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Been a Bronco fan since I was little, still remember getting a H-Bowl shirt from the BSU vs. UTEP H-bowl. I'd say the two biggest Bronco watching moments since then, at least moments that stick out to me as "whoa we're gonna be good moments" happed seeing BSU beat TCU in the Fort Worth Bowl on TV and then attending Fiesta Bowl 1 years later sitting in the corner where all the game ending magic happened. Still working on getting alumni status but I'm a Bronco for life!

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MWC in talks with C-USA about merger, invites to B12/BE leftovers


Basically keeping as many options as possible over. The hair better not mess this up. We look to be in a good position in the midst of all this.

Boise State fans living in Texas now have another outlet to proclaim their residency in Bronco...


Boise State fans living in Texas now have another outlet to proclaim their residency in Bronco Nation. Specialty license plates featuring the words "Boise State" and the Bronco athletic logo are now available from My Plates at www.myplates.com/register/boise. Or contact My Plates by phone at (888) 769-7528. To sweeten the pot, Texans who order their plates by Oct. 31 are qualified to win their purchase price back. The Boise State Alumni Association will select the most creative personalized message from all entries in the Drive With Pride Kick-off Contest.

Schlabach has sweet Big 12 expansion scenario including BSU

Big 12 For the second time in just over a year, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe is desperately trying to keep his league intact. Texas A&M is apparently leaving for the SEC, while Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech are flirting with departing for the Pac-12. Can the Big 12 move on without them? As long as Texas stays, the Big 12 can survive. Houston: The Cougars, who compete in Conference USA, would seem like a natural replacement for Texas A&M and would deliver the Houston TV market. Houston was a member of the now-defunct Southwest Conference, along with current Big 12 members Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech and Texas A&M. The Cougars also have raised about $60 million of the $85 million needed to finance a new football stadium. SMU: The Mustangs were a former SWC member and are finally recovering from the effects of being leveled by the NCAA's death penalty in 1987. SMU athletic director Steve Orsini has already lobbied Big 12 officials to replace the Aggies, and SMU president R. Gerald Turner said the Mustangs are ready to join any AQ conference that wants to tap the Dallas-Fort Worth market. SMU plays in Conference USA and boasts of having about 40,000 alumni living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. TCU: The Horned Frogs are set to move from the Mountain West to the Big East next season, but wouldn't joining the Big 12 be more attractive to them? The Frogs seem out of place in the Big East because of geography and might be interested in joining a revamped Big 12. TCU won at least 10 games in five of the past six seasons under coach Gary Patterson and is the defending Rose Bowl champion. Prominent Oklahoma State booster T. Boone Pickens told The Oklahoman newspaper this month that Oklahoma and Texas are opposed to inviting TCU join the Big 12. Air Force: The Falcons, who play in the Mountain West, are reportedly being considered as a replacement for Texas A&M. Air Force would allow the Big 12 to regain some footing in the Denver TV market. Even if it joined the Big 12, Air Force could still compete for the Commander-In-Chief's Trophy by playing Army and Navy in nonconference games each season. Boise State: The Broncos, who left the WAC to join the Mountain West this season, are 62-5 over the past six seasons and have won two BCS bowl games since 2006. If the Big 12 went back to playing in two divisions, which OU and Texas are opposed to doing, there would be at least one really competitive team in the Big 12 North. BYU: The Cougars left the Mountain West to become an independent this season, but a chance to join an AQ league might entice them to join the Big 12. Adding the Salt Lake City market would be an added bonus for the Big 12.

