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5/9 Day Off Night OT: The "Goose, do you see a trailer?" Edition

via upload.wikimedia.org Top Gun is a 1986 American action drama film directed by Tony Scott, and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, in association with the Paramount Pictures...


Weekend OT:The Excuse For White People to Drink Mexican Beer Edition

Not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day, which occurs on September 16. Cinco de Mayo Battle of Puebla Observed by Mexicans, US Americans, mixed nationality Type M...


4/23 Afternoon OT: The Oikos Edition

via www.celebritiesfans.com John Phillip Stamos (pron.: /ˈsteɪmoʊs/ stay-mohs; born August 19, 1963) is an American actor, singer and musician best known for his work in television,...


3/26 OT2: The Anytime, Baby. Edition

via www.skymasterjet.com The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft. The Tomcat was developed for the United States Navy'...


Weekend OT: The Best Military Aircraft That Ever Flew The Skies Edition

via www.hdwallpapers.in The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early...


3/22 Evening OT: The Did I Do That? Edition

via upload.wikimedia.org TGIF was created and executive produced by Jim Janicek.[1] Before TGIF’s success, Janicek was a writer and producer for ABC Entertainment in charge of promoting...


3/18 OT 2: Home of the Minnesota Vikings*

via mlb.mlb.com via upload.wikimedia.org The Alamodome is a domed 65,000 seat, multi-purpose facility used as a football, basketball stadium and convention center. It's located on the...



via 4.bp.blogspot.com The Hanes Beefy-T T-Shirt For over 35 years, it has set the standard for T-shirt comfort and quality. Today it's better than ever, offering greater durability...


3/14 Evening OT: Hartford? The Whale? They only beat Vacouver once maybe twice in a lifetime.

via upload.wikimedia.org The Hartford Whalers were a professional ice hockey team based for most of its existence in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.. The club played in the World Hockey...


3/12 Afternoon OT:We'll Never Walk Alone

via upload.wikimedia.org Anfield is a football stadium in Anfield, Liverpool, England which has a seating capacity of 45,525.[3] It has been the home of Liverpool F.C. since their...


What Rolls Downstairs Alone or in Pairs?-Weekend OT

via pittsburghjedi.com The Ren & Stimpy Show, often simply referred to as Ren & Stimpy, is an American animated television series, created by Canadian animator John Kricfalusi. The show...


3/8 Evening OT: The Buddy Ernst Edition

via hotteahotbooks.files.wordpress.com Hey Dude is an American Western comedy series that aired from 1989 to 1991. The show was broadcast on the Nickelodeon network, and aired reruns...


3/6 Evening OT: The Highway Patrol Edition

via upload.wikimedia.org Junior Brown Jamieson "Junior" Brown (born June 12, 1952) is an American country guitarist and singer. He has released nine studio albums in his career, and has...


3/5 Evening OT: The Whackin' Edition

via upload.wikimedia.org "Whacking Day" is the twentieth episode of The Simpsons' fourth season, and originally aired April 29, 1993.[1] It concerns the fictional holiday "Whacking Day",...


3/4 Night OT: The Obscure Sport Edition

via upload.wikimedia.org Chess boxing is a hybrid sport that combines chess with boxing in alternating rounds. The sport was invented by French artist and filmmaker Enki Bilal in one of his...


Weekend OT: The TV Show You Should Be Watching Edition

via upload.wikimedia.org Southland (stylized as SouthLAnd) is an American drama series[1] created by writer Ann Biderman and produced by Warner Bros. Television. It premiered on NBC on April...


Weekend OT: You Guys Are The Worst

For other uses, see Birthday (disambiguation). Candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting A birthday is a day when a person celebrates the anniversary of his or...


Friday Night OT: Get Your Weekend On

via upload.wikimedia.org A tuna is a saltwater finfish that belongs to the tribe Thunnini, a sub-grouping of the mackerel family (Scombridae) – which together with the tunas, also...


Weekend OT: The Buster Bunny Edition

Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures, usually referred to as Tiny Toon Adventures or simply Tiny Toons, is an American animated television series created by Tom Ruegger and produced...


Jan. 28th OT3: Time to Buzz The Tower Edition

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft. The Tomcat was developed for the United States Navy's Naval Fighter Experimental (VFX)...


1/23 Night OT: The Taz Edition

via www.covergalaxy.com Taz Mania is a 2D side-scrolling platform/adventure video game developed by Recreational Brainware and published by Sega on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesisin 1992. The...


1/21 Monday Night OT: The Great Outdoors Edition

via upload.wikimedia.org Big-hearted Chicago family man Chet has brought his family to a lakeside resort area, and although his wife and kids aren't quite as excited as he is, Chet has...


Weekend OT: The Soccer With Sticks Edition

via dallasstars4life.files.wordpress.com The National Hockey League (NHL; French: Ligue nationale de hockey—LNH) is an "unincorporated not-for-profit association"[1] which operates a major...


1/11/13 NIght OT: The Benndozer Edition

via www.nhlsnipers.com Jamie Benn (born July 18, 1989) is a professional ice hockey forward for the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League (NHL).During the 2012-13 lockout he played for...


01/08/2013 Night OT: The Chuck Edition

via www.chuckyeager.com Charles Elwood "Chuck" Yeager (pron.: /ˈjeɪɡər/; born February 13, 1923) is a retired major general in the United States Air Force and noted test pilot. He was the...


1/7/2013 Night OT/National Championship/Whatever: The #35 Edition

via www.nhlsnipers.com Marty Archibald Turco (born August 13, 1975) is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender, playing most recently for the Boston Bruins. He has also played...


NYE Night OT: The Goodwill Toward Men Edition

Lamest stock pic of chicks looking like they're having fun ever. Later that night there will be vomit in their hair, one will be crying, and one will be gettin' it in a men's room stall. via...


12/27 Night OT/Bowl Games/Whatever Else Is On: The Marshall Mathers Edition

via upload.wikimedia.org Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972),[1] better known by his stage name Eminem (stylized as EMINƎM) and by his alter ego Slim Shady, is an American r...


12/14 Night OT/NBA/Whatever You're Feeling: The Set it and Forget It Edition

via zachcordner.com Ronald M. Popeil (born May 3, 1935 in New York City; /poʊˈpiːl/)[1] is an American inventor and marketing personality, best known for his direct response...


12/13 Afternoon OT: The See Ya At the Crossroads Edition

I'll miss this stroke, I'll miss it a lot. :( via hiscrivener.files.wordpress.com Joshua Holt "Josh" Hamilton (born May 21, 1981) is an American professional baseball player who...

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