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Snoop Lion is a fan!


This made me chuckle as I read it on Yahoo's sports page.

Maaco Bowl Preview at CFN


A nice write-up considering how CFN typically trashes BSU (see their weekly and final rankings).

I want some of what Hancock is smoking. A playoff would be...illegal???


I seriously want what he's smoking because it must be some BW'n good BW. I seriously can't believe that he believes the stuff that comes pouring out of his mouth.... As quoted from the article..."In last year's memo, Hancock wrote that the BCS attorneys "have advised that in the unlikely event that the conferences' creation of the BCS were to be considered unlawful, it is probable that any other such arrangement - including a playoff - also would be unlawful. Based on conversations with many university presidents, we believe the likely outcome of a finding against the BCS would be a return to the old bowl system which was built upon individually negotiated agreements between conferences and bowls." " The articles goes on to tell how he (and the BCS for that matter) thinks that there's nothing that the govt. can legally do...

CFN's Cavalcade of Whimsy (COW) gets the BSU treatment


Normally I don't post stuff from CFN over here too often simply because they're a bunch of inbred twits. But this time around, I couldn't pass this article up. Pete Fiutak, for once, argues for BSU's inclusion into the NCG. I get the feeling he puked in his mouth a tad bit when he was done writing the article...

Coaches/AP/Harris Polls Out! BSU's "movin' on up..."


BSU climbs to #5 in the poll. *UPDATE* BSU is at 5 in the AP poll as well. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7140667/lsu-tigers-alabama-crimson-tide-set-historic-no-1-vs-no-2-associated-press-poll-released And here is the break-out of how the AP voters voted for BSU. Craig "I'm a freaking geniousmoron" James is up to his shenanigans again... And finally, here's the Harris Poll. I'd list the BCS Poll, but someone beat me to it (stupid time difference...grrr...).

CFN leaves me boggled...again


With the loss of WIsky and OU, we go from playin in the Sugar Bowl to playing for it all. I don't get these CFN guys...very bipolar....

The invite rumors are heating up


While the rumors of us going to the BLE, both sides have some reservations. Obviously the key points are the league's stability, for BSU, and travel distance, BLE presidents. I think the invite will be forthcoming...but that's JMHO.

Rivals.com Pre-season Unit Rankings: Offensive Backfields


BSU comes in ranked at 5th in the nation in terms of awesomeness in the backfield. I bet the Muscle Hamster says, "ONLY fifth???" (with a Gary Coleman "Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis" glare)

Something we already knew--BSU does more with "less"


It's been awhile since I posted anything. I ran across this NY TImes article on BSU's success in the polls/performance while recruiting what many consider "lesser" players.


It's gameday OBNUGgies/Bronco Nation! Fly's gameday thoughts expressed in pictures.

 I find it very appropriate that it's the middle of hunting season.

Someone got a hold of Graham Watson's Pistol Passion Fruit Kool-Aid


She lists Kaep as the Offensive MVP for the non-AQ schools. I can stomach that...barely. But most glaring is naming Ault as "Best Coach". Seriously? Seriously? WTF, Chuck? Quick! Someone take away that Jim Jones refreshment cup from her before commits suicide with that loaned Pistol. And here we thought we'd gotten rid of a Nevada crush. Boy howdy, were we wrong!

OBNUG makes Sports Illustrated!


Looks like OBNUG is making the big-time now. It pays to have well-known national sports journalists following you on Twitter it appears. Congrats Kevan!

USA Today's BSU Title Tracker


You know we're on historic grounds when one of America's top newspapers is tracking our title hunt, even if we have a slim chance to actually play for the title. But nevertheless it's still pretty cool that they're following BSU like this. They don't normally do this, so I give it 2 thumbs-up.

Poll Watch!


USA Today Coaches poll is out. Still number 3 and 100 points behind Ohio State. TCU stays steady but gets leaped by Oregon. Nevada makes a top-25 appearance and VaTech is still getting a couple votes. Here's the AP top-25. Still #3, but TCU and Oregon flip-flop spots. Here is CBSSportsline top-25. No change for us there, either. And finally, CFN's top-25. I know...it's CFN, but it's read by a lot of people.

Kellen the Humble


Good story on Kellen.


Anyone know if the game is going to be broadcast online?

I know I'd asked on another thread, but for the life of me I can't remember which one it was.  I've looked on channelsurfing but nothing is listed for the game.  That leaves Broncovision, Justin.tv...

Could we see more of a killer instinct from Coach Pete this year?


I hope so. We may need to beat the stuffing out of every team we play just to make a BCS bowl game. I've only ever had one real complaint about Coach Pete and that's been his knack for calling off the dogs, sometimes way too early.

Prediction for the Wyoming game


Barring any mental farts, BSU looks to be favored over Wyoming by more than 3 scores.

Boise holds on to #3 in the coaches poll

UPDATE: BSU stays at #3 in the AP Poll, but loses 7 of 8 first place votes. Although our lead over Texas went from 40 points to 16. But so far, the damage isn't anywhere near as bad as I thought.

We'll be in Boise in a couple weeks


We'll be in Boise in a couple weeks

Lee Corso lets it slip that Gameday is coming to Boise for Oregon State!

Video of the BSU/VaTech game from a more pro-BSU stand point. Pretty darn good video editing, IMO....


Video of the BSU/VaTech game from a more pro-BSU stand point. Pretty darn good video editing, IMO. And for the people who want to know, the music in the main portion of the video is Blue Stahli's "Ultranumb".

A Hokie fan eats his crow. Surprisingly, it tastes like 'taters instead of chicken.


A Hokie fan eats his crow. Surprisingly, it tastes like 'taters instead of chicken.

And let the media hate begin


Jesus...the game isn't even 8 hours old and Matt Hayes from The Sporting News writes this garbage. It almost makes you wonder if the BCS gurus have some of the media writers in their pockets.

The Sporting News Preview of the BSU/VaTech Game


Also, here is a link to the AccuScore game forecast. Can't believe gameday is here finally! God...I need some Tums...

Gutter snipes galore!


Not sure if this guy is being serious, but if he is...wow. Just wow. And another of the typical BSU haters...

Oh, oh! The Vandals got vandalized!


Could it be that the WAC Commissioner's office is repossessing stuff to finance the WAC's survival? LOL Too BW funny!

2 new candidates for PE#1


Mssrs. Fiutak and Cirminiello of CFN. I'd include Herbie, but we all know he's a BCS-appolgistic moron.

Link to the SI BSU article


Courtesy of our good friends at KTVB.

Pass me the crack pipe. I could write a better top-25 than this twit can.


By far THE worst top-25 I've seen thusfar this year. I think an untrained monkey could put together a better top-25 than this "college football analyst" at the four-letter network. All I can say to sum it up is....wow. Just wow.

BSU in the national title hunt


Nice write-up on Coach Pete, Kellen and BSU recruiting.

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