Nick Patti's Thoughts After Attending UGA Game


The Orlando Sentinel catches up with Nick after his trip to Atlanta with his parents to see Kellen Moore's open field surgery on the Bulldogs. He had quarterbacked his high school to victory the night before so it sounds like he had a great weekend. An excerpt: "I was impressed, but it didn't surprise me one bit. Boise has all the ingredients to be successful." "Kellen is the real deal and he's an even better guy," Patti said. "I hope I can follow that as well as I possibly can. "We've developed a pretty good relationship and I know he's a guy who never wants to stop proving himself. That's the kind of mentality Boise State takes as a team." Nick Patti basked in Boise State victory

Maryland goes BSU for home opener


Maryland goes BSU for home opener

"Dear Brandon, I don't kick the ball" Sincerely Coach Petersen That's Boise State coach having...


"Dear Brandon, I don't kick the ball" Sincerely Coach Petersen That's Boise State coach having fun, he goes on to say if he did he'd shank it out of bounds. I don't think those are the kinds of kicks Boykin wants... It's gameweek fellas!!!!!!!!! You know I'll be sad after this is all over, we've had some awesome visitors over at OBNUG, mad respect and appreciation to you guys for the insight and fun you've brought. GO BRONCOS

Coach Pete to Georgia kickoff returner: "'I don't kick the ball'

If you can't tell I'm all about these BSU wraps (First the "Fire up the Blue" firetruck, then the...


If you can't tell I'm all about these BSU wraps (First the "Fire up the Blue" firetruck, then the Boise State NASCAR wrap, and now: AIR VAN'S NEW BSU TRAILER TO BE RELEASED AFTER COACH PETE PRESSER 8/29 I'm posting this for the content of the press release, not because of the pic (because obviously that's an old one if the new one hasn't been released). "After the press event, Air Van Moving will be preparing and loading the trailer for a 2,200 mile trip to the Chick-fil-A kickoff classic game in Atlanta, Georgia." Yes BroncoNation, the 29th is Monday and yes we really are that close to gameday!!!!!

NIKE Boise State Pro Combat Jerseys Unveiled Thursday!


FINALLY!!!! This is all Cripe says: "Nike says it will unveil the Broncos’ uniforms for the season opener on Thursday" Where?? I thought UGA did a great job publicizing their unveiling, especially trafficking people to their websites. Wonder if BSU will capitalize.

Boise State's Nascar car, courtesy of Boise native Brian Scott. The car will debut at the Great...


Boise State's Nascar car, courtesy of Boise native Brian Scott. The car will debut at the Great Clips 300 in Atlanta on September 3. Full story courtesy of Brian Murphy.

MWC Conference Bball Preview


Lots of BSU mention, excited to see where our bball program goes!

Yahoo! Sports catches up with IJ


It's a nice read, I really hope for him this time around but know whatever happens he will still be "that guy!" One really really good "that guy!" I remember seeing him on campus and getting a smile and a head nod, I'll always respect him for being a cool and friendly dude.

Kustra for Gov??


Now I can't believe Dan Popkey would speculate that Gene's firing was purely a political move to put Kustra in the spotlight however, I've thought President Kustra wouldn't be around for that much longer. Since Kustra was a 2011 People's Champion Nominee (He got 12% of the vote and was a distant runner up to Pat Forde) I thought this should be posted. In light of the Gene firing do you think Bronco Nation would vote Kustra for Governor solely because of what he's done at Boise State? This is probably the only time we can justify talking politics on OBNUG, at least until Kellen runs for Prez! Here's a link to more complete reasoning on this topic: I love how Popkey always blogs about other people's blogs Idaho State Journal Posting

BSU out, BYU in as America's Underdog (Beware BleacherReport Link)


Thought you guys would like this, even though its a bleacher report. Only problem with this: BSU will beat BYU 3 out of 4 times over the next five years so that'll hinder this trumping...

SBOE Stalls Expansion Phase 1


Guess they are having qualms with the parking plans, seriously they care about parking? Parking sucks, it's college football. Plus BSU opens the other half of the Lincoln Parking Garage soon, that's plenty more parking. Hope this isn't a huge delay...

