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ACC commisioner says no further expanion planned - ESPN


Is what they always say just before they expand again. Boise State to the PAC12 (they wish)


I came across this in my internet searches and got peeved beyond all explanation. Then I saw that it was a Vandul site and I calmed down. They really are pathetic aren't they? BJC? Really? Well, their beloved "flagship" research university can't beat this tiny little Junior College. Wait, so that means they are officially worse than a Community College squad? Bwhaaaaaaaaa... Ow my sides.haaaaa!

USC adds Idaho and New Mexico to schedule in 2015 and 16


So much for the SOS thing, huh? The Trojans would rather hurt their chances at making the Final Four than risk losing to Boise State.

Big 12 moving deeper into SEC country...


By planning to give its bowl lineup a more southern flavor, adding bowl games in Florida and Tennessee, says a line in this story. Hmmm. The Big 12 playing more games in SEC country. Does this mean the B12 may be looking to make a more permanent move into SEC country? You know, by making a "move" into SEC country? IE: Florida State, Clemson, others?

B.D. went to Boise!


B.D. Bronco and family, recently traveled from Colorado to Oregon via automobile to visit family and see the sights. On the way home we went right through Boise and stopped at Bronco Stadium to take some pictures with The Blue. I don't know about you all, but I was a kid at Disneyland (I grew up in SoCal so I know what D-land is like). Suffice to say the wife, who thought Boise was far away (she got confused with the whole Big East thing) and that Bronco stadium was a huge montrosity (as she says it) like other ones where you can't see the field, was rather impressed at the small size and how relatively close Boise is (a nine hour drive from Grand Junction), and said that coming to a game was not out of the question (it would a weekend thing). So those of you in Boise may just see us at a game this season. I'll keep everyone posted if and when we do.

American Athletic Conference Releases New Logo


Oh my sweet lollipops am I even more glad that we ditched "The American". Okay, so the MW 64 logo is hideous but at least it doesn't like a high school league. Or sports apparel brand, Geezz.

Texas Longhorns AD proponent of 8-team playoff - ESPN


If people like him want 8 teams then we will have 8 teams. I predict 8 teams by 2016. 16 by 2020. And Boise will be in either the B12 or Pac12 by then. Bet on it.

Nick Saban: 'I'm for five conferences' -


There are only 64 schools currently in the "top 5 conferences". Think Boise still has a chance? I do. I think the T5C want 14/16 schools each (even Pac12 and Big12).

NCAA CFB postseason will be called....wait for it, "College Football Playoff"


Really, that's all they could do? At least they are are admitting and calling it a playoff. That could lead into an expansion of teams in future years.

ACC schools sign media rights over to conference; schools locked in


Well, it looks like the Big XII will have to look elsewhere when it decides to expand again.

'American Conference' eyeing Air Force?

11 claims sources that indicate the American Athletic Conference aka the Old Big East could be targeting Air Force and Army to get to 14 members and to unite all the service academies in one conference.

Thank the Lord almighty that we decided against the Big East, err, I mean, American Athletic Conference.


The old Big East changes name to American Athletic Conference. The shortened moniker will not be the AAC, but rather the 'American' or the 'American Athletic'.

More re-alignment madness


Western Directional Kentucky University is moving from the SunBelt to CUSA. When will the insanity end? First the MWC became the WAC. Now the new Big East leaves the old Big East, which becomes CUSA, which becomes the SunBelt, which becomes a bunch of FCS upgrades.


Boise State baseball

I knew that Boise State gave up baseball in 1980, or somewhere around then. I didn't know, however, that we still had a club team. I didn't even know that there was actually a league (National Club...


The Big East is dead (as we know it). Who's next? BigXII? ACC?

Who will be the next BCS conference to die due to realignment? Will it be the ACC or the BigXII? For many moons now, people have talked about the inevitable emergence of sixteen school football...


What are the point of conference basketball tournaments?

15-20 (9-10) Liberty just won the Big South Tournament Championship and the conference's automatic NCAA Tournament spot. The Flames were 12-20 (6-10) before the tournament. I don't understand the...

Big East loses name


Wow. Catholic 7 leaving early and taking Big East name with them.

NCAA rule would add an ejection for illegal hit - ESPN


Only if they disallow the offensive player from lowering their head at the end of the play. I think that it is ridiculous that the defensive players lowers his head for the hit, then the offensive player lowers his head into the incoming hit, and the defensive player gets the call. It's bulloney.


Boise's deal also a boon for Fresno State - Fresno State Football - Tim DeRuyter gets it. People keep saying that Boise is getting preferential treatment, and that the news deal...


The way too early 2013 season Boise State Broncos starters thread

So, as we know it now who do you think will be the starters for every major position season, barring some breakthrough freshman phenom? Say who you want to start, Who you think should start. Who...

UConn, Cincy could join MW in football only...


Please tell me this is just the blatherings of some psycho web blogger?

What are the chances the MW can re-petition the BCS for one year of AQness?


Boise is staying, who along with Utah State and SJSU finished ranked in the top 25. Tthree other current MW schools have finished in the top 25 in the past few years: Fresno, Air Force, and SDSU

Oregon scores on the rarest of all plays, a one-point safety (VIDEO) | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports


I've seen plenty of interceptions in the end zone that get tackled in the end zone and not get this one point safety.

NCAA president Mark Emmert hopes to unveil new stipend plan in April -


We don't need a stipend plan. We just need to let them make money. No sponsorship type money, have jobs, receive gifts up to certain amount. No cars or houses, but free meals, a clothing discount, etc. Let them earn a living in addition to their college life.


A new whole new conference for Boise State

As much as I don't like the idea or forming a whole new conference, it seems to be a real possibility. So who would you invite? There will be cupcakes in any conference, but don't forget that SEC...

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