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Hi, I'm a web designer,
I also make comics-
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Evaluating Dallas' Front 7 and 8 7th Round Prospects to Draft

OGG available at my website **** (In the video I said Matt Patchan would play Right Tackle for me, I meant to say I’d have him play Right Guard; as a tackle he’d be over coming a lot) W...


Dallas, Defensive Ends, and the Super Star Problem

Podcast VersionWelcome back to my Dallas Cowboys blog. This post bears the full weight of my ADD but if you bear with me I do have a point, regarding DeMarcus Ware and Dallas's front 4. Last...


Post Super Bowl XLVIII and Analysis of DEs on 2013 Dallas Draft Board

The PodCast is here. I'll link the video when it's uploaded. SBNation doesn't like Sound Cloud :( The first 10 minutes or so are ab libed discussion over the first couple paragraphs listed here. ...


Exploring Dallas CB Templates 2010-2011

I was pretty confused by the end of my last blog post. By the standards I had been using no Cornerback was draftable. I’m also in a bind because I believe player templates changed when the...


My Evaluation of CornerBacks in 2011 Draft – Not Good

Reviewing 2011 Draft, based purely on measurables, I wanted to review players left on the board, undrafted, who fit templates of draftable NFL players It’s not easy. After David Arkin, Guard,...


Criticism of 2011 Draft Based Purely on Measurables

Cross Posted from my blog here. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel here. My ongoing mission to make a critique of Jones as GM moves on. Most critics agree that Jerry Jones takes a...

Hail Mary Game


This is a 2 hour Youtube video of the Hail Mary Game. If you want to see how football has changed, see how Dallas rolls out all runs to start the game

Joe Avazzano's last team


This offers a sufficient but broken translation, I found it fun to read I love reading about American Football outside of the states, and they have a touching tribute

UDFA C prospect I like


T-Bob Hebert finished his flexible career at LSU as a back up. However he has some qualities that I like. He's a try hard guy who plays hard every play, through the whistle. Maybe Dallas can help his technique and lower body strength, or just give him some more time to grow.

Saints GM reportedly calls Brees very good but not great


Normally I don't care much what happens in Saint's land but this was a jaw dropping headline for a GM to make. Just WOW. All time single season passing record? Check! Superbowl Winner? Check! Took a moribund franchise and captained is rise to relevance, check! Talk about making a headline for the wrong reason.


Myth Busters: Dallas' Sad Pass Rush

Most of us Dallas fans are very frustrated with our defensive line, which according to ESPN's positional series here had a paltry 10.5 sacks. Anthony Spencer has also been criticized for not...


Drafting a Guard or Center is Dallas's best bet to catch the Giants

I was reading ChiaCrack's post about a possible switch to the 43, and I read BED's writing on the O-Ring Theory. They gave me a lot to think about, and so I tried to plan a way to spend resources...

Something for all you Bayless Haters


Pretty much annihilates him. Also I understand the need for money, but having to suffer that commercial or even having to look at Brian Orakpo when I first come to BTB is pretty weak

Marty B is going to Errupt vs Redskins

  1. Injuries to WRs make Marty B 3rd best pass catcher
  2. Witten as 3rd Pass Catcher puts up numbers
  3. New QB demands more Rushing Attack, needing Marty B on the Field
  4. Marty B is going to sieze on his chance to shine, because he gets fewer chances as time goes on
  5. The Redskins OLBs have a rookie former DE and Orakapo, who's an elite pass rusher but not elite in coverage

Leon Lett Funny Documentary


A funny special on Leon Lett. They say if Leon, at the end of the movie, gets 25,000 votes for redemption, they will air a Leon Lett special during the Thanksgiving Game. It's funny and loaded with Cowboys

This old college game features 3 or 4 HoF Cowboys


This game features match ups like Deion Sanders vs Micheal Irvin and Emit Smith vs Jimmy Johnson's defense. It's a fun read.

Sapp says Michael Huff at practice was not engaged


Warren Sapp: Michael Huff at practice 'made me want to throw up' I do not want a player that is bad at practicing.

Goodell leaning on Ford family labor experience


If we're relying on the Ford family's labor knowledge we're going to have an NFL that functions on the level of Detroit. F THIS

Cool article on platoon vs feature back


feature stat: teams w/ feature backs averaged 95.8 yards a game rushing, while platoon backs got 122.9 yards


Rookie Cap Doesn't Fit the History of the NFL

The Galloping Ghost! This man on the left legitamized professional Football in the 1920s. He became very famous playing at the University of Illinois. Many people scoffed at professional football....

Marty B wants Kitna vs Romo


I often defend Marty B but comments like this get under achieving players kicked out of franchises. I'm not some half-ass NFL fan I know Romo is our best QB. If Marty B doesn't want to get in line, and wants to be in the same camp as Roy Williams, they can leave together

Deion has severed ties with Dez


Deion also calls Dez a liar. You know what I think? If Dez Bryant had never met Deion Sanders, he'd had 20 million more dollars as a top 5 pick.


Understanding Dallas's Defensive Line Needs

Dallas's need along the defensive line is molded by two concepts, the 3 man line and the 4 man line. Presuming Dallas retains Stephen Bowen, the goal is to have a player who plays every spot of a...


What Jerry Wants ... CBA edition

Jerry Jones is hard to pin down. Clearly he's united with ownership but his goals have often been at odds with other owners. He doesn't want a Salary Cap, (his stance in 1993) which the majority of...


Greg Ellis! A Blast From the Past!

Have you been paying attention? Because our pass defense has been awful ever since Greg Ellis left. Instead of drafting a new pass rusher lets just get one off the street. He's a FA, cheap and...


Mock Draft One through Ten

I'm doing this draft just as the NFL Combine is getting under way. I'm very excited there's a lot of great players from Central Texas. Von Miller from Texas A&M looks to go in the top 5 and Aaron...

My Five HOFers for the class of 2011

  1. Deion Sanders - greatest CB ever
  2. Shannon Sharpe - Essential playmaker on 3 SB teams, revitalized the TE position
  3. Marshall Faulk - Recreated the RB position in his image
  4. Willie Roaf - Best combination of physical ability and technical skill, best tackle i've watched
  5. Steve Sabol - Football is a post radio sport and Sabol played an important role in that

Torry Holt vs Dez Bryant today / aside on Patrick Crayton

In 1999 Torry Holt was a rookie for the St Louis Rams on his way to a Superbowl, playing along side All Pro Issac Bruce. 11 years later Dallas drafts Dez Bryant to play with mystery player Roy...

Leanord Davis saves ducklings


Leanord Davis saves some ducklings... he saved a horse 2 summers ago... I'm noticing a trend

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