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The lastest outside the box thinking by the Royals


Aviles to second base, and your new DH... wait for it.... Bert! Yes, we will have that rare DH / backup 2nd baseman combination, because you just have to have lots of middle infielders, there are just never enough! Sorry Kila, maybe you can come up in September if you are really good this year.

Royals now have a second average postion player!!!!


Billy has hit his way to being an average 1st bagger!

Guillen has his teamates slap him before the game.


Guillen promised to do better this year, and by most measures he seems to have improved quite a bit. He uses a meal-delivery service that specializes in healthy diets. He said that, "I get crazy sometimes", and plays best when he "can’t see colors." and so he has players slap him before the game to get mad. He also buys tickets for people who can't afford them, so you should contact him for some tickets I guess, although you may have to slap him before the game.

Hillman with more reasons why he is the manager and not us.


Callaspo's spot in order is offering him comfort. Plus he gives Jacobs protection in the order.

Cleveland goes ahead 6-3 with 4 runs in the seventh...


The gives up 7 in the bottom of the inning to drop to 10-17. The Indians are are looking a lot like the Major Leauge II team.

Was A-Rod tipping pitches?


According to this article, opposing players lines went from 5 + Run Games, 7th inning or later sample size of around 700 Pa's .327 / .391 / .718 with out A-Rod at short .340 / .472 / .812 with A-rod possibly tipping pitches Is that enough of a difference with enough sample size to draw any conclusions?

Gobble finds job with White Sox


White Sox have signed Jimmy Gobble to a minor-league deal. The 27 year old left-hander will report to Triple-A Charlotte this week.

ok, Royals decide on 24th spot.


Jimmy Wright makes the team in the 24th spot, the 7th reliever. Still another spot because Ponson is starting in the minors until he starts the home opener, so B. Pena or S. Costa will be on the team to start the season.

Rowdy Hardy needs the support of Royals Review!


Please go to the link and vote early and often!

Royals vs Rangers at Royal Review!


Game Thread!! No Gload today, sorry.

Tejada sentenced to year's probation.


More destruction of our national innocence.

Another battle for Grass Creek


Royals are taking on the Mariners on!! Game thread.

Royals may not have a starting second baseman this year.


Acccording to Kegal Callaspo, Teahen, and Bloomquist could platoon all season. Yes, a three way platoon at second base, the new market inefficiency!

Good information from Dutton on who has options and so on.


Includes who has outrights left, years of service issues, and guaranteed contracts. Very helpful in picking out who will be in the Royals 25 man to start.

Pimental medical status


MRI detected pitcher Julio Pimentel has ligament damage in his right elbow. He will seek a second opinion to see whether surgery is necessary

Royals in line for draft pick as Grudzielanek declines arbitration.


Grudzielanek declined arbitration and the Royals will pick up a nifty 4 million value sandwich pick in the 2009 draft.

Royals' light hitting short stop helped Davies in September.


It is not TPJ though, its blast from the past Buddy Biancalana!!! Appearently the former joke of the Late Show has come up with a way for atheletes to get over the rough spots.

Royals sign three spring training invites.


Royals signed switch-hitting shortstop Luis Hernandez, third baseman Corey Smith and Left-hander Carlos Sencion. Luis Hernandez has a minor leauge OPS of .605, enough said. Corey Smith had his first decent year in AA last year, hitting for power but Jacobs like OBP, plus it was his fifth year in AA. He is 26 years old. Carlos Sencion is a 24 year old reliver who has a 3.73 career era and has about a one strikeout per inning pitched, but walks quite a few as well. WHIP of 1.38 for his career.

Tupman could return to Royals in 2009


Dr. Steve Joyce, the Royals' team surgeon, operated on Tupman's right shoulder. According to Tupman, it was "just a cleanup" of a little tear in the rotator cuff and some labrum damage. However, Picollo said, the Royals want to re-sign him, and Tupman said he "mostly likely" will do that. "My situation is I didn't have a great year [at Triple-A Omaha] -- and I'm injured -- so there's really not much of a market out there right now for me," Tupman said. The Royals' ninth-round Draft pick in 2002, Tupman has spent his entire pro career in the organization and feels comfortable, and vice versa.

Elbow injury may hurt Sheets' chances in free agency


Well, with the Meche signing looks like genious. Zack is not wanting to sign a long term contract as so might be going to the trade block. Should the Royals try to go after Sheets with a Meche like contract? It could land us Sheets which at least would have the potential of taking most of the sting out of Grineke being traded away for a prospect haul.

Idaho Chukar fans get a chance to work out with Billy Butler if they give him food.


Billy who is know for his love of Baconaters will be helping out with what else, a food drive!!!!ONE!!!111!!! The event will include a presentation by Butler on hitting and other baseball mechanics as well as what it took to make it to the "big leagues." Auctioned items will include a Billy Butler-autographed baseball bat, tickets to a Kansas City Royals baseball game, private hitting lessons with Butler, and more.

Royals hire Seitzer, Gibbons as coaches


Those that suggested Seitzer got thier wish as he will take over as batting coach. Gibbons, former Toronto manager will be the bench coach, and appearently Rusty Kuntz decided that he couldn't stay away and will be back on the mic for 2009.



It's been pointed out on the board that Ramon has in many ways been better then Soria this season. If we are for putting Soria in the rotation, what about RamRam? Keep Soria as closer and place...

Ranny wieghs in on the Baby Blues vs NY Royal controversy


Shealy was dealing with some injury issues last year – this is the same guy who hit .283/.376/.503 in Omaha this year, and those numbers don’t translate to much more than a .250 hitter with some walks and 15-20 homer power. There is at least some reason to hope that a healthy Shealy is capable of better than that The Royals know what they have in Gload I have previously argued strenuously that the Royals should be giving Kila Ka’aihue more playing time, and I stand by that argument. But the crux of that argument was that playing Gload over Ka’aihue (or Shealy) was a case of criminal negligence. NY Royal took the stance that Shealy and Gload were of the same quality and scoffed at Babyblues analysis of Shealy being around Gloads OBP and hitting about 18 home runs, and that Shealy was better then Gload. Babyblues also mentioned that Shealy looked like he could beat that average, where as Gload didn't look very likely to even have his ML average. The great Ranny hath spoken and Babyblues get the victory!

Marlins getting ready for a fire sale


Florida Marlins reliever Joe Nelson glanced around the clubhouse, counting how many of his teammates might not return next season. He quickly ran out of fingers. "I'd love to see all these guys back," Nelson said. "But I know realistically that's not going to happen. And myself is including in that group." The Marlins are facing a potentially crippling number of arbitration cases as a surprisingly successful season nears its end, beginning what will likely be another roster-flipping winter for the major's most frugal franchise. So should the Royals get involved in some trades here? If so for who?

2008 Royals accomplish a feat not done since April 2003


That makes five straight victories and six in the last seven games. Sure, that might sound modest elsewhere, but the Royals haven’t won five straight games against American League opponents since a five-game streak during April 18-24, 2003. That’s right. 2003.

Ducky helps set Fanchise record for K's


When Duckworth struck out CF Wladimir Balentien to end the sixth, it was the Royals' 1,007 strikeout of the season, which is a franchise record. The 1990 Royals pitching staff held the record with 1,006.

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