Bronco Welcome Week Events (Free T-Shirt Opportunity)


Noteable events to Nuggies: Saturday, Aug. 20 Chick-fil-A Spirit Day. Noon-2 p.m. Student Union Patio and Intramural Field. Get fired up for the Sept. 3 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, Boise State v. Georgia. Lots of food, fun and games. Boise State Football Scrimmage. 7 p.m. Bronco Stadium. Welcome to Bronco Nation. Preview the 2011 Bronco Football team as they prepare for their first season in the Mountain West Conference. The fall scrimmage is open to the public. Tuesday, Aug. 23 Transfer T-Shirt Trade. Noon-3 p.m. Excellence Bell (next to the Intramural Field). Are you a transfer student who is still wearing your old Vandals shirt? Whether you’re starting this fall or you transferred to Boise State years ago, this event is for you. Bring a wearable T-shirt bearing the name of your former college (or your wife's, roomate's or vandal loving neighbor's) and trade it in for a brand new, completely free Boise State T-shirt. Letting go can be difficult — that is until you realize how much better you look in orange and blue. Wednesday, Aug. 24 Touch the Turf Challenge. 5-7 p.m. Bronco Stadium. Got a minute (and 100 yards) to win-it? Just like the popular NBC game show, this contest promises edge-of-your-seat excitement. Each contestant who successfully completes all 10 challenges will be eligible to win fabulous prizes. For demos of the games click here and get in shape to win it in a minute on the famous blue turf. Enter through the northwest gate, near the Caven-Williams Sports Complex. Cosponsored by Bronco Athletics and University Health and Recreation Services. Friday, Aug. 26 Bronco Pride Spirit Rally. 12:30-12:45 p.m. Albertsons Library. Go Orange! Go Big Blue! Cheer on the Keith Stein Blue Thunder Marching Band as they march across the Boise State campus to perform in the library.

"If the coaches [or videographers] in the press box can't see the players, why would fans in the...


"If the coaches [or videographers] in the press box can't see the players, why would fans in the luxury seats pay thousands of dollars to not be able to see the players? " Saw this on a board on espn.com. Any luxury box holders that can chime in? I thought that was a pretty vaild point..


Homefield Edges: Boise State ties for best Homefield Edge

Phil Steele ranks Boise State alongside Oklahoma and Oregon as best homefield edge.  One has to raise the question, did he take into account the blue unis?  We all know what Rocky Long thinks.

You tell em Kellen! Moore on the BSU uni issue

Quarterback Kellen Moore was a little more pointed with his comments on the whole argument that it is hard to see Boise State player when they wear the same color uniform as their field turf. "I could not see my receivers," Moore deadpanned. "I guess if people are really concerned about it, we got them right where we want them. "I think that’s 100 percent psychological." He totally goes Coach Pete on these guys (bold text a slight variation of Pete's response to OSU painting their practice field blue last year).

Richt thought Moore would be graduated by Sept. 3rd


This is pretty funny: Richt said he got one more piece of information that helped him make the decision to play[Boise State]. "Our athletic director, Greg McGarity, had told me that Boise State was a possible opponent and said that Kellen Moore was going to be gone. He was a senior. He was leaving. And so I believed him," Richt said, laughing. "We set the game up, and afterward, I looked at the depth chart and realized he had another year to go. I was hoping he was going to turn pro. He didn’t."

Nick Patti Week Continues


Or should I say Elite 11 week continues... Eh, same thing "Nick Patti, Orlando (Fla.) Dr. Phillips, Boise State commit The smallest prospect at the event, Patti looked to have the biggest arm on Tuesday. When other quarterbacks were laboring late in the day to sniff the target on the deep ball in the accuracy competition, Patti was effortless in his attempts. He also was very good throwing on the run and outside the pocket, not losing any zip on the football. Throwing alongside current Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore, it became apparent that Patti’s stature shouldn’t keep him from achieving plenty of success under Chris Peterson."

