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Official free agency list


Besides Pujols and Fielder, I don't see a lot. Papelbon, anyone?

Baseball Think Factory: 2012 ZiPS Projections - Chicago Cubs


For what it's worth--these guys think that a lot of the young Cub hitters could have pretty good years. They think the vets will be pretty much what they were last year.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm redemption of Bill Buckner was a thing of beauty


"Curb Your Enthusiasm" is the HBO show featuring Seinfeld creator Larry David and Morton Grove native Jeff Garlin. Buckner was great, and there was a short little dig at the Cubs and Cub fans.

Lovable loser Cubs sitting on gold mine


Jeff Passan of Yahoo sports with some interesting comments on Ricketts, Hendry and the importance of a stadium deal.

Shocking demotion: Marlins send Logan Morrison to minors


Morrison was hitting .251/.328/.468. with 17 homers. I don't know if the Marlins are right or wrong on this, but I will give them credit for being decisive. Maybe the Cubs could take note.

Catching surplus could fuel Cubs deal


Bruce Levine has some kind words for the Cubs' organizational catching depth. Of course, trade chips only help if you want to trade.

Catching Up With the Cubs Rumor Mill


FWIW, various Cub rumors. Most seem to be no more than really, really loose talk. But it's something to talk about with no Cubs game until Thursday.

Cubs Sign Enrique Acosta For $1.1 Million


Cubs have signed a 16 yr old Dominican ss for $1.1 million. Glad to see them spending, hope it pays off. Not much info on him in this story. Anyone know more?

The Emptiest Batting Averages


Cubs and ex-Cubs dominate the Baseball Prospectus list of the leaders in empty batting average. Not a surprise-I'm just wondering if the value of on base percentage will every sink in with management.

Top 5 potential sellers at trade deadline


Jim Bowden lists the Cubs as one of the top five potential sellers at the trade deadline. But they will have to eat a lot of salary, and it looks to me like the other teams he mentions as sellers have more to offer.

Rosenthal: Firing Hendry would be wrong move


This is kind of a companion piece to Josh's post where Rosenthal said Hendry's job is in danger. Rosenthal thinks they should keep Jim. Rosenthal thinks the minor league system is in good shape, and Wilken and Fleita would leave if Hendry goes.

What’s Wrong With Carlos Pena?


Fangraphs on Carlos Pena. A Baker/Pena platoon makes sense on paper, but it's tough to platoon your major free agent acquisition. Pena is missing more fastballs, which sounds like a bad sign to me.

Cubs' Pena attempts some little ball


Christina Kahrl talks about Pena's attempt to bunt against the shift. I liked the play and it gave me even more respect to see Pena try it.

Fangraphs on Jeff Baker as a starting 2b


Bradley Woodrum of Fangraphs likes Baker's defense at 2b and suggests that Marquez Smith be given some time at 2b.

Cubs veterans call players meeting to stress unity


I'm not sure what to make of this. I like seeing the vets lead, but isn't it a little early for a players meeting? Shouldn't they let management handle this?

Cubs Hope To Get Disappointing Soriano In Shape By Swimming With Sharks, Skydiving Without A Parachute


The Onion Sports Dome suggests a way out of bad contracts. It's a joke--but it kinda made me think...........

Ferris Bueller's Day Off at Wrigley Field


Exactly which Cub game did Ferris and his friends attend? Baseball Prospectus pins it down to June 5,1985, against the Braves.

Strat O Matic baseball board game turns 50


Doug Glanville will be part of the celebration 2/12 in NY. Anyone ever play any of the stat-based baseball board games-Strat, APBA, etc? You can trace the birth of sabermetrics to the day that Bill James started breaking down stats to try to win a board game league. Somewhere along the line I read that of lot of current baseball GM's had played these games growing up.If Hendry had played one, he might have learned the value of OBP.

Fangraphs:Cubs Cash in on Gorzelanny


Fangraphs thinks the Cubs bought low on Gorz, got decent production from him, then sold a for little higher than than they paid. All told, a solid transaction.

S. Korean minor league coach for Chicago Cubs sees bright future for young players


Interesting article about how the Cubs are working to scout and develop players from South Korea.

Time for Cubs to finally honor Cavarretta


Should the Cubs retire Cavaretta's number 44? I don't want to rehash everything that's been written/said since Phil passed--I'll just say that Phil's credentials as a Chicago sports icon are very impressive-alum of Lane Tech,player,manager, etc.

Canada prints Fergie Jenkins stamp


It will be available in February as part of Black History Month. Fergie is the only Canadian in the HOF.

Good Cub documentary online


It's called "King of the Hill" ,no relation to the animated show. A crew from the Canadian National Film Board followed the Cubs around in 1972-73, mostly to film Fergie Jenkins. But there are a lot of good clips of Santo, Williams, Hundley, etc. It also ran recently on the Documentary Film channel.

Kent Sterling evaluates the 2011 Cubs


I'm not familiar with Sterling,but his comments are interesting. I especially like the comment he makes about Nady: He’s typical of many of the hitters Hendry has accumulated – lots of strikeouts, few walks, no speed. Low on base percentage is a pet peeve of mine.

Rookie Review: Tyler Colvin by John Sickels


Good luck to Tyler for a full recovery. But like Sickels says--Tyler needs to improve his on base average.

Former Cub Murton at Home Across the Pacific


Matt makes the Central League all star team and has a shot at Ichiro's single season hit record, although the league now plays more games.

Chicago Cubs: Franchise Leaders by WAR and its Components


Lifetime WAR's broken down by various categories. Sosa's rank as #2 fielder surprises me, as does Beckert's #1 baserunning rating.

Cubs Sign Dominican SS Sanchez


From Baseball America. Not much info; the kid's 16.

ESPN Writer Changes City Names From Previous Story About Milton Bradley Finding Self In New Surroundings


Honest--it's not really a Milton story. It's satire from the Onion, and I think it's as much a rip on the writers as it is on Bradley.

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