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Alford 7th Highest paid NCAA BB Coach


Chart of NCAAB Coaches per USA Today sports

Tweeting to Win: March Madness Social Media Lessons


"Izzo and Calipari stand at two opposite ends of the social media spectrum..."

Divergent coaching paths of two Knight apprentices


How can Alford and Krzyzewski both be students of "the object of near fanatical devotion"? Michael Lee Stallard's article linked here notes that subsequent to Krzyzewski having "... played basketball under the driven, domineering, perfectionist coach Bobby Knight", his family caused Krzyzewski to have an " 'ah-ha' moment, his epiphany about the importance of connection and relationships, [which] transformed his coaching style." Meanwhile, does anyone reading the article see a protégé connection between Knight and Alford when Stallard summarizes "... unfortunately, most coaches (and leaders in general) are not intentional about developing relationship excellence and a sense of connection, community and unity among the people they lead." ?

Campus football stadium - Baylor figures it out


UCLA's efforts for an on campus football stadium was diluted to Drake Stadium about 50 years ago. Baylor University’s football team, which played at a stadium located several miles away from its Waco, Texas, campus since 1950, figured out how to bankroll an on-campus stadium "that will engage students and visitors alike and elevate the fan experience." If the administration cares, they can call Baylor to find out how it's done.

Seth Davis writes a book about Coach Wooden


Apparently this week Times Books published a Seth Davis 600 page so-called "definitive biography" about Coach, entitled Wooden: A Coach's Life. Anyone taken a look yet?

"Bruin Revolution Continues" rattles cages?


USAToday contributor Nate Scott seems to think so, while giving Southern Cal the ABC-TV treatment.

Five games in, Andy Enfeld dissing Floyd and Alford


"I don't worry about them. I've made it to one Sweet Sixteen in two years, and he's made it to one Sweet Sixteen in 18 years."

UCLA Selects ZGF Architects LLP to Design Football Training Facility


ZGF designed the University of Oregon football training center. Let's hope the project manager can turn this into a great project in spite of Doughnut.

Can the new UCLA football training center top Oregon's?


The design and construction of the new UCLA football training center is critical, not to be entrusted to Donut. Read about Oregon's mindset, here's a sample from an ASCE Magazine article: Nevertheless the building was designed, Snyder says, to be imposing. "There’s definitely an intention to put the fear into the opposing teams as they drive the bus up and see this thing sitting there," he says. The large cantilevers defy gravity. The dark facade, comprising granite on some sides and panels of darkly tinted glass on others—evoke a sense of armor, something sinister. "We want them to be afraid," he says.

NCAA CWS Interactive Bracket Page


All games updated close to realtime

Grayson Mazzone One-Handed Catch during Spring Showcase


From Pac-12 Network: "Grayson Mazzone supplied one of the best plays of the spring with this acrobatic one-handed catch Saturday during UCLA’s Spring Showcase"

Jackie Robinson Video - UCLA vs. Southern Cal Football 12/9/39


Video of 1939 Crosstown game, a 0-0 tie, featuring footage of Jackie Robinson. Credit where credit is due to Southern Cal for posting this on YouTube. Perhaps in the future we will have an AD that can arrange for vintage footage similar to this to be created internally and distributed to the fans.

Endorsing Andy Enfield for UCLA


What's worse- Sports pundits with back-handed compliments for UCLA... or Block, Gu-error, and Howland providing them fodder? "If I were the machers at UCLA trying to rebuild after yesterday's end of the Ben Howland Era, I would hire Enfield -- his combination of attitude, player-friendly style, obsession with recruiting, NBA bona fides and (yes) Hollywood backstory are ideal for Westwood. UCLA used to be one of the best jobs in college hoops. Used to be. Now, it's a non-essential program with limited national exposure centered in a toxic recruiting region with absurd expectations that has become the equivalent of the uncle who keeps telling you how awesome his college days were 40 years ago."

Daily Bruin on UCLA BB: The feeling of mutiny


"The roars of the Mustangs as they emerged victorious were loud, but the ire of those in attendance was just as audible. As a UCLA assistant coach sat to do a postgame radio interview, broadcast over the public address system inside the arena, a few fans stayed back to yell "Fire Howland!" repeatedly, nearly drowning out the conversation."

BCS Standings - November 25, 2012


Bruins move up one notch in BCS despite loss to Stanford

Sustained UCLA Football Success


"The discussion: Three programs are having a renaissance year -- Notre Dame, UCLA and Texas A&M. Who are you taking for the next five years?"

Pac-12 bowl projections


Bruins in the Valero Alamo Bowl?

Bruin Glenn Love on BC Lions Video


BCLions.comTV quizzing a few import (American) Leos, including Glenn Love who is on their practice roster, on their knowledge of Canadian geography. Love appears three or four times.

PAC-12 Enabling Southern Cal?


Seems the PAC-12 is starting its advertising campaign for Southern Cal early.

Vote for Gelalich for Golden Spikes Award Now


UCLA’s Jeff Gelalich is among the 30 semifinalists for the 2012 USA Baseball Golden Spikes Award, as announced by USA Baseball on Tuesday. Fans can vote to determine the three finalists starting May 29th so get your Gelalich vote in and make it back-to-back Bruins to win the award.

Bruin Glenn Love signed by BC Lions


"BC Lions Football Club [2011 CFL Grey Cup Champions] announced this morning that import [that's what non-Canadians are called] linebackers Beau Bell, Rodney Paulk, and Glenn Love have been signed by the team. "Love played in 48 games from 2008 through 2011 for UCLA, switching from safety to linebacker for his final two seasons with the Bruins. Playing on both defense and special teams, he totaled 55 tackles and two sacks. Love was signed following an impressive performance at the Lions’ free agent camp in Seattle last week." Have a great season Glenn!

Planned Spaulding Field Renovations


Let's see a 100 yard field for a real vote of confidence

Gene Block's Frame of Mind


On April 17th, an opinion piece by Gene Block was published in the Huffington Post. Here's a couple quotes. "Our vast and vaunted network of public institutions of higher education is being severely threatened by the relentless onslaught of slashed budgets in state capitals across the country." "Instead of more cuts, we need an emergency plan to rescue and revitalize our public higher education system." No mention of athletics in the blog.

Link to Guerrero Audio Interview on PMS 2/29/12


150 Best Value Colleges for 2012- Princeton Review


UCLA and other UC campuses, Stanford, CalTech, make the list. Second Choice now 151th choice or lower.

Block "complete confidence in Dan’s ability to recruit and hire a head coach..."


Football coach Rick Neuheisel officially fired by UCLA #football #ucla

Former UCLA Bruin Justin Medlock is becoming one of the CFL’s top-rated kickers and punters. ...


Former UCLA Bruin Justin Medlock is becoming one of the CFL’s top-rated kickers and punters. For the just-completed 2011 season, he made 89.1% of his field-goal attempts (49 of 55), second best league percentage, and led the league with the longest average distance at 37.4 yards. Medlock had seven field goals in a game against B.C, and kicked a 57 yarder against Montreal, both league bests this year. He also averaged 60.2 yards on kickoffs and 41.6 yards on punts.


UCLA Athletics Ranking, via Facebook

The state of major sports programs at UCLA has raised questions about the commitment of the Athletic Department and the Administration to continuing success.  How has the current state of affairs...

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