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Avalanche Reduces Roster to 41


I have news from the future! (check out the time stamp on the article)


Some quick thoughts about the Burgundy and White game

Stewart and Galiardi hooked up for 2 goals for the Burgundy side. They should be on the same line all season. Duchene must be glad he only plays one game against Foote. Foote gave him a shot in the...

Forsberg talks about the 96 team reunion


Hey! Did you know the Avalanche have a "podcast" section on their site? I didn't, but now I do. http://avalanche.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=32576 Latest "podcast" is the conference call with Forsberg on the 15th. Good stuff.

Small interview with Stastny at DU Hockey Camp


Stastny goes back to school. I've heard there's a couple Avs that have been there.

Yip predicted to have a sophmore "bump"


John Grigg predicts that Yip will be one of the shiniest sophmores in the league this year. It's the first time prediction I've seen that doesn't bestow a team-wide sophmore slump on the Avs.

Tucker is Good at Serving Others' Penalties


Want to know how boring this offseason is? This guy has come up with the stats for players who sat in the penalty box for others the most. Tucker sat 11 times for sins he didn't commit.

My 2010 Avalanche Regular Season Review


Not sure what the rules are on posting a link to your own blog, but I didn't want to type all this twice. It's a top 5 and worst 5 of the season. Enjoy!

Hockey Weekend Across America - Best Day of the Year


My daughter played hockey for the first time, met Olympic women's hockey players, got her own jersey AND tickets to Tuesday's Avalanche game game. Just wanted to share.


It's Come to Jeebus Time for the Avalanche

After Wednesday's disappointing loss to the Islanders, some were ready to push the panic button on the Avalanche. I thought it was unnecessary. One disappointing loss to a sub .500 team isn't...

Wolski a "2nd-chance Olympian"?


Vent your 8-hate here! (Anderson was the only other Av mentioned, but he only got an honorable mention)

Anderson isn't the most overworked goalie


There are 5 goalies with more starts. I'm kinda surprised too!

Player Tries to Drop Gloves with Ref


"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstien

Avalanche Recalls Weiman


So how hurt is Anderson? I wish the Avs would post about his injury before posting roster movement.

Five reasons why Avalanche blogger Tapeleg loves hockey


This guy loves hockey for all the same reasons I do.


Bring back the Yeti!

All this serious talk of attendance at Avalanche games has had me thinking a lot about what is causing it. Sure you can blame economics, lack of advertising, ticket prices (this one idiot even...


It's no longer trendy to be an Avalanche fan.

When the Avs started playing here hockey was a novelty. The Avalanche were an instant championship team with dynamic star power. The rich and elite of Denver wanted to be seen around the Avalanche...

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