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BSU @ #7 in this poll! What?!?


Not sure if this was posted earlier by someone else. If so...my appologies. Slow day of work for me. LOL And who's ahead of BSU? Two teams BSU beat last year that had better returning players: TCU (#3) and Oregon (#5). Also ahead of BSU that's questionable: Oklahoma (#4) (who lost to BYU who was bushwacked by TCU who lost to BSU) and Miami (#6). Rounding out the top 7 are the number 1 and 2 teams: Alabama (#1) and Ohio St. (#2). This Joey Johnston guy must be covered in tarballs to think this top 7 makes any sense. The only sensible ones are #1 and #2. The rest? I think Kevan's 1 year old prognosticator could do better.

More blog fodder for Mikrino to play with


HAHAHAHAHA! This reminds me just how delusional, arrogant & error-prone 'Bama twits can be. Enjoy!

Talk about a lack of respect!


Could it be that this is the new forum Mikrino gets permabanned from? LOL

Here's a writer that thinks Kellen has a serious and legitimate shot at the Heisman


Just happened upon this visiting a BSU forum I hadn't been to before on the Rivals website. I hope all the breaks and cards and whatnot go Kellen and BSU's way. You can't deny that luck will play a big factor in Kellen winning the Heisman and BSU making it to the National Championship Game should the team be undefeated. I may need to buy stock in Tums. I can already feel an ulcer forming.

BSU receivers featured on the front page of the Rivals.com CFB website


Listed as a dynamic duo in the receiver category. Can't say that I disagree. Scroll down to the bottom and we own the WAC duo categories. /score!

Could we see the blue at away games?


"1. The World Cup, the biggest sporting event on the globe, allows two teams on the same pitch to wear different colored jerseys. Spain wore blue, Paraguay wore red and white, and everyone knew the difference. The NCAA Football Rules Committee didn’t decide until last year that the visiting team no longer must wear white. Even then, it allows the home team to veto the visitors’ apparel choice. Why? Change the rule. Here’s hoping more teams wear their colors on the road." Personally I say yes. I've never been a big fan of white away jerseys. The only caveat to this would be if the home team also has blue jerseys. I say BSU should wear their blues for the VaTech game definitely.

Early, early odds


I nabbed this from MWConnection here on SBNation. Not a whole lot of BSU games are listed, but the ones that are listed are somewhat eye-catching. BSU/VaTech: BSU -2.5 OreSt/BSU: BSU -14 LaTech/BSU: BSU -28 Fresno/BSU: BSU -20 BSU/UNR: BSU -13 The ones here that surprise me are the VaTech and LaTech odds. I'd have figured they'd have us listed as underdogs for the VaTech game since that's a defacto home game for them. For LaTech, 28 points??? Wow...they must not have seen the game last year and feel overly confident we can cover that many points. LOL I mean we should...but still....28 points? LOL

Not that it matters a whole heck of a lot considering the source, but BSU is #1 in this pre-season poll


At least someone using some common sense here. The guy drops Alabama down a spot due to all the losses on D. Pretty fair, IMO.

Boise at #10 for worst CFB uniforms


Not sure exactly when this article was posted, but I'm bored and felt like posting it. :) Anyway, I can think of a couple other schools that have worse uniforms than BSU does. Idaho Vandals are the first to come to mind, especially the Idaho "buttlogo" Vandals. LOL

BSU season preview and game vs. VaTech up on CFN

This is the team preview and this is the game preview. Both are decent, but the game preview seems to pretty much be a rehash of the season review. At least it sounded really familiar to me.

Pettis is #12


Per Graham. It makes me wonder if there's any other receivers on her "list" who are ranked higher.

Utah's move is official


The move for them begs the question...why in 2011 and not 2012 like Colorado? Could it be a early move to keep the MWC out of contention for an auto-bid?


Boredom at work + wandering thoughts = realignment conspiracy theory

In today's college football landscape, conference realignment is the hottest trend going.  Nary is the day that some sort of "breaking news" in the college sports world doesn't reference the...

Irony or coincidence?


Idaho scientists find the fabled Palouse Earthworm. I find it hillarious and ironic that in the same 12 month period they find this earthworm, reputedly measuring up to 3ft. in length and the UI football team has a winning record. Could they be one and the same creature? Quite possibly! Both live in a dark and musty lair. Both are rarely ever seen. Both are considered somewhat endangered. The one that was caught, earthworm not winning team, measured like 9 inches. Isn't that about the length of Akey's 'stache? Could THAT be the fabled Palouse Earthworm? All 3 spit when threatened. Oh the hillariousness!

CFN is at it...AGAIN


I gotta wonder why I continue to read any stories from their website. I've RARELY heard anything positive about BSU from their "experts". I'm still trying to figure out if this is an out-and-out slap in the face or not. "Head coach Chris Petersen can talk all he wants to about winning the next game and not thinking about the possibilities, but enough is enough. If Boise State wants to wear the big boy pants and be considered among the five best teams in America this preseason, then it has to play the part, do a little self promoting, sell the phenomenal streak of success both in WAC play, at home, and in the BCS, sell the fact that everyone back."

