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Been a Bronco fan since I was little, still remember getting a H-Bowl shirt from the BSU vs. UTEP H-bowl. I'd say the two biggest Bronco watching moments since then, at least moments that stick out to me as "whoa we're gonna be good moments" happed seeing BSU beat TCU in the Fort Worth Bowl on TV and then attending Fiesta Bowl 1 years later sitting in the corner where all the game ending magic happened. Still working on getting alumni status but I'm a Bronco for life!

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Andre 3000 thinks blue on blue is an advantage, boycott Outkast! 4:48-5:00 min. mark


Andre 3000 thinks blue on blue is an advantage, boycott Outkast! 4:48-5:00 min. mark


Still Excited about BSU Hoops

Many of you probably know at this point that Long Beach State of the Big West took down #9 Pitt this week.  They had received a few votes in the polls last week but it doesn't look like they'll be...

I know we're all trying to move on but I found this video to be somewhat healing. It's a missed...


I know we're all trying to move on but I found this video to be somewhat healing. It's a missed field goal from 2004 vs. BYU. If you're still having nightmares of pigskins flying wide right you may not want to watch. BYU's kicker, Matt Payne, came into this game as one of the best field goal kickers in the nation. It was his senior year and he was up for the Lou Groza award. BYU lined up to kick a 38 yarder into the same uprights our Dan kicked into last Saturday. Matt had kicked a 53 yarder against USC earlier that year but Matt sailed this one high and left sparing us a loss. This was a huge win for Dan Hawkins and our Broncos. We were super lucky he floated this one, this should have been an easy one for him. We celebrated like crazy at his misfortune (notice one of those celebrating players running off the field, prolific Boise State tweeter Gerald Alexander) and finished the regular season perfect and faced off against Louisville in the Liberty Bowl. This just reminded me of a game that went our way on a missed FG, oddly in almost the same field position on The Blue. Watching that and remembering that excitement helped me heal even more from last week. If I was superstitious I'd think last week was payment for BYU's missed FG in 2004 haha

Shoemaker Nominated for College Walk-on of the Year


Ok that's not the real name of the award, it's the Brandon Burlsworth Trophy and it's a new award given annually to the nation's best college football player that began his career as a walk-on. Fan voting starts 11/22 GO SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEE


What Mid-Major Conferences Win Out?

With all the mid major realignment soon to happen, the MWC, WAC, and CUSA are going to have to figure their stuff out.  With BSU, AFA, UCF, Houston, and SMU heading to the Big East the mid major...

Better start marinating those frog legs


Better start marinating those frog legs

BYU does some funny BYU CFB cartoons, they include BSU in this week's. They don't seem to see to...


BYU does some funny BYU CFB cartoons, they include BSU in this week's. They don't seem to see to much depth in the BE pool... This surprises me.

Still Getting Praise from the Dawgs


Couple cool quotes from a UGA presser today: After a reporter asked about Boise State, which seems forgotten in the debate over whetther there could or should be an LSU-Alabama rematch for the BCS title, Richt said: "The system hasn't played out, it's just a bunch of guys talking about what could happen," Richt said. "I think Boise State can line up against anybody in America and have a realistic shot at winning." Vince Dooley, former UGA head coach and athletic director who brought home 6 SEC titles and a natty joined Richt in addressing the media (He's an Auburn grad and UGA plays Auburn this week). This is what he said: "I do think that they [Georgia] didn't play well against Boise State. But if we played Boise State four times I'm not sure, maybe we'll beat them once," Dooley said. "But Boise State is good. Really good. And not just the quarterback, their defense is good. And they deserve to be where they are. ... I think after the South Carolina game there was confidence that 'Hey, we [UGA] can play in this league.'"


The Worst Students on Campus

Our Broncos head back to The Blue this weekend and with them comes the Second Edition of "The Worst Students on Campus."   A few weeks back I was pretty lit about the lack of respect some current...

Cool New TV Spot for BSU. I love what Kustra has done here, we really are dedicating a lot to...


Cool New TV Spot for BSU. I love what Kustra has done here, we really are dedicating a lot to research. Only a matter of time before the rest of the nation catches on.

Boise State Makes ESPN Photo Caption Contest This was the winning caption, other noted...


Boise State Makes ESPN Photo Caption Contest This was the winning caption, other noted funnies: We're going to need way more oats for these road trips No wonder they're lagging behind. They still use snail mail... It says here that the new Big East will "only" include teams east of the Pacific Ocean..... Do they give frequent flyer miles? Look honey, we just won the Nigerian Lottery! It says here that we could be the glue that holds the conference together... that's probably not good. Not a chance. I guess the grass ISN'T always bluer on the other side of the fence! It's true. Luck does run out of a horseshoe when you hang it the wrong way . . . this was supposed to be from the Pac 12. It'll give us a whole new group of people to use the "Idaho?, No, you da ho" joke on. Wait, why is our lawn green? Remind me to fire our landscapers. Why not the Big East, we're not from Kentucky, yet we have Bluegrass. This all started with that airline slogan: You Are Now Free to Move About the Country... DING. "You may already be a winner", Well thats an understatment! It says, "Go East, young mare..." Dear Suitable Competitor? Ain't that a kick in the feed bag... I'm really holding out for the NFC West invite. Same competition level, but closer to home.

