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Losing Leopold Could Loom Large


Sabres lose Leopold during stretch run

Stadium Rankings


The National Football Post ranked ALL stadiums in the NFL. Check out the link to see where the Ralph ranks.


Bills Video Mock v. 1 (with trade)

Here's the first version of my 2011 video mock.  Enjoy! Bills Rounds 1,2,3,4,5,6 Round 1, Pick# 3 - Traded along with Pick 195, and 2012 3rd Round Selection to Arizona for Picks 5, 69, 179 and...

Antonio Coleman's take on Nick Fairley


Check out the 10pm post. Scott Wright chatted with the Bills' Antonio Coleman who talked about his former Auburn teammate.

Bucs Going For Broke


Jayson Stark has an interesting tidbit on the contracts that the Pirates handed out this winter. See Thinking Big. Here's hoping one of them cashes in! Let's Go Bucs!


Team of the Decades: 70's Coach

Sabres Coach of the Decades-1970's.


Picturing Parise as a Sabre

Will Darcy finally pull the trigger on a blockbuster? I say go all in!

What NFL Practice Squad Players Make


This is from the Yahoo front page. It has a picture of Joique Bell on it. I know Chris Brown already covered this but I thought I'd throw this article into the mix. Enjoy!

So yeah-he's back...YIPPIE!


Not directly Bills news, but we do play the Vikes in week 13. I'm not sure if we would have won even without number 4 (can you tell I don't want to refer to the man by name?) under center but on paper this makes it all the more difficult.

Uni Watch and the Pirates


Lost in the more important trade deadline stuff was this interesting piece. I always like Paul Lukas stuff. Enjoy!

Revis Holding Out


Man I hope this is a L O N G holdout. Make sure you get yours Darrelle!

Stevie Y trades for Gagne


Guess we can all stop thinking we're getting Simon.


Analyzing the Schedule

How many points will the Sabres record in 2010-2011 and does the schedule set up nicely for a Cup run? Find out one humble writers opinion.

Wood Working...At Center


At the 2:50 mark of today's OTA video you can see Wood working (which is an encouraging sign), but what's interesting to note is that he's snapping. That's most likely because that's all he can do at this point, but ya never know.


My Offseason Moves's almost time for the silly season.  Where more dough is thrown around than in a bakery.  And I have hockey fever.  Maybe it's because I detest the Flyers so much.  Or perhaps it's...


2010 Top 150's this year's edition of my draft rankings.  Last year I did a list of the Top 150 Bills prospects.  Like last year, I'm eliminating positions that are not a need (i.e. the secondary)...


Optimum Schedule

Ok, I admit it.  The schedule isn't the sexiest thing to talk about, what with the draft being less than four short days away.  Nevertheless, on Tuesday, the schedule maker could play a role...


5 out of 25

Here's (I think) an interesting question.  If you could viably have five picks come true out of a pool of 25 players, who would be those 25 players?  My list is after the jump. Please note-this is...

Brandon Marshall will be a Dolphin


Well... just another wideout for our secondary to cover twice a year.

Buffalo doesn't have secondary concerns


Good article by Tim Graham from ESPN on our DB depth.

What to do with Lynch?


Tim Graham at ESPN says we can do without him.

Damione Lewis Anyone?


He's a DE candidate. Didn't have a monster season last year, but he's a leader evidently. I'd rather have Nick Eason myself.


How Tebow could keep the Bills in Buffalo

Disclaimer: Despite the interesting title of this piece, it is NOT, I repeat NOT an endorsement of drafting the most hotly debated prospect to come out in some time.  Quite the contrary. Tebow was...


Blow it up

We're reeling at the moment to say the least.  So here's my "fix". Trade Roy to the Kings for Oscar Moller. Trade Moller, Philip Gogulla, and a 2nd to Montreal for Tomas Plekanec.  Sign Plekanec to...


Suh @ 3?

What happens if Suh falls to 3?  Tampa would pick him right?  Or do they have so many needs that they'd entertain a trade down?  Ok Suh's probably not getting past the Rams, but if they elect to go...

Donte Whitner Gets Probation


Good news. Now if only his ankle would get right.

Duke on the block?


It appears the Phillies are doing their do-diligence. Check out the 11th paragraph of this article.

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