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How awesome is Justin Smith?


This bit killed me Before Smith and his wife, Kerri, had kids, they used to go back to the course a lot during the offseason. He bought his wife a chainsaw. She'd cut the trees; he'd mow the greens. There is nothing exclusive or pretentious about Railwood. It exists for everybody in the tiny town of Holts Summit, Mo., and nearby Jefferson City. In the clubhouse, they serve Budweiser and a handful of one-syllable American beers. (Smith, by the way, has an Anheuser-Busch tattoo on his left bicep.) "He gives me trouble because I like wine," said his father, Dave. "He's like, 'Geez, Dad.'" It is clear that the golf course means a lot to Justin Smith. It was built on his granddad's old farmland. His dad grew up there. When the course was in financial trouble 10 years ago, it was Smith who came in and bought it from some local investors. On the 17th green, the highest point, you can see the Missouri River and Jefferson City, a town of 43,000 where all of this started for a rancher's kid who didn't grow up with cable TV. He didn't have time for it. Someday, Smith tells his friends, his little boys will know about this land, and this community. Smith might not have known this when he bought it, but Railwood is more than just a golf course. It's a place where people connect. The high school teams hold banquets and fundraisers in the clubhouse. The locals drink coffee and eat breakfast there and talk about sports. Basically, his wife is tougher than most men, he loves where he comes from and he supports it and doesn't give two site decorums what anyone has to say about that. Who deserves a ring more than this guy? God I love this team.

Ruh Roh


What's the likelihood Goodell isn't on the phone with the refs putting the fix in right now? This is not what you'd call great pub for the league for its Super Bowl week. Disturbing on a number of levels, not least if it comes out the allegations are false.

Born to Do It


I wouldn't mind it one bit if Frank Gore were the story come Monday instead of Kap or the Defense. That is one talented man.


Fact: The 9er's pattern of wins and losses will be broken this weekend

So I keep hearing that we have to fear the whole "WWL" jinx this weekend, and figured I should do my best to retire the canard. For the record, our pattern of wins and losses this year, is the...


My response to what I've heard from Alex Smith partisans

So I surfed over to Niners Nation yesterday after the game, angling for a little catharsis after a depressing loss in a game we needed to take some pressure off the team down the home stretch of...


Methinks #84 is not a happy camper

Lifted without permission from Miaocco's offensive player review comments thread, some dude called 559ninerfan said:

I was at the San Fran and Detroit game on Sunday and sat 7 rows up...


Always Go Long

This Fanpost isn't about Ted Ginn, vertical passing attacks, stretching the field or other minutia that frankly I know jack [site decorum] about. This is about going long in a market making...

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