Coach Pete likes new $2,000 Player Stipend Rule


and thinks the new APR rule will affect us negatively. Coach Pete Press Conference Audio at above link In response to Nick's question in the Wake up, Bronco Nation links and things Coach Pete makes it sound like we'll be on the have's side. Coach Pete mentions that there are a large number of kids on the team from middle class backgrounds that really need this money. If he's for it then I'll change my tune. On the new APR rules he feels like it may drive our competitors into our recruiting pools (pools deep with good students). I can see low APR schools following behind high APR schools looking for good recruits with high grades. Sucks to be Stanford... After listening to Coach Pete's comments do you feel better about these rules? I sure do.

I just want to thank OBNUG for being OBNUG


I can't tell you how many times in the past twelve months I've wandered through BYU Football Forum CougarBoard.com and seen postings from fans mentioning what they heard from their friends with inside information about invitations from Big-12/Pac-12/Big East coming and BYU accepting these invitations. That site is in a sad state of affairs. I'm grateful for all the quality content posted on here. Sure, we may dream a little bit and get talking about this stuff but for the most part we're void of aggravating rumors that lack credibility and stocked on quality viewpoints and facts. Whether this is because we are the best fanbase in America or we're just scared of getting Mr. Fiskared I don't know, but thank you all! Proud to bleed blue and orange and nuggie it up with ya'll! Disclaimer: I mostly troll CougarBoard to defend BSU when needed, lots of BSU haters down there in Utah.

Opening the Season vs. BSU=Winning your Conference?


This article is about the Dawgs 5 game win streak and the high possibility they might get into the SEC Championship. South Carolina is the only one that could prevent them from taking the SEC East and we all know who they just lost. With games vs. Arkansas and Florida Arkansas has a tough row to hoe without Lattimore. So a little speculation, assuming UGA wins the SEC East and recognizing that that's as good as a conference championship (or at least realizing this is what the media thinks), does Boise State get some credit for this. Take a look at our past couple home openers: 2009 - Oregon PAC-10 Champ 2010 - VTech ACC Champ and dare I say 2011 - UGA SEC East Champ Anyone think that being exposed by Boise State gives these guys early film to help them improve better and faster than if they had started their season vs. Weber or Idaho State? SO GLAD we haven't done that since 2008 and hope we NEVER do that again! All in all its great to see the UGA fans feeling better! I respect them a lot and happy for them. Obviously every win helps us in the 'puters too! Lets hope they take it to the SEC Title Game and give 'Bama/LSU a run for their money!


Gameday Parking Info

Boise State sent this out today, good info to prepare you for Gameday parking this weekend. Go Broncos!  Note that University Drive will be CLOSED from 9:15-10:45 for the Homecoming Parade!  OBNUG...

Pitt and Syracuse in BE through 2014


If Boise State gets an invite and joins that means at least two seasons of stability and a 14 team league for those years. The decision to say yes to an invite just seams like a no-brainer if we aren't involved in any B12 discussions. I think Kustra is doing a great job here, holding off on talk about accepting the BE invite. We may be talking B12 invites in the next few weeks. THIS STUFF IS CRAZY

"..regionalism is pretty much over," Connecticut President Susan Herbst said before she and the...


"..regionalism is pretty much over," Connecticut President Susan Herbst said before she and the CEOs of other Big East schools resumed efforts Monday night to preserve the struggling conference.


Student Ticket Scalping Makes Me Laugh

For other students who don't get their tickets it probably ticks them off.  I'm going to start a new fanpost series entitled "The Worst Students on Campus."  Welcome to the First Edition!

Bryan Harsin calls up the Statue of Liberty for a TD in Texas' loss to OKState on Saturday, it...


Bryan Harsin calls up the Statue of Liberty for a TD in Texas' loss to OKState on Saturday, it still works.

How did a BSU vs. CSU recap wind up at www.barowparentsagainstbullying.org??? I love the fact that...


How did a BSU vs. CSU recap wind up at www.barowparentsagainstbullying.org??? I love the fact that it's found under the section, "Bullying in the News" lol! They must have some sort of filter looking for bullying headlines. This came from http://www.thenewstribune.com/2011/10/16/1867029/newcomer-boise-state-an-instant.html

BASKETBALL: Less than a month from 1st TIPOFF!


