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Community Top 25 under 25: 11-15

via Livia Tsang and 24.media.tumblr.com "Don't hate me PPP. I promise I'll do better next year!" Hello PPP and welcome to our third entry of the Top...


PPP's Top 25 Under 25: The Community Version

via cdn3.sbnation.com (thanks for the pic canadianmaple) How can we have a PPP vote without including PPP super commenter JaredFromLondon? Today clrkaitken told us he is about to release this...


PPP Salary Cap Challenge-BCapp #2

This weekend nhlcheapshot made a second team. When I was studying later on I got frustrated/bored with the material, so I spent an hour to make another one myself. I really think this may be the...


PPP Salary Cap Challenge, BCapp

Here is my attempt at the Salary Cap Challenge as put out to the community by clrkaitken based on this article at the hockey writers. When making this team I tried to keep in mind two things...

Our Prime Minister plays hockey and guess what position he plays!


None other than the Right Honourable Stephen Harper is a current player of the Erie Otters! What position does he play? You guessed it: Left Wing! (Note I do not take credit for finding this, nor posting it on the blog for the first time. Frag posted it in Stuart Percy's top 25 under 25 article, but I thought it was so funny (the left wing part) that it deserved a fan post).


Random Comparison Time: Bozak vs McDonald

via cdn2.sbnation.com (Chris O'Meara - AP) In his rookie season in Blue and White, Bozak centered a line between Kulemin and Kessel that created a lot of offense and provided the Leafs hope for...

The Value of a Top 5 Pick

via nationalpostsports.files.wordpress.com (Image fromthe national post) With Turris trade rumours flying and the ever present discussions of trading lottery picks, I recently found myself in a...

Nazem Kadri is a Bust... Or is He?

How does Nazem Kadri compare to other first rounders that were drafted by or started their careers under Brian Burke.


Common Misconceptions:Senators' Stanley Cups, Waiver Rules, and Habs vs Leafs Attendance

Breaking down some common misconceptions about the Senators, Leafs, and MLSE's spending.


Prediction Series: Around the League in 2011/2012

For my next (and last of the preseason because there is... HOCKEY TONIGHT) post in my Prediction Series I will make random predictions around the league. This one isn't going to have any...


Prediction Series: 2011-2012 Western Conference Standings

Following up on my first post in the prediction series on the Easter Conference Standings, here is my prediction for the Western Conference.  Again please feel free to leave your comments on my...


Prediction Series: Leafs Edition 2011-2012

Welcome to my second post in my "Prediction Series". At first I was going to go through my predicted scoring for each guy dressed in the Blue and White. But that has been done to death and I...


Common Misconceptions: How Much Should That Forward Score?

What should you expect out of your forwards?


Why Gunnarson is better than you think!

If you like Carl Gunnarsson then you need to read this.


PPP Meet up London

Hey PPPers in London, I propose we meet up to watch the preseason Leafs/Sens matchup on Tuesday Sept 27th at 7:30. So 2 things to post in the comments: 1) Are you in? 2) Its on LeafsTV so do you...


2011-2012 PPP Bets

Many of the regulars make bets on this site about different hockey related things. Unfortunately they are usually relatively long term and tend to get forgotten before they finish. I am making...


Prediction Series: 2011-2012 Eastern Conference Standings

Hello again PPP. I am going to start a new preseason series of yearly predictions starting with this post: Eastern Conference Standings. Read on for my predictions for the East with an...


Why I think Jeff Carter may be out the door (written mid-November 2010)

*Note I wrote this 16 games into the season, but never published it because he was resigned by Philly before I completed it.  I am publishing it as is because of the new trade rumours around him...


Best and Worst Goaltending Since the Lockout

NHL Save Percentages since the lockout by standard deviation.


How the League Will Look if Teams Keep their Play of the Last 10 Games Up

Hey Barilkosphere, this is going to be a short FanPost.  I have simply taken the point pace of every team in the league over the last 10 games then multiplied it by their remaining games to see...


Comparing Goalies' Save Percentage Relative to Average Save Percentage

Looking at how goalies' save percentages have varied from the league average post-lockout.

Hockey's Future takes a look at the Leafs' top prospects

Nazem Kadri remains top prospect for Toronto Maple Leafs Looks good to me: "1. (1) Nazem Kadri, C, 8.0 C Acquired: 1st round, 7th overall in 2009 As an AHL rookie, Nazem Kadri has adjusted nicely after a rough start with the Maple Leafs that saw him record only six assists in 17 games. With the Marlies, he has evolved into a more responsible player with the puck without sacrificing his dynamic offensive ability. Earlier in the year he had a penchant for bad turnovers at inopportune times, but has cut down in that area of his game. While he's unlikely to compete for a Selke Trophy anytime soon, it's an area that needed improvement (and continues to improve) as he looks to jump to the NHL fulltime. Kadri's game is easily identifiable when he's on the ice courtesy of his silky smooth hands and highlight reel ability. Kadri is one of the top producing rookies in the AHL scoring close to a point per-game pace. He has 10 goals and 17 assists in 28 games this season, and is in the top 15 for rookie scoring even though he missed time when he was recalled in November." (emphasis added by me)

25th-30th Picks From the 1997-2004 NHL Entry Drafts

What can the Leafs expect to get from the first rounder that they received in the Kris Versteeg trade?

Blacker is the Second Best Drafted Defenseman Playing in the OHL


Thats right, Hockey's Future ranks Leafs prospect (2nd round 2009 pick) Jesse Blacker as the second best drafted defenseman playing in the OHL behind only Ryan Ellis. That puts him ahead of 1st round picks Calvin De Haan (12th overall 2009), Erik Gudbranson (3rd overall 2010), and Jarred Tinordi (22nd overall 2010)!!


Christian Hanson. Yeah he's still with the Leafs

A lot of people seem to have forgotten about Christian Hanson so here is a post to just remind everyone who he is and what he has brought to this organization.


Potential TML lines and their potential goal scoring

I just read  Draglikepull's fan post analyzing our top 6 forwards goal production.  This lead me to think about our potential lines and their potential goal scoring.  It'll be a pretty short read...


So who wishes Dustin Brown was a Leaf?

 Old and Busted Meet The New Hotness Dustin Brown is a power forward right?  He hits hard, plays in the dirty areas of the ice and scores a lot of goals. Exactly what we want on this team.  Well I...

McKegg is awesome! He has a charity called "Kegger’s Kids".


McKegg is awesome! He has a charity called "Kegger’s Kids".

Players say Wilson is the coach they would LEAST want to play for


I am le sad: "Ron Wilson of the Toronto Maple Leafs was the coach players wanted least to play for with 24 per cent of the vote"

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