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Lol, Phillies


"The Phillies, you see, are quite possibly not a well run organization these days. "

Apparently Julio Jones is the reason we sucked last year


What a load of crap. Way to evaluate a trade in the most irresponsible way. This guy is a real journalist?

Ryan Porn


"What many may not know about Ryan's 2012 completion percentage is it's ranked 13th all time by NFL QBs with at least 300 pass attempts. The highest ever was Drew Brees' 71.2 in 2011, but Ryan joins Brees as the only other QB to attempt over 600 passes and complete over 68 percent of them."


For the record: Media picks for Atlanta vs SF

All year I have gone fishing after each game looking for all those Falcons game picks. They seem to get hard to find after the Falcons (once again) surprise everyone outside Falcons Nation. So I...

and it starts.....


Peter King: Saints 27-24 (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/peter_king/11/08/nfl-week-10-picks/index.html?eref=sihp&sct=hp_t11_a0) ESPN: 6 of 12 pick Saints (http://espn.go.com/nfl/picks) NFL.com: 4 of 5 pick Saints (http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000091831/article/picking-winners-for-week-10s-games) CBSsports.com: 2 of 9 pick Saints --Side note: Jason La Canfora has only picked us to win 4 games so far - KC, Car, Was, and Oak. (http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/features/writers/expert/picks/straight-up/10) Mike Florio: Saints 28-27 (http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/11/08/pfts-week-ten-picks/)

Guy predicts a 8-8 Falcons record....after we have gone 6-0


This guy thinks we are so overrated we will go 2-8 down the stretch.


So, where to start with getting our bounty program up and running?

If you haven't heard read these first: http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2012/9/7/3301330/players-in-bounty-scandal-reinstated-the-truth-no-longer-exists h...

No we wont allow you to make a statue of you blocking our punt.


Why would they assume we would allow this? Why is everyone pissed that we don't exactly feel the same way you do about that game in the Superdome?

This guy handled things much better than I would have.


Nice article. This quote about sums up my thoughts: "I don't know about you, but I can't remember another story that made me want to alternately punch something and hug something like this one. The way Banks has handled himself, without bitterness or bile, with grace and guts, makes you wish he were running the U.S. Senate. If it were me, I'd be stomping around, waving lawsuits and screaming, "I TOLD you I didn't do it!!!"

Mario seems to throw Fans under the bus. This is much more than Loftonesque.


Not Falcons related but.... Some around here got really upset about Lofton's comments about wanting to win a championship. I didn't think that anything he said was a "dis" to the fans. But this quote form Mario does seem like a "dis" to his old fans. "The funny thing is when I come back to Houston, and I still have love for everybody -- the coaches, my teammates and the fans --- I get way more recognition now than when I was there," Williams said. "The mindset wasn't the same when I came here." Bills fans wanted Williams. They helped woo him in free agency, and for a guy who grew up in a tiny rural town in the eastern part of North Carolina, that meant something. It still does. On Monday night, a handful of Bills fans wearing helmets and holding footballs (and pens) greeted Williams at the airport. "I can't go anywhere, pretty much," Williams said. "That's great. They truly love football here. They're behind their guys regardless of what's happening. That makes it a lot easier. That's the difference with the Texans. That wasn't the case." What do you guys think about that??

Massaquoi article


I loved the video I posted of him. I don't like this scouting report. I am neither a scout nor an expert.


Saw this in the comments at PFT

Brent Grimes Asante Samuel Daunte Robinson Akeem Dent Sean Weatherspoon Stephen Nicholas Looks like our new LB/DB team has an interesting nickname available. B.A.D.A.S.S. Sounds about right to...


Some of the more intriguing UDF signings to me.

Nothing unique here. Just some guys I'll be paying special attention to during camp news and such. There are some interesting links I found (apology to Bryce Harris). Dominique Davis, QB, East...

Doug Farrar | Shutdown Corner | Yahoo! Sports


"Jonathan Massaquoi, DE/OLB, Troy (164th overall pick, Atlanta Falcons) -- Massaquoi saw his production fall off in 2011 after be bulked up a bit, and his awareness in space when he drops back is nothing to write home about, but his pure speed off the edge -- and ability to rush the passer as an end or linebacker -- had me thinking he'd go in the third round at the very least. Might have been seen as a second-level tweener in a draft full of them. Worst-case scenario, he becomes a situational blitzer for a Falcons franchise that has been trying to draft that guy for years."

