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Snarky Commentators

Anyone else notice the douchiness in the game today? "San Diego isn't impressed with these Eagles." "Desean wasn't even close to being in. It wasn't a hard decision he was 18 inches out of...


Seattle Touchdown Call Will be Historical

The touchdown call in tonight's the Green Bay Packers vs the Seattle Seahawks will go down in the books as one of the worst calls in NFL history. This is the new "tuck rule" call and it will be...


Can we change our name to the Philadelphia Turnovers next year PLEASE!

Driving driving, turnover. Driving driving, turnover. Bad field position because of stupid penalties, turnover. Interception, interception, fumble, interception, interception, fumble,...


I Can Finally Sleep During the Football Season

Does anyone else feel the pressure being lifted? Last night's loss gave me a sense of ease and I finally slept great. The pressure of the "Dream Team" talk and the expectations seemed to give me an...


Dawkins' Coaching Aspirations...

via   I'm watching the Broncos game a couple weeks ago against the Titans and the announcers were talking about Dawkins becoming a coach after he retires. They asked him if he would...


Stop whining about McDermott already...

I know, he's not Jim Johnson. He doesn't have blitz packages like Jim Johnson. The simple truth is, he doesn't have the personnel that Jim Johnson had either. Look at our defense right now. We have...


Don't Haze Me Bro...

In an absolute shocking event, we find out Dez bryant really is an a**hole. I don't think this was much of a shock to most of Eagles' fans but I wonder how the Cowboys' fans are taking this. Dez...


Where's the Unbiased Journalism 610 WIP?

So I'm home right now listening to 610 WIP.  I don't know if I've ever heard more hatred towards a person, and more biased journalism in my life.   Basically it goes down like this (610 WIP) "Ok...


What the EFF will it take for "animal lovers" to forgive Vick?

I just posted something about this on another fanpost, but I wanna see what other people think about this subject.  I don't think animal lovers can ever forgive Vick for this crime.  That's sad.   N...


Would You Trade Our Recent Glory for 5 rings?

So i'm on the DallASS forum and i'm reading some of our posts on there.  One of the guys claims "i bet you would trade your recent success for our 5 rings."   Well actually no I wouldn't.  I...


Im Excited About Our Drafted TE Cornelius Ingram

This kid looks really great.  I know we wanted a big blocking TE, however this kid might be what we thought LJ Smith was gonna bring to us.'s scouting report says he's one of the best...


Please don't let this happen again...

I hope this year we don't boo our first pick or any pick.  I can't argue this point enough with Dallas' fans "you guys didn't even want McNabb you booed him at the draft". I wasn't there that day,...


Anyone else tired of pre-draft signings?

It really takes the suspense out of the draft when we know who the first and sometimes second pick in the draft is.  It takes so much suspense out of the draft. Now i don't care if they signed him...


Does Philly have any stars in disguise? *Reposted*

  I reposted this because it was only on the forum page for about 10 minutes before it was pushed off the page.  I think it was a hot news day about Cutler maybe so i reposted it hoping that more...


Are there any Dallas players that...

Are there any Dallas' players that you wished played in Philly? I know this is really hard to say and if there are any Dallas' fans reading this they will gloat, but are there any? I hated Aikman,...


Would you still follow them if:

Since BDawk signed with Denver, i've really been thinking about how many Broncos games i'll be watching this year just because of Dawk.  So i started to think..if McNabb or Westbrook got traded to...


Cowboy Fans...and their mentality i'm online arguing with a guy about our Eagles and his POWER-ARGUMENT (and every cowboy fan's argument) is how many rings do the Eagles have?  Had i known this was gonna be every Cowboys...


Does Philly have any stars in disguise?

Does Philly have any players on the team that would be stars anywhere else?  I personally love Hank Baskett and think he could be a star.  I'm not saying that Philly doesnt use him right, but the...


If you could trade 1 Eagles superstar for another..who would it be?

I personally love all of our players, but would trade Sean Jones for Brian Dawkins. lol ok.. I really love all of our players that are superstars, but would you trade any of them for another player...


How many HOF'ers have the Andy Reid coaching staff made?

When i mean how many have they made? i dont mean how many have they drafted? I mean how many have they had on their team via draft, free agency, and pre-Andy Reid coaching staff that were on the...


Losing Dawk made us forget about our WR needs

the biggest loss in my opinion in Philly history (Dawkins) is making us forget about our offensive needs.  Remember when we were all bitching about our WR needs? I think the news about Dawk made us...

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