Patti finds home at Boise State


More Patti lovin from Yahoo Sports. Akin to the ESPN write up posted earlier today but with a couple different blue and orange nuggets thrown in. I like this quote from Patti: "Our recruiting class is really shaping up and you see it more and more with the guys committing. It’s a bunch of guys saying, ‘We’re going to Boise and we’re going to show them what’s up.’ It’s kind of cool. It’s unique."

Bball Recruit Interview on 6th Place World Finish and 1pt. Loss to Team USA


He name drops Boise State and averaged 15.4 points per game during the U19 World Championships. I'm saying it, BSU takes a MWC Bball Championship at some point in the next 4 years.

More Conference Realignments Inevitable?


A Flordia Sports Editor, Chet Fussman, makes the prediction sound pretty good. How much is our MWC exit fee again? "Texas’ decision to stay put kept the Big 12 afloat, but for how much longer? The conference has already been weakened by the departures of Nebraska and Colorado, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Texas A&M leave in the not-too-distant future for the athletic riches of the SEC, even if Texas stays in the Big 12. And if the Aggies come, the SEC will likely raid somebody else — most likely the ACC — to add other schools. The mad scramble will begin anew. The timeline is difficult to measure, but three or four superconferences will eventually become reality. So will a football playoff system. There’s too much money being left on the table and too much dissatisfaction with the current postseason format."

SI on BSU Basketball: BSU the Next St. Mary's?


"The Broncos have already signed two of the best Aussie U19 prospects: 6-foot-5 wing Anthony Drmic, the tournament's third-leading scorer at 19.0 points per game on 53.1 percent three-point shooting, and 6-5 shooting guard Igor Hadziomerovic, who's averaging 12.6 points on 42.9 percent long-range shooting. Second-year Boise State coach Leon Rice was losing seven seniors off last year's team, and turned to the AIS talent pool -- which he'd seen feed key players such as Patty Mills and Dellavedova to St. Mary's during his 11 years as a Gonzaga assistant -- for help. "We had a need," Rice said, "for guys who could come in and make an immediate impact." Assistant coach Jeff Linder was able to identify Drmic and Hadziomerovic in Australia well before their breakout performances at the U19, paying a visit to AIS in 2010. The Broncos have since promoted former director of basketball operations John Rillie, an Australian who played at Gonzaga and then professionally in his home country, to a full-time assistant. He was the first college coach I spotted at the airport on the way into Riga, wearing an orange Boise State shirt, and the U19 tournament was one of his first recruiting assignments since the promotion. (Australian team members said that at least two other players, injured point guard Mitchell Norton and center Andrija Dumovic, were also being courted by the Broncos.) Should Drmic and Hadziomerovic play as well in the Mountain West next season as they have in Riga, the Boise brand should gain even more traction among Aussie recruits. They're aware that it's known as a blue-turf football school, but, Drmic said, "We're going to change that. We're starting something new there." Starting Boise on the path, perhaps, to becoming the next St. Mary's.

CBSSports Blog Pondering Future Moves to Independance


(on independance day) Boise State is one of the teams mentioned

CBSSports on Coach Rice and his Leading Scorer Recruit


For everyone who missed my FanShot last week about this incoming Bronco Basketball player, I feel bad for you... Because this is exciting stuff!!! Don't take me for a basketball die hard but I've never been this excited about BSU Basketball. Thats not really saying much because I didn't think you could even be excited about Bronco Basketball until last year... Thank you New Coach, New Energy This is an awesome write up by CBSSports' Jeff Goodman who had a brief conversation with Coach Leon Rice about Bronco commit/Aussie Anthony Drmic, who leads the entire U19 World Basketball Championship event in scoring. Here's that link and I like using the comparison option at the bottom of the screen to put him up against others like UConn's Jeremy Lamb who is currently Team USA's leader with 16.8 PPG compared to Anthony's 19. Can't wait to watch this kid develop here at The Bell

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