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Norv Turner: I Will Remember You

With Norv Turner's services terminated today it is our solemn duty as fans to reflect on the last six years.

TDNLA: Ugliness In The New Meadowlands

The Chargers traveled to MetLife Stadium last Sunday and, in ugly fashion, stole a game from the reeling New York Jets. When bad teams mach-up in late December, it's never pretty.

If Nobody Sees It, Does TDNLA Even Happen?

The woeful Panthers came to town and stomped the Chargers last Sunday. Nobody saw it. So did it really happen? Let's see . . .

Scott and BR are back! What This Means For You.

With Scott and BR off the air for months we may have forgotten how our ears were once filled by the duo. Let's review.

Athleticism In The Steel City: It Does Not Exist.

The Chargers rolled into the Steel City as underdogs and, by the grace of God, left victorious last Sunday morning. It was awesome. And so was the TDNLA. Wins and laughs - I wouldn't ask for it any other way.

TDNLA: Bengals! Bolts! Who Was The Least Athletic?

TDNLA makes its triumphant return during Week 13 but will the humor be enough to make us forget the loss?

Doomed With Dean Spanos: Part 1

Do the San Diego Chargers have the requisite leadership at the top to rebuild a fallen team?

Nick Canepa: "A.J. Smith Is A Golden God!"

Nick Canepa of the UT gives his opinions on the fates of Norv Turner and A.J. Smith.

Doomed With Dean Spanos: Part 2

In a BFTB poll, 43% of voters determined that Dean Spanos was to blame for . . . well everything! Let's see why.

What Are You Thankful For This Season?

As the losses mount there are still things that Chargers fans can be thankful for this season.

Solid, Gas, & Liquid: Nick Canepa Analyzes A Loss

The Chargers leave Denver with another loss and the UT's Nick Canepa breaks it down using science. And God.

TDNLA: You call this an article!!??!


That Did Not Look Athletic is like a patient on their deathbed and the chances of survival are 10%. At least that's what the odds makers at Caliente think.

Sharing A Brain with Nick Canepa

After a disappointing loss in Cleveland the UT's Nick Canepa weighs in on the mess that has become of the 2012 Chargers. Canepa and I share similar views on this one.

The Acee Report: What a BORING bye week!

Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated, and the fine city of San Diego, fills in for Darren Smith and speaks with U-T columnist Kevin Acee following the Chargers' bye week.

Bye Week:The Jets and Pats Don't Look Too Athletic

It may have been the bye week for the Chargers but TDNLA does not rest. Per reader request, we began our search for the least athletic plays of the week in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

He Said (Nick Canepa); She Said (AvengingJM)

Nick Canepa is not guilty of beating this dead horse (chill pills). But I, on the other hand, should be drawn and quartered for what I'm doing to this poor animal.

Having Fun With Chargers Public Relations

When Chargers PR man, Bill Johnston, decided to call-out fans yesterday in a blog on the Chargers website my mission in life became crystal clear.

Bye Week: Which Game Should We Focus On For TDNLA?

The Chargers have a bye this week so we need a game to watch, preferably for the purposes of pointing and laughing. We're soliciting your thoughts.

Forget Monday. Let's Ease Our Pain With Laughter!

How do fans begin the healing process and move on from Monday night's national embarrassment? Laughter. Let us all laugh at the least athletic plays, courtesy of the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos.

Did you say "Athletic"? I Didn't Think So.

The Chargers and Saints clashed in New Orleans during Week 5 and showcased some great feats of athleticism. And then there were these plays . . .

That Did Not Look Athletic: Get Out The Vote!

The first quarter of the Chargers' season unofficially concluded last week. As such we must now democratically determine which plays were the least athletic and worthy of entrance to the playoffs beginning in January 2013.

The Chargers, Saints, and Presidential Elections

As the final seconds ticked off the clock last night in New Orleans, the San Diego Chargers suffered their second defeat of the season. The game was not unlike the presidential election of 2000.

That Did Not Look Athletic: Week 4, Chargers at KC

The Chargers and Chiefs got together at Arrowhead Stadium during Week 4 and created some memorable athletic failures for the pleasure of the common man.

The Acee Report: Week 4

Kevin Acee and Darren Smith talk about Ryan Mathews' role in the Chargers offense and AJ and Norv's treatment of the young running back.

That Did Not Look Athletic: Week 3, ATL at SD


Even the most athletic men on the planet have their moments of shame. Let's revel in these moments in the form of GIFs.

Nick Canepa on Ryan Mathews and Winston Churchill

The UT's Nick Canepa discusses Ryan Mathews' fumbling woes without mentioning Winston Churchill.

That Did Not Look Athletic: Week 2, Titans at Chargers

That Did Not Look Athletic is a weekly series where we look at some of the least athletic plays during the previous week's Chargers game. This series is meant to give us a few laughs. OK? Let's go!

Interpreting The Acee Report: Week 2

Since I have the ability to read minds I went ahead and interpreted a conversation between the UT's Kevin Acee and XX1090's Darren Smith.

That Did Not Look Athletic: Week 1

Taking a look at some of the least athletic plays in Monday night's Chargers and Raiders game.

Cuckoo For Canepa: Raiders Lose, Chargers Have Little To Do With It

Having some fun with the U-T San Diego's Nick Canepa and his analysis of last night's Chargers & Raiders game.

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