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Beasley's Game Link

Is here:   Not sure how many more people have backed out, but I think that Wall, Boogie Cousins and Super Cool Beas will be the...


Quick Straw Poll--Which Side Is More to Blame for the Lockout

Nothing really scientific here, and I know that the merits of each side can be argued at length (and we're getting there based on Oceanary's recent FanShot bumped to the fore), but I was just...

Reason for Optimism?


Top officials for the N.B.A. and the players union will meet Sunday night in a final, and unexpected, attempt to resolve the lockout before regular-season games are lost, according to a person briefed on the meeting. The meeting will involve the primary negotiators for each side — Commissioner David Stern and the deputy commissioner Adam Silver for the league, with the union represented by its president, Derek Fisher, and its executive director, Billy Hunter. The season is scheduled to start Nov. 1., but Stern said last week that he would be forced to cancel the first two weeks of regular-season games on Monday if the sides did not have a breakthrough at the bargaining table. They have not met since then, with the N.B.A. insisting it will not move beyond the 50-50 split in league revenues that Stern proposed last Tuesday. The union rejected that stance, saying it would not resume talks with any preconditions. The players have been earning 57 percent of basketball-related income and offered to reduce their share to an annual average of 53 percent, which would be a pay cut of at least $120 million a year. Dropping to 50-50 split would mean a pay cut of at least $280 million a year, notwithstanding any increase in league revenues. It is not clear whether the league has moved off of its 50-50 proposal, or whether the union has softened its insistence on receiving 53 percent of league revenues in a new collective bargaining agreement. It is also possible that the sides are negotiating other, structural issues in an attempt to move forward. Union officials said last week they wanted to restart talks on other issues, like the salary cap, but the precondition of a 50-50 split precluded a return to negotiating. Silver indicated Friday that the league was "prepared to continue negotiating over the many other issues that remain open" — like the salary-cap system, the luxury tax and the length of contracts. The N.B.A. lost games in 1998-99, when a bitter lockout reduced the season to 50 games. The league did not open play until Feb. 6 that season.


How the NBAPA is mismanaging this lockout

So now that the NFLPA successfully utilized decertification of their union and the threat of an antitrust lawsuit to force the NFL owners to actually come to the table with good faith offers to end...

Rambis Gone? Dear God Yes!


Minnesota Timberwolves general manager David Kahn has decided to fire coach Kurt Rambis, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Kahn isn’t expected to announce the decision until after Thursday’s NBA draft, but he’s already begun collecting information on prospective replacements for Rambis, sources said. Kahn met with Rambis last week and believes he has reached an impasse with the coach. The relationship between Kahn and Rambis deteriorated over the course of the past season, to the point where there’s been little communication between them. Rambis has two years left on his original four-year contract. With the Timberwolves in the midst of a major rebuilding project, he went 32-132 as their coach, including a league-worst 17-65 this season. Kahn told reporters he’d made the unusual request of asking Rambis to file a written report to him on changes Rambis would make if he returned as coach. He also said Rambis won’t attend the Timberwolves’ draft on Thursday night. Kahn had wanted Rambis to become a better communicator with players. He also wanted him to design an offense away from the triangle and toward the open-court talents of rookie point guard Ricky Rubio. Rambis’ relationship with key young players, especially Kevin Love, had been frayed, at best. SOURCE:

Minnesota has four trade scenarios on its board for the No. 2 pick. As of midday Wednesday, the...


Minnesota has four trade scenarios on its board for the No. 2 pick. As of midday Wednesday, the Timberwolves now are leaning toward Arizona’s Derrick Williams over Kentucky’s Enes Kanter of Turkey. But the Wolves are actively listening to offers for No. 2. Phoenix and Washington are two teams that aren’t involved, but Houston, which owns pick No. 14, has proposed at least 10 different options for Minnesota's No. 2.

Wolves reject #2 for Lamar Odom


But if George Hill is available for a late lotto pick, let's make it happen.


Yet another trade idea

As I'm listening to Simmons' and Ford's 70-minute NBA Draft podcast, they are floating the idea that if Williams goes No. 1 to the Cavs, that the Wolves would trade the #2 to Utah for the #3 and...


Taking the Fans' Temperature on Rambis.

Kevin McHale making a good play on the ball.  Just out of curiousity, I thought I'd put up a poll (or at least try to do so, since I've never done this before), to see just how many of us believe...

Derrick Favors' agent says he has no problem with Minnesota: "We won't be unhappy at all. Derrick...


Derrick Favors' agent says he has no problem with Minnesota: "We won't be unhappy at all. Derrick is prepared to play for whoever takes him" From

DX Latest Mock


What the hell is Givony doing? We take 5 centers with our 5 picks? No way in hell that happens.


Ford mock v. 5.0

According to Chad Ford's latest mock draft, the Twolves take Wes at #4 and none other than Paul George at #16.  That's all I could glean from the postings at Real GM, since I lack Insider access on...


What the hell is Zgoda doing?

Not that I think his analysis is all that insightful (I've seen enough Kahn-bashing on this site and plenty others already),  but he hasn't made a single draft-related tweet or blog post since May...


Comparing Combine Measurements

comparing combine measurements to current wolves


"The Barber Shop Window"

Okay, I've only been following this board for about 9 months so far (and props to Stop 'n' Pop and Wyn and all the other regular posters here, BTW), but is anyone able to give me some back story...


What could we get as the "third team" facilitator

This was recently posted on's rumor page, and it got me thinking about Just a Fan's post about how the Wolves are looking to play the role of third party facilitator:


Lower Level Tickets to Grizzlies Game on Saturday...

Due to my employer's largesse (or just plain dumb luck), I have four extra lower level tickets to Saturday night's home game against the Grizzlies.  No, I am not looking to sell these tickets. ...


Apparently the Clips are vying the become the Wolves of the West

The New Orleans Hornets quest to get under the luxury tax line will come to fruition today when Bobby Brown is traded to the Clippers today.'s Marc Stein broke the story last night....

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