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Why bringing Hosmer up NOW was a bad idea.

Super 2 status.  Plain and simple.  My feelings for Kila only hinge on the fact that the Royals are going out of their way to give Hosmer more money sooner, just to be rid of Kila.  They couldn't...

The Curse of Balboni Update #1

  1. Jeff Francoeur 6 HR - 35 HR pace
  2. Mike Aviles 5 HR - 29 HR pace
  3. Billy Butler 3 HR - 17 HR pace
  4. Melky/Gordon/Kila/Treanor 2 HR - 12 HR Pace
  5. Wilson/Brayan 1 HR - 6 HR Pace

A RR Digital Short: Like a Hos

Mr. Hosmer, thanks for joining us today No problemSo you're a badass around here, is that fair to say?Absolutely, I'm The HosOkay, so take us through a day in the life of "The Hos"Well the first...


2011 - The Race to Break the Curse of Balboni Begins

Finally, a chance for The Curse of Balboni to be broken. I'm not saying it will happen this year, but I think it's a lock that within 5 years, the Royals HR record for an individual is bigger than...

TPJ gives up 1 run over 3 IP against Toronto


Lost inside the ST Capsules, the Toronto vs Boston game has TPJ as the starter in place of an injured John Lackey. 3 IP w/ 1 run. He gave up 2 doubles to Aaron Hill. I'm still mad we wasted all that time with him at SS, he shows promise as a reliever, and we dump him. I wonder what Brian Anderson is up to lately?

Brewers replace Lorenzo Cain in CF


Cutter Dykstra and cash traded to Nationals for Nyjer Morgan. I'm going out on a limb and guessing Cutter is Lenny's kid. Lenny's made a lot of good choices in his life.

Joey Gathright to the NBA?


If Blake Griffin can win the dunk contest by leaping a car, maybe Joey's skillset would better translate to basketball.

Tampa Bay Rays – At present, this looks like a committee. Jake McGee(notes) is the guy that many of...


Tampa Bay Rays – At present, this looks like a committee. Jake McGee(notes) is the guy that many of us are rooting for, because … well, because the alternative is Kyle Farnsworth(notes). Or Joel Peralta(notes). Or Juan Cruz(notes). Eventually JP Howell(notes) could claim a share of the ninth, but he's recovering from shoulder surgery and isn't likely to be ready until May. McGee has the traditional closer's arsenal (slider, mid-90s fastball), though he's also a 24-year-old lefty with only five major league innings on his resume, so he'll have some work to do this spring.

Anagram Nicknames for our Newest Players

  1. Alcides Escobar - "Cloacas Be Dries"
  2. Alcides - "Labia Doc Recess"
  3. Jeffrey William Francis - "Jiff - A Fecal Miner Swirly"
  4. Alcides - "Scarab Lice Dose"
  5. Alcides - "Secs Cored Labia"

Dayton Moore involved in naming new Big 10 divisions


The divisions in the new Big 10 will be called "Legends" and "Leaders". I'm assuming a decision this dumb had to involve DM, especially for the Leaders name, because to him, everyone is a leader.

It's about to get a lot easier for the Royals to make the playoffs


Looks like each league will get another wild card team, and the 2 wild cards will meet to determine who moves on to face the #1 seed. The only thing that seems unsettled is if it will be a 1 game playoff or a 3 game playoff. If I had to choose I'd rather see the 3 game playoff. If the teams are evenly matched, you'd expect about 50% of the series to end in 2 games, and 50% to go all 3. If one team is stronger, you're looking at a 2 game series with a higher probability.

Buck nearing 3 year contract with Marlins


Sigh... I think we should sign Kendall to an extension while we still can.

John Dewan's SotW - Scary Halloween Edition


Guess who the worst fielder in MLB was? That's right, it was Yuni costing the Royals 21 runs with his shoddy work. And Billy Butler grounded into the most double plays, 32, in the last 25 years! There are 8 other scary/interesting stats listed on the link.