Good read on Asante.


I, just today, stated how I didn't think he was that great anymore. I was wrong.

Would you give up on resiging Grimes and Abraham if it meant getting SuperMario?


Seems with Abe's age, and Grimes (apparent) status as the second best FA available, getting a proven pass rusher would make sense. What you think?


Non-advanced stats update

I know, I know. NFL stats don't mean near as much as MLB stats....hell, you could even argue that non-advanced stats in the NBA and "that sport they play on ice" are much more valuable than NFL...

Total QBR not as stupid as I thought


This article is really about Tim Tebow and the made-up stat of Real QB rating. It does a good job of explaining the formula and the reasoning behind it. I gotta say, I wasn't buying the kool-aid up until now. The correlation can't be that high, without giving it some merit. I only linked this because of this though.... Matt Ryan on what we all know is a "down" year, seems to give his team a better chance to win than only 5 other QBs in the league: 1 Aaron Rodgers 85.6 2 Drew Brees 79.1 3 Tom Brady 74.7 4 Tony Romo 73.1 5 Matt Schaub 66.7 6 Matt Ryan 66.2 Are you as surprised as I am?



Not much to add. Nutshot.

Red Zone Ryan is so not "elite"


I absolutely think he's elite. Not only has he won more come-from-behind wins since he joined the league, ahead of guys like Manning, Brady, Rodgers, but he does it with a less than adequate defense most nights. He's a winner. He may be more like Roethlisberger than Manning, but last I checked "The rapist" has a few SB rings, and is considered elite. Three years in the league is still in a QB's infancy. Where was Rodgers again in year 3? Oh yeah, on the bench. Some money quotes from the article: "Consider the fact that four of his five touchdowns were passing touchdowns against three Pro Bowl cornerbacks and you get a sense of some of the magic Ryan was creating on offense." "To repeat, four of his seven throws in the Eagles’ red zone resulted in touchdowns. Against Pro Bowl corners."

Turner up the middle


"That was probably a coaching error," Smith said. "We needed to run the ball. Not probably, it was a coaching error." - Mike Smith I was cringing (as most of you were I'm sure) when I started doing the math on Sunday. How ironic is it that my biggest disappointment in the play calling last game, is that we didn't run Turner up the middle? At least they have acknowledged the mistake, instead of trying some BS excuse like most staffs.

Peter King .... Falcons Fan???


First he picks us to win Superbowl (I could've crapped my pants at that one), then he defends the Org on the Vick quotes of ex-Falcons HC Dan Reeves. --"When Mike really needed them, they turned their back on him in my opinion. They could have been a big supporter and they let him go. I wasn't there so I don't know the organization's standpoint, but I thought they could have been more supportive and instead they severed ties with him.'' -- Former Falcons coach Dan Reeves, who drafted Michael Vick to play for the franchise in 2001, to Tim McManus of Philadelphia Sports Daily. In 2008, after Vick lied to owner Arthur Blank, GM Rich McKay and commissioner Roger Goodell about his involvement in dogfighting, and was sitting in federal prison after being sentenced to 23 months plus three years' probation, and the Falcons were coming off a 4-12 disaster of a season in which the quarterbacks were Joey Harrington, Chris Redman and Byron Leftwich, and Vick was at least two seasons away from being prepared to resume his career, and a Minnesota judge had ruled Vick could keep $16.3 million of his $20 million bonus in his Atlanta contract while sitting in prison, and while Blank was exchanging letters in prison with Vick -- telling him he hoped he could turn around his life -- the Falcons drafted Matt Ryan to replace Vick at quarterback. I think all of that just might have led to how the Falcons, in Reeves' eyes, "turned their back'' on Vick. Might.--


Falcon's season over

It was a long season, but it's finally over. The Bears are on there way to the Superbowl, leaving our beloved Falcons in the dust. It was a horrible way to go out. Wish there was a few more games...

Apparently we are ...uh... very "Hateable"


"HATEABILITY FACTOR: 8, just to see if Atlanta fans care enough to protest." Whatever "hateability" means.

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