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Boise Transplant living in Northeast Tennessee. Trying to win the hearts and minds of the fallen (SEC Team Fans)

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An interesting read.......We all know CFB has turned into big business, but is there a balance? One would wonder what lessons could be gleaned and utilized at BSU. Is the "businessification" of CFB ruining it? Thoughts?



I havent seen much else on this on any other site but it looks like the cupboard is filling up.

Demarcus Lawrence leaving early for the NFL


Thought I'd use some alliteration to lighten the situation.



Just stumbled across this, Son of Baseball player Gary and cousin of Austin. Looks like BSU is his only offer so far. Diamond in the rough?

Another Arbitrary Poll Brought to you by Athlon


All 2013 College Football Coaching Ranking, "based on the attractiveness of the position from a coaching perspective. We considered many factors — tradition, facilities, location, money" I glean a few things from this: 1.) They obviously did not take location into consideration. Living in Boise alone would be a HUGE Factor! Great place to raise a family! Great Fanbase! Goldies! 2.) None of this matters because we have the coach we want 3.) I think they ranked U of I just about right

Good Article on Elorriaga


A little pre-game hype before tonight's game!

Never too early B-Ball Bracket Matrix


Looks like we are projected as a 12 seed. Of course we haven't started conference play. Hopefully we can win some big games moving forward an have a good run in the tourney.

BSU ( Basketball Et. Al.) Open Thread


While I unconditionally support the Football program, I believe that the Bronco Athletics (as a whole) deserves our full support. I vote for more articles and open threads related to non-football related athletics. I think that football has led the way for national growth and exposure, but it looks like basketball and other Olympic sports are on the rise and have been doing well for some time (see wrestling and track and field). No matter what conference we are in, all of these athletes deserve our support because we bleed blue. Greater support from fans + national exposure + successful programs = More and better students interested in BSU which leads to more diversified academic programs + more alumni+an open invitation to the Pac- Whatever. Yeah, pretty sure I have a very simplistic view of the big picture, but I am hopeful! Okay, I'm off the soapbox.

More Re-alignment News


It's amazing how one or two moving pieces can cause the domino's to fall. Just a question, but does anyone know the requisites that the PAC-12 is looking for?

NCAA Upholds Ruling Against Boise State


Well dang.....At least its not "Tattoo-gate". What are your thoughts? Too much, too little, or just right?

More News on Dougie!


Definitely excited to see what's in store for Doug this season. Looks like TB is not regretting picking him up in the first round........What a class act!

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