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Mark Cuban throws out an NBA Sponsor


Mark Cuban did an AMA on Reddit. A familiar item pops up in the comments.

Maloof BOG PPT Presentation


Slides 2, 3 and 4 sure make it look like the Maloofs want to relocate.

Kings Trade Fix


For those of you without Insider... Bradford Doolittle from Basketball Prospectus suggests the Kings offer their #1 pick and young talent (1 of either Whiteside or Thomas) to Boston for Rondo. This keeps the Cousins-Evans duo intact. Don't see how/why Boston does this but fiction can be fun.


Celebration Stories

In light of today's glorious news I'm sure there are more than a few of you using tonight to celebrate this momentous occasion. As loyal Kings Fans and members of this blog we've all spent the...

Types of obnoxious internet basketball fans


Great read from TBJ. Which combo of these are you?

You stay classy, Kevin Pritchard.


A very classy open letter from Kevin Pritchard to 'Blazers fans. I don't totally understand why he's out. He helped that franchise do a complete 180. After his body of work and reading this article, I'd be asking for his hire as Kings GM... If we didn't already have Petrie.

WTF! Aminu shooting charge


Found on Sham Sports. Seems surreal.


JT and KT (Woof!) for Al Jefferson?

Al Jefferson on the front page of ESPN and JT's recent frustrating play made me start thinking about this. Here's a case for it...

SI Pre Season Power Rankings


Kings are dead last here too.

Bobby Jackson and Mitch Richmond to Produce TV show in Sac


Hosted by Flava Flav, the show will also be filmed in Sacramento and feature A-C list stars. Good luck with this one guys....


Evaluating the current roster and moving forward.

It was obvious to everyone that after a 17 win season the Kings needed to take a serious look at their on-the-court personnel. Changes started with the firing of Natt and the remains of Theus's...

DC Pro Sports Report NBA Mock Draft index


For those of you who DON'T know about this. The most comprehensive Mock Draft index to my knowledge.

OKC to pass on Rubio?


If, indeed, RR's agent can convince Memphis not to draft him... Oh joyous day!! Too good to be true?

Interesting poll


on asking readers if they would root for a relocated Anaheim Kings team. I hope the Malooves read the comments.

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