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Why Oakland Needs Jason Castro

Pictured, your 2014 AL MVP My love of Houston Astros catcher Jason Castro is no secret. But in the interest of consolidating my opinion into one place, I will clearly lay out how valuable...


Tradin' With Kansas City

Evidently, Royals super-prospect Wil Myers is available via trade, with the Royals targeting starting pitching. According to Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star, the Royals have had conversations...

Grantland Writer Michael Bertin Writes Worst Column Ever


Just awful. Ignoring the many grammatical errors ("You can't do much to effect [sic] revenue in season"), his main point is summed up in the final sentence: "If you're Billy Beane, you're likely in the hunt for the cost-per title before anyone throws a pitch. But if the A's want to start winning things at the end of the season, maybe they should start thinking about ponying up for a Verlander." Essentially, he's criticizing the A's for winning the $/win title, but not the World Series. My problem with that is, the A's won 94 games and the division. They were an awesome baseball team, regardless of salary. Bertin's point would be better if he were criticizing a 78 win team that led the league in $/win, but I don't see any reason why he should criticize the 94-win 2012 Oakland Athletics.


Who Did The A's Just Draft?

A few months back, Billy Beane was asked where the bats of the future were going to come from. He said "we're going to have to draft them." Today in the early rounds of the 2012 MLB Draft, he and...


Draft Thread

The MLB Draft starts on Monday. The first and supplemental rounds take place on Monday, and we will be selecting 11th, 34th (Willingham compensation), and 47th (DeJesus). The rest of the draft...


Regarding Territorial Rights

Good day, Giants fans. I'm an A's fan, wondering how you all feel about the ongoing nightmare we A's fans are enduring at the hands of SF Giants ownership. Given last week's owners' meetings and...


"Rebuilding the Right Way"

This is a great Geoff Baker piece that everyone on this site who is against playing Jonny Gomes/Seth Smith over "young guys" should read. It's basically an analysis of "rebuilding strategies" and...


Grant Green's Swing Changes - Amateur Analysis

Editor's Note: Stuff like this deserves front page notice. Great work! -Nico Grant Green is a guy I've spent way too much of my time analyzing and thinking about over the years. I was very pleased...


The First Base Black Hole

The A's, in my view, have done a pretty decent job of spreading out their acquisitions so as not to create any major logjams. I mean, it's not like they used Cahill and Gio to acquire a bunch of...


Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow Traded to Arizona for Jarrod Parker, Collin Cowgill, Ryan Cook

The A's traded Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow to the Diamondbacks today for Jarrod Parker, Collin Cowgill, and Ryan Cook. It is official, tweets Slusser.


A's To Buy $20+ Million In San Jose Real Estate?

From the Silicon Valley Business Journal:  San Jose city officials are scheduled on Tuesday to discuss the proposed sale of several parcels of land in preparation for a new Oakland A's    stadium. ...


Billy Beane Cubs Speculation

With the recent speculation from Buster Olney and Susan Slusser that Billy Beane could consider the Cubs' GM job, it appears there's a non-zero chance that Beane could be running things on the...

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