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Ribeiro in light of Caps' Cap

I thought I'd look at the Caps' salary cap situation in light of all the talk about trading or extending Ribeiro lately. According to, the Caps' current cap number for next season is...


Strasburg’s current pace? Best in 100 years.

With Strasburg’s shutdown looming, I have been thinking about how great he has been this season. He is 5th in WAR among pitchers right now. And since WAR is a counting stat, you have to factor in...


That's right I said the Braves rotation will stink.

I got some skepticism yesterday when I said I thought the Braves rotation would be lousy this year. So, I ran the numbers again. I was using Fangraphs’ WAR and looked at the last three years.


Carlzner a weak shut down pair?

Last night I was looking at which defensemen in the league play the toughest minutes and then of that group, who handles it the best. I have done this a few times this year and tend to get names...


19 Year Olds Stink

Lot of talk lately about what Harper will contribute this year. Unfortunately the answer is almost certaily very little. According to exactly 58 players have played 40 or...


Strasburg extension

I haven't seen anything written about this but Strasburg's contract expires at the end of the 2012 season. Since they were careful to delay his callup until the 2nd week of June, he stands little...


2012 WAR Projection - 90 wins???

A lot has been written about the Nats' pursuit of Buehrle, Oswalt, Darvis, Cespedes, et al. Clearly they want to improve from 80 wins last year. From what I've read/observed in recent years, 88-90...


TOA v Jets

1st - Caps 4:34, Jets 2:08. Caps 68.2% to 31.8%  score 2-2 2nd - Caps 3:25, Jets 2:45. Caps 55.4% to 44.6%. Score 3-2 Caps 3rd - Caps 2:53, Jets 1:15. Caps 69.8% to 30.2. Score 3-3 OT - Caps 0:15,...


TOA for Caps

I read an article Greenberg linked in Twitter where a guy tracked time on attack (TOA) to compare to Fenwick/Corsi. I did this the Caps last game and thought people might be interested. I...

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