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Goodell pushed Vick to Eagles. He shouldn't do that.


Seems I wasn't the only one interested in Goodell "pushing" Vick to the Eagles. I took the articles written this morning and made a Fanpost mostly about Vick's comments. I think I obviously missed the NFL story. I think Goodell has a problem.


Vick; Yeah I'm bringing him up....again!

  I was initially going to just post these as a fanshot, with a comment or two and be done. I changed my mind because, even though Vick still hurts, I think we are to the point we can coherently...

Matt Ryan thrilled with O-linemen


This to me is the money quote: "There’s one other surprise candidate. That’s seventh-round draft pick Andrew Jackson. Coaches are saying he's been one of the most pleasant surprises in camp so far. Even if Jackson doesn’t end up starting, he appears well on his way to a roster spot. He can be a key backup because he has the ability to play guard and tackle." TD's shrewd drafting will never get old.

Trade Deadline Power Rankings: Part 1, the Vanquished


and for the flip side, here's the part you care about: "23. Houston Astros The Hunter Pence deal was a huge score, with the Astros converting a good-but-not-great corner outfielder who was about to get expensive into one of the top starting pitching prospects in the game (Jarred Cosart) and a power-hitting, 19-year-old first baseman. Had the Astros only executed that trade, they would have received a much higher grade. But the ensuing Michael Bourn deal felt like an afterthought, and a wasted opportunity. Getting a poor man's version of Bourn (Jordan Schafer) and three middling prospects (Juan Abreu, Paul Clemens, and Brett Oberholtzer) almost made you wonder if Ed Wade even knew what kind of quality he was giving up — that Bourn was worth a full win more than Pence this season."

Trade Deadline Power Rankings: Part 2, the Victors


Don't you just love hearing this kind of stuff? The meat of the article that you care about: "1. Atlanta Braves When you've got an army of indefatigable news hounds filing 86 blog posts and 400 tweets a day, you can control the narrative. That's not to say that Buster Olney, Ken Rosenthal, and other hard-working baseball reporters are easily duped. They know what can happen as the deadline approaches, so they double-check and triple-check every rumor to verify its veracity. But even with those safeguards, a team can still game the system. Place a call to an anonymous front office exec with loose lips. Talk up the value of a player you might not actually want. Maybe make a semi-legitimate phone call or two to create the illusion of interest. Whatever tactics the Braves deployed, they sure as hell worked. For all the talk about advanced statistics catching on, there are plenty of teams who overvalue some players and undervalue others for the wrong reasons. Likewise, some members of the working press are still easily seduced by, say, Triple Crown stats. Thus, we get the illusion that Hunter Pence is the most valuable available position player at the trade deadline. Never mind that Pence is striking out a career-high level, owes his .306 batting average (career .290) to a sky-high .365 batting average on balls in play (career .326), and that he's roughly an average defender at a corner outfield spot (-3.1 UZR this year, though Pence has been a plus guy in the past, so we might split the difference here). The Braves wisely drove up the price on Pence, and Carlos Beltran, so their NL rivals will be forced to give up top prospects to get them. Then just as nearly every contender with an outfield need had shot their wad, Atlanta swooped in and nabbed Michael Bourn, a lightning-fast center fielder who's benefited from some good luck himself (.383 BABIP) but still gets enough of a boost from his on-base skills, blazing speed, and superior defense at a premium position to rank eighth among National League outfielders in Wins Above Replacement. Better yet, the Braves got their man for four young players whose projections range from meh to feh."

Ahhhh. Thats better.


My respect for Blank had waivered just slightly when I posted this: http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2011/5/26/2191906/dont-burn-me-at-the-stake-but-im-a-bit-disappointed-in-blank nice to see.

Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me, but it seems Kimbrel has changed his arm-slot...


Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me, but it seems Kimbrel has changed his arm-slot even further towards a true side-armer. Anyone noticing this small change? How long has this adjustment been in effect?