Wow...did the Humanitarian Bowl just downgrade to the International Bowl level or what???


I mean c'mon! Seriously...signing the MAC to a 4 year contract? I seriously hope that BSU doesn't ever have to play in the Humanitarian Bowl in the next 4 years. It'll be a slap in the face to everything we've accomplished. The board of execs at the Humanitarian Bowl must be trying to kill this bowl.

2 and 1


Bleacher Report's "50 Burning Questions for the 2010 Season" likes BSU's chances of going undefeated and Kellen's chances of becoming the first non-BCS Heisman winner. BUT they don't think BSU will make it to the championship game. They take the SEC champ and OSU (even w/ a loss) over an undefeated BSU squad. Fair? No. Typical? Absolutely.

Another BSU-Butler comparison article--CFN-style!


Of the 4 guys writing in the round-table article, 1 appeared very pro-BSU, 1 was semi-pro-play-off and the other 2 were the typical pro-BCS format stances.

Getting more love from major media


Andy Staples seems enthralled with BSU's chances of making the National Championship. But let's keep in mind that he's flip-flopped on his like/dislike of BSU over the last few years. Regardless, it's proving that BSU is slowly winning the belief and support of those that a few short years ago mocked BSU's chances at beating major BCS opponents. My favorite part of the article? But for once, the fact that the BCS is a popularity contest will work in Boise State's favor. Boise State is popular. The Broncos will start next season ranked in the top five of most major polls. Boise State is a brand, and that's half the battle right there.


Could this work as a play-off?

So I was perusing the CBSSportsline CFB forums and came across this thread challenging someone to come up with a feasible play-off format.  I'd been contemplating just this type of deal for some...

ESPN Podcast: Why the BB tourney format wouldn't work with CFB, or...Walking Lockstep with the Greedmongers


Typical BCS thought-train in this podcast with Maisel and Beano Cook. ALMOST turns my stomach. No one watches the regular season BB games? Well, duh! there are so many games people lose interest. And throw in the fact that for each team, there's more than twice the amount of games as there is for the typical FB team means that there's more flexibility in losing with basketball than there is with football. And they say that comparing the two is apples and oranges. Well no crap. Tons more teams in Div 1 basketball than there is in FBS football.

Jason Robinson charged with aggravated assault


Suspended Bronco safety accused of breaking a man's jaw in an altercation. Robinson was arrested Monday, posted bond, and now awaits a hearing on March 23. Was this the cause of the suspension?

BSU OOC games ranked #1 and #6


Obviously the VaTech and Oregon St. games. Sure...it's from the bleacher report, but I followed a link to the article from CBSSportsline.com website.


BSU's Fiesta win goes international

Ok...so yesterday I was flying over to Germany (Uncle Sam is sending me over here for 3 years). I'm sitting there in the Frankfurt, Germany airport waiting on my re-booked flight sporting a BSU...

This would be a HUGE slap in the face of all that is dear and holy


"I would assume like in most in years, a Boise State or any highly ranked team that gets left out of the BCS, it is going to want to play the best available team," said Little Caesars Pizza Bowl and International Bowl Executive Director Ken Hoffman. "The Mid-American Conference is going to have a couple of them that are very good, in particular Central Michigan, Temple and Ohio are likely to have strong records and likely ranked at that point." Seriously, this would be an affront to me as a Bronco fan. I, for one, have never watched any of these bowls because, let's be serious, they've never had any teams worth watching. I'd rather BSU sat home for the bowl season or play a craptastic MWC team. That way, we could pound the snot out of the MWC. There would be SOME satisfaction in that. The bowls listed in the article are some of the lowest grossing bowls, I believe. I dunno, maybe I'm sounding more like an elite BCS-type team, but I think it's justly deserved. These are 2nd/3rd tier bowls and are typically relegated with barely-.500 teams. As a fan, why would I want my team playing flash-in-the-pan teams like Central Michigan, Ohio or Temple. Thoughts? Comments?

WAC Conference Survey


BSU has the rudest fans for visitors? Uh...yeah...ok... Anyway, it's an interesting tidbit of info to read about.


Where will you be?

So...where's everyone watching the game from? I'll probably be in the SEZ, popping Norco (generic Vicodin) since I had knee surgery this past Friday, and cheering the guys on.


Head-to-head results mean more to some

This is why I like Stewart Mandell, for the most part.

As much as I dislike Andy Staples


I'll give him his due this week. He's one of the few AP voters to come out publicly and say that he values head-to-head results in how he votes.


A shot at the NC game?

I submitted this on the WAC board on the Scout.com forums and want y'alls 2 Abraham Lincolns on this.  (Edited to appropriately apply more to this website.  Also added additional thoughts.)

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