It's going to be a tough year, we owe it to coach Rice to support this team. We've got tons of potential but without fan support NOW that potential may never be realized and even if it is we won't enjoy it as much, having not watched these young players develop. Great article by Nick, BSU's go to guy for all things Basketball. Plenty of new faces as Boise State opens men's basketball practice Technically, the Boise State men’s basketball program doesn’t have tryouts for its scholarship players. Yet when the Broncos officially open practice Friday, the workouts will have the feel of a tryout as nine newcomers and six returners try to carve out their roles for the program’s first season in the Mountain West. "When you have a team like this, everything is a tryout," coach Leon Rice said. "Even the guys who played last year are trying out to see how many minutes they’ll play this year. We don’t know. I’ve never had a team with this many question marks." The questions stem from losing seven seniors from last season’s team that finished second in the WAC and advanced to the College Basketball Invitational semifinals. Replacing them are seven freshmen and a pair of junior college transfers. "We’re really convinced that they’re all going to be very good — you just don’t know when," Rice said. "For some of them, it might be two months from now. For some, it might be two years from now. "We feel if we can keep this group together and keep them working hard and improving every day ... in time we can have something special." Outside expectations for this season are low. The Broncos were picked to finish last in the Mountain West. "It’s humbling," senior guard Wes Perryman said. "But it’s motivation for us to keep working hard and getting better so we can prove we’re better than eighth." Rice said he expects some freshmen to use redshirt seasons but those decisions won’t be made for a few weeks. The Broncos play their lone exhibition game Nov. 8 against Colorado-Colorado Springs and open the season Nov. 11 against Colorado Christian.

This Weekend's Recruiting Visits


C 10 Grant Bays (Oceanside HS) Oceanside, CA 6-3/290 High Interest CB 55 Donte Deayon (Summit HS) Fontana, CA 5-10/165 Verbal RB 71 Devan Demas (Cypress Creek HS) Houston, TX 5-9/165 Verbal

"Fanquaking" at Nevada Game


From Boise State's Update: When the Broncos execute their groundbreaking — or at least earth-shaking — plays during Saturday’s match-up against Nevada, Boise State geosciences students will be on hand to capture and measure crowd excitement. Seismic football also will be part of the pre-game and game-time action. From 10 a.m.-noon, geosciences professor Kasper VanWijk and several graduate and undergraduate students will be on hand on the patio of Boise State’s Environmental Research Building to explain how a newly built seismometer that utilizes a blue and orange bowling ball measures vibrations both above and below ground. The team then will set up near the south end zone during the game to record seismic waves generated by the crowd. During past measurements, interceptions proved to draw the most earth-shaking reactions from the crowd, surpassing even touchdowns. "The football game provides us a tremendous outreach opportunity to show what we’re doing at Boise State and create excitement for geosciences," VanWijk said. "The seismometers are fun, like toys, but they also are precise instruments that pick up earthquakes from around the world." Boise State faculty and students have been building seismometers for about five years. Through the Bronco Stadium experiments, students learn to use instruments in field research and collect subsurface information relevant to detailed mapping of earthquake hazards. Members of the university’s Geophysics Club and Boise State Football Seismology Team have presented data collected at Bronco Stadium at academic conferences. Boise State students also have built seismometers for a handful of K-12 schools around the region and plan to begin building 30-50 of the machines per year by next year to be given to schools around the country.

Doug Marin: NFL Prospect


Good article, their only beef is staright line speed. Impression: Martin isn’t a dynamic size/speed back, but there aren’t many negatives to his game as a back. He plays fast, runs low, is natural through the line of scrimmage and has a skill set somewhat similar to former Alabama RB Mark Ingram last year. He might fall a bit because he doesn’t run overly well, but he has the skill set to start in the league.

Tulsa Excuses: Blue Turf Advantage

Coach Blankenship and QB G.J. Kinne use the blue turf as an excuse to their sloppy QB play. Sure it wasn't the fact G.J. couldn't run worth a darn and is still hurting?? Until Rocky Long I hadn't heard someone who actually played on the blue turf complain about it being an unfair advantage. Head coach Bill Blankenship said Boise's all-blue uniforms made it confusing against the background of the blue turf. "The last was a bad throw. If you look at film, G.J. saw the safety roll back to the middle of the field, thought he was gone and when he threw the ball, didn't see him redirect and come back to the sideline. That's probably why they wear blue jerseys with blue helmets and blue uniforms. I think there's a reason the Mountain West (Conference) won't allow them to wear blue at home." G.J. Kinne agreed "I know there's a reason they don't get to wear 'em in (Mountain West Conference games). I've never experienced anything like that. It was definitely different."

BSU Challenges Nevada in Canned Food Drive

Looks like we've challenged Nevada to see who can donate more canned food.  Get this straight Bronco Nation, we must absolutely crush them in this as well as on the field.  UNR shouldn't walk away...

Coach Pete is Awesome: Pete's Punt Return Drills

Said Potter: "You go into the game and you have that comfort out there knowing that you’ve just got to catch the ball clean. You have both your hands. There’s no squirt gun coming at you." Gotta read this, I love Coach Pete!

First ever MWC logo on a corn maze??


First ever MWC logo on a corn maze??


MWC AQ Status Granting Process

Brian Murphy has been doing some great digging recently. He should stick to covering conference realignments.BCS director explains process for Mountain West waiver process   The Mountain West can...

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