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A call for Hendry to be terminated

  There can be no more wishful thinking.   There can be no more denial and eternal optimism.   Jim Hendry was permitted to go into hyper-spending mode with little oversight,.   His due diligence...


Lou has likely settled on his pitching staff (I fear)

The worst possible scenario has bore fruit as far as the rotation.    Sean Marshall, who is proven to lack the stamina to be a starter and is very much needed in the bullpen, has likely wrapped up...

714 case there was any doubt

Carlos Silva, quite simply, is human batting practice.    If there was any more need for proof than his wondrous Cub debut against the White Sox seals the deal.    I know it's very early in camp,...


Getting creamed by the Islanders is just what this team needs

A big fat slice of humble pie is PRECISELY what the Blackhawks need.   Their play the 15 games preceding the Olympic break were iffy in too many regards.   A beatdown at the hands of the New York...


Zambrano, Chapman, Contreras and all sorts of wild-eye speculation

This deserves it's own fresh page of discussion.   I'm just going to throw this out there because I like to hear myself talk and, generally speaking, am a blowhard.   But that aside, there are a...


Marlon Byrd is an inevitability

Lets face it.   The addition of Marlon Byrd is probably a foregone conclusion.    Genius Jim will feed his extreme addiction to free agency under the delusion that Byrd can be the missing piece to...


"Jim Hendry, Idiot at Work" (on bookshelves in time for the holidays!)

Excerpts from the book !!!! Rewind to the 2006-07 offseason... Genius Jim gets into a bidding war with himself that nets the Guess Hitting Hack for the princely sum of $136 million spread over 8...


Reversal of opinion...Bradley will not be moved

I have come to the conclusion that Milton Bradley isn't going anywhere.    In fact, I'm starting to see signs of infamous Jim Hendry spin control (e.g., Rudy Jaramillo saying nice things about...


It's GOT TO BE much, much more than moving Bradley

I have to say that I am getting thoroughly depressed already over the prospects for 2010.   My goodness, Jim Hendry was granted a stay of execution by the Ricketts family and then he is dumb and...


Earl Bennett absolutely blows

There.   I had to get that off my chest.   I've already seen enough of Earl Friggin Bennett to last a lifetime.   And to think some Bear fans scratched their head when Bennett couldn't beat out the...


Sour grapes thou it be the Cubs still don't do well against good NL teams

Hence why I unfortunately still feel comfortable with my rotten prediction on how this season will ultimately shake out.   I'm sorry, but the Cubs remain a deeply flawed and mess of a team.  ...

Phillies land Cliff Lee


And they didn't give up Kyle Drabek to do it. Phillies are a very, very good team. They have a solid chance of repeating in 2009 if somehow Brad Lidge can get his act back together.


Cubs have not been the same since the Dodger playoff series

Last season the Cubs entered the playoffs bursting with positivity.   97 wins, great pitching, great lineup, mojo...    Then it all came crashing horribly down in three games against the Dodgers....


7th Inning Stretch Song

When ERIK FRIGGIN ESTRADA has been invited TWICE in three years to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame then you KNOW it is way past due time to pull the friggin plug on the tribute to Harry.    Is...


Please stop the "Hendry's hands are tied" argument

Jim Hendry has been permitted to explode the payroll up to $136 million, or third highest in baseball and first highest in the National League.    What we have gotten for his wondrous spending...

"Dodger" Sammy Sosa Avoids Steriod Talk


This article by Chris DeLuca about sums up the whole Sam-ME "Corky" Steroid thing. Bottom line nobody can talk about Sammy without the steroid thing entering the conversation. And to think this arrogant a-hole is so smug as to say I patiently await my enshrinement into Cooperstown. In your dreams you lying sack of crap.

A BIG congratulations to the Big Unit


Randy Johnson wins his 300th victory today. To go with over 4,800 strikeouts, 5 Cy Youngs, 2 no-hitters (to include a perfect game at age 40) and a World Series Championship. The Big Unit will go down as one of the greatest and most feared pitchers of all time. Ungodly stuff on the mound. And to think it took until his late 20's for his career to gain any sort of traction. KUDOS to the Big Unit !!


Is Dale Tallon's job secure?

Is it just me or am I the only one who gets the feeling that Rocky Wirtz, John McDonough and Scotty Bowman may be manuevering to fire Dale Tallon?    I sure hope not because count me as a big fan...


Zambrano remains an idiot

Carlos Zambrano is an immature jackass.   I've resigned myself to the fact that he is never going to grow up.   While he is a true workhorse and invaluable member of the Cub pitching staff, he also...


Milton Bradley is beginning to tick me off

I have been unabashed supporter of the addition of Milton Bradley.   Fact is this guy can flat out hit and brings a desperately needed explosive charge into that Cub lockerroom in my opinion.   But...

Bird fans crapping on Pie


Luis Montanez is not happy with being sent down in deference to Felix Pie, and Oriole fans are rallying on his behalf. Some of the comments suggesting Andy McPhail has a hard-on for Pie are priceless. I give these Birdo fans a lot of credit because many have already figured out that Felix Pie cannot hit his way out of a paperbag.

Brian Roberts about to ink $40 mil deal to stay w/ Orioles


May the name Brian Roberts never be uttered again in Chicago.


Sweet Lou's last season managing?

Driving in the car this afternoon I ran into a very interesting topic discussion on WSCR.    Apparently there is a credible baseball blog (not BCB...I don't recall the name) that has supposed...


"Certainties" - oh the irony of it all

Something that I think would be fun to kick around is those things we consider "certainties" about the Cubs.   If we were to rewind to January of last year NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, could have...


Hendry's alleged "other" big move

I'm going to throw this wild prediction out there to the sharks.    Beyond inking Milton Bradley, the "other" big move that Hendry made loose reference about shall be Derrek Lee shipped off to new...

Dodgers talking with Adam Dunn


Dodgers talking with Adam Dunn

Not a surprise I guess.

Texiera and Boston a no go? ... so how do the dominoes fall now?

Seems to me that Boston owner John Henry has called Scott Boras' bluff and told him to pound sand.   So  if the Red Sox really are out of the bidding for Mark Texiera does that mean he goes home to...

Aaron Fitt of Baseball Prospectus has the following to say about Felix Pie. "I think Pie...


Aaron Fitt of Baseball Prospectus has the following to say about Felix Pie. "I think Pie could have a bounce like Corey Patterson had when he first went to Baltimore, but I see him having a Patterson-like fizzle in the long term."

Baseball Prospectus
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