartie, Tebow, Sanchez, and Rex Ryan? As Terrell Owens would say, get your popcorn ready! Let the games begin!

Super Bowl XLVI: Physicality is the Avenue to Victory


3 days. 4 if you count today. That is all that stands between the New England Patriots and immortality (okay, maybe just in the sense of football and football analysis). But truthfully, Thomas...

Super Bowl XLVI: Nickle and Diming


Greg Knopping wrote an article yesterday that asked whether Julian Edelman could be trusted playing slot cornerback this weekend in the Super Bowl versus the New York Giants. By the looks of the...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Short: Super Bowl Fortnight Part I


The dream season of 2011-2012 kept rolling this past weekend, and in the most surprisingly way imaginable. Having rewatched the game in full twice now and the past few minutes even more times, I...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: Six Story Lines and Six Predictions


I'm going to start this off in a similar manner to Alec's most recent "Fan Notes" post- WOW. No time to look back this week. I predicted the Patriots would crush the Broncos, but I could have...

Patriots vs. Broncos: Playoff Playmakers


Since I can't sit still at the moment, I've decided to compile a list of players I think will have an important contribution in tonight's game against the Denver Broncos: 1. Brandon Spikes I...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: 2010 vs. 2011 and Playoff Hodge Podge


I'm sure it's pretty obvious to anyone that's been reading my articles throughout the course of the season that I'm somewhat of a stat geek. What can I say? Numbers appeal to me, and I've always...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: Ranking Offensive and Defensive Efficiency


My article this week is going to be a bit short, but I'm not certain that disappoints anyone. As I'm sure all of you know, sometimes life can get busy- even for a one-article-a-week sports...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: Next Men Up


A 12-3 record. A potential #1 seed and home field advantage for the entire divisional playoffs. A playoff bye clinched. 7 games ago, sitting at 5-3 and having just endured a heart-wrenching loss...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: The Emergence of Mark Anderson


Is vindication a choice word to use in describing the feeling for Patriots fans everywhere (and possibly Patriots players as well) when New England thrashed the Denver Broncos this past Sunday? H...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: The Enigmatic Tim Tebow


I like Tim Tebow.There is no "but." I'm completely fascinated by him. When there are specials on TV about him, I watch. If there's a link to an article on some webpage I'm reading for a Tebow...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long


Is it just me, or does the 2011 season for the New England Patriots seem a heckuva lot like the 2010 season? Great passing offense, no deep threat, terrible passing defense, no-names playing...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long


Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving (for those of you in the States)! 11 games into the season, the 2011 New England Patriots are looking a lot like their 2010 counterpart, and in many ways...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: A Satisfying Week


I know that Greg Knopping gave the game ball this week to Andre Carter, but I have to respectfully disagree. In my opinion, I think that Rob Ninkovich at least gets a 50 percent share in that ball...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long


Last weeks loss versus the New York Giants was an electrifying performance that has consistently been compared to the Loss that Shall Not be Named. One moment of absolute joy when Rob Gronkowski...

Thursday Night 3rd and Long: Analyzing the Draft


Sorry for the delay- this article is coming out a bit late because the statistics I assembled took me quite a bit of time to compile.  At 1 a.m. this morning I had an unfinished article, a dayjob...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long


Another week, another fantastic win. I have to tell you though, this past Sunday was not easy on my heart. With about six minutes left in the game, I had too much nervous energy to sit down. I...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long


My arms, and specifically shoulders, are really inflexible. However, that won't prohibit me from doing a tremendous amount of self-patting on the back this week. Why, you ask? A few excerpts from...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long


  Last week I lamented the "Bill Belichick as defensive guru" stigma that most pundits and fans have attached to the New England Patriots coach, and asked why Bill had not recently lived up to that...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long


The life of an armchair quarterback is an easy one. Relatively injury free, comfy- and built in a reality where hindsight is as good as Jerod Mayo's Lasik-altered eyes. I want pass rush! I want a...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: The Injury Bug


If there is any silver lining to Aaron Hernandez's sprained MCL that occurred against the San Diego Chargers last Sunday, it's that New England fans should now be able to see the offseason's most...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: If I Had a Nickel


If there is any major weakness in the 2011 Patriots defense, it certainly is not with the defensive tackles. Albert Haynesworth, Vince Wilfork, Myron Pryor, and Kyle Love all played fantastic...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: Abbreviated Edition


The theme for the 2011 New England Patriots preseason seems to be pressure: the pressure on the Patriots' highest profile offensive free agent signing since Randy Moss, and the pressure of New...

Thursday Morning 3rd and Long: Three Rings and Counting


After only 7 full-pad practices, it's hard to gather many negatives from the Patriots' 47-12 drubbing of the Jacksonville Jaguars in last Thursday's first preseason game of 2011. Hard, but not...

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