On June 20, the buzz was all about right-hander Tim Hudson's game-winning two-run homer and his...


On June 20, the buzz was all about right-hander Tim Hudson's game-winning two-run homer and his eight-plus innings of two-hit, shutout ball. He was singlehandedly responsible for the Braves beating the Blue Jays 2-0 that night. What wasn't talked about was the sight of backup catcher David Ross, who started that night, exhorting infielder Diory Hernandez in the dugout after Hernandez missed a sign in the bottom of the seventh, just before Hudson's homer. Asked about that afterward in the euphoric clubhouse, Ross diplomatically said that he was not angry at anyone in particular, but was only reminding everyone that it was critical, in such a tight game, to execute the fundamentals. The next day, Hernandez was optioned to Class AAA Gwinnett to make room on the roster... (sportsxchange)

From my Yahoo Fantasy team comments. Anyone hear anything about this?

Don't burn me at the stake....but I'm a bit disappointed in Blank.

Pat Yasinskas is reporting here, from Jeff Schultz here, that Blank has approved pay-cuts for some of his non-player/coach employees. This just seem out of character for Blank. I know most owners...


Jacquizz Rodgers - Is HD expendable?

I know you're probably reading this right now fingers ready for a snide comment on how "this guy" should have a little better knowledge of our new draft pick's position (and HD's) before attempting...


Congrats Falcoholic

I don't post much here, but I do read through the threads quite often during the season (and read all articles).   I just wanted to congratulate Dave for running a terrific site. This extends to...


Anti-Hateraide Playoff Edition

From here: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmonsnfl2010/playoffs/round2&sportCat=nfl By Bill Simmons Interesting that someone in the media would actually hint towards the obvious...

Hateraide PLayoff Edition 2


Only two guys picking a #1 seed at home.


Hater-aide Playoff Edition

  I know most of you don't like to feel anger for the media, and would love to just defend them. I am not one of those people. I prefer to put a spotlight on the media bias. I really don't know...


Seriously? Just not my take from the game I guess.

From Here: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Falcons-Saints-Eagles-Bears-NFC-playoff-picture-FOX-NFL-Sunday-123010   Czar: In the six of the last eight years, a team from the NFC South has either...

And it starts from Peter King again...

1. Patriots 2. Saints 3. Falcons "I can't say for sure who would win on a neutral field, but I'd probably give the Saints a field-goal edge right now. I wouldn't think it'd be hard for Mike Smith to get his troops' attention, even after a 21-point win in Charlotte." I guess a win on THEIR field doesn't mean much anymore when determining what we'd do on a neutral field.

Corey Peters wasn't a "Reach"

Looks like Corey Peters wasn't a "reach", via Peter King's new article on SI.com. Can't be a reach if he was your guy, and another team was going to draft him 2 picks later, right? h...

Nice video


..... best video of runs by the better Jamal Anderson I could find. Nice to see some of the old Falcons few bright spots pop up too. Hopefully soon we'll be able to replace the final shot of The Vikings game, with one of MattyIce holding the Lombardi.

MLB Trade rumors writer/blogger speculates Braves least improved team in MLB.


I mean come on......I may not agree with every Wren decision, but we can't seriously be in the running for "least improved"....can we?

Falcons officially eliminated from playoffs


Like a rochambeau; You know it's coming, but it stings all the same.

Atlanta sports, Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Tech, Thrashers, UGA news | ajc.com


Brown is a bit of a surprise. I thought he had value as a punt returner .


Gruden out. Good news / Bad news for Falcons

I always like to start with the good: It's at least a little bit more likely that we won't lose Mularkey to another team looking for a new head coach. You have to assume that Gruden gets...


Falcons thoughts

Winning in Minnesota, even in that fashion, was a great acomplishment. Next week against the Rams is still very important. For three weeks now, Matt Ryan has looked human. His throws haven't been...

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