Fun night before the game tonight, as it was Royals Futures Night. Got to meet a bunch of the...


Fun night before the game tonight, as it was Royals Futures Night. Got to meet a bunch of the Royals up and coming prospects. Would have met more, but as we all know the Royals sent a bunch of players with Team USA and they got to Puerto Rico today, so Moose, HOS, and Monty weren't there. The only signature I don't have from past years is Hosmer, so maybe next year if he doesn't get to MLB too quick. I'll post the second pic below. And yes, I missed all the scoring as my kids were being kind of antsy, so we just left early (end of 2nd inning early). So I'm posting pics of the autographs. Enjoy!


Chris Farley and His Royal Co-Stars: A Retrospective

Looking back Chris Farley actually starred in quite a few films with current day Royals.  As luck would have it, these Royals also made cameo appearances on a little known show that Farley starred...


C'mon Chen, are you for real?

All this talk lately about how Bruce Chen is a changed man has gotten me thinking maybe I should actually investigate this a little further.  Supposedly he has a new or improved pitch, and McClure...

25 Willies Agree...


25 Willies Agree...


Why are Left Handed Starters seemingly favored?

I've noticed some talk recently about how the Royals should take a left handed starter in the upcoming draft.  I don't believe left handed starters should be favored at all and I hope to make my...

OT Humor: Little Golden Books style scenes from R-rated movies. ...


OT Humor: Little Golden Books style scenes from R-rated movies. http://www.slashfilm.com/2010/05/20/cool-stuff-pixar-artist-josh-cooleys-lil-inappropriate-golden-book-movies-r-fun/

MLB Trades: Arizona Diamondbacks turn Alberto Callaspo into Dontrelle Willis


They traded Billy Buckner to the Tigers for him. Dontrelle stinks, but he'll probably be better in the NL. And maybe the Royals will get to beat up on a former Royal at some point in Detroit.

Yuni not benched for Aviles today, Yuni has a concussion


Guess he got banged up in the home plate collision yesterday. 48 hours and he'll be good to go apparently.


Lineup Comparison: Hillman vs. Yost

To me, and a lot of others, Trey Hillman always seemed to be doing something wrong with his lineup.  While overall lineup construction does not change the output of the team much over the course of...


Billy Butler Baconators and Trivia at the Flying Saucer

So who was at the Flying Saucer playing Trivia last night under the team name "Billy Butler Baconators"? Because that isn't something the general public has caught on to is it? My brother was...


And you thought the Royals were bad

Houston has lost 7 games to start the year, and I see no relief for them. Their run differential is -29, but they've only scored 13 runs in 7 games!!  That might not be so bad, but they gave up...


Opening Day 2010 Picture Post

I had a spot out in the front row of the Pepsi Party Porch in RF for this.  Hung out there all day til I'd had enough after the 8th.  What follows are the pictures that turned out, with a few...

John Dewan's 2010 Breakout Players list includes 3 Royals


MITCH Maier is near the top of the list with Aviles and Callaspo near the bottom. The stat that correlates most to a breakout season is a difference in slugging percentage of 200 points or more from career norms. Based on that these 3 Royals have a better than normal chance of having a breakout season. For that, I'm guessing all 3 will ride the bench plenty.


Willie Bloomquist is a player, in the sense that he comes to play...

every position! When the Royals are inevitably out of the race in August, to drum up some fan support and ticket sales, they should have a "Watch Willie Bloomquist Play All 9 Positions Night!". ...

Kyle Davies pitched ball fetches $103,579 at auction


Of course, ARod's bat connected with it for his 500th homer, but I like to think Kyle adds some value to the ball.

Jack Z does KC (NLBM Legacy Awards and a Mellinger article)


2 links. Link in headline goes to Mellinger article, link below goes to Negro League Baseball Museum Legacy Awards article where Jack Z won for AL Executive of the Year. Legacy Awards KC Star Article

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