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New MLB TV contract increasing Pittsburgh Pirates payroll?

Stumbled across this tweet from Maury Brown, the Biz of Baseball guy, regarding the details of MLB's new TV contract. Here's the link in all it's glory: h...


Change in Atmosphere

As anyone ever been to that blog to read about the Pirates? Holy smoke they make the Smizikians look like Front Office...


Pirates should've acquired Chase Headley

We all know now what's done is done regarding the fact the Pirates suffered the worst collapse in Major League Baseball history. I mean 16 games above .500 to probably 10 below .500 (if the...


minors 6 -27 Taillon roughed up

This is so frustrating. Taillon gave up a solo homer to Toronto's top prospect Jake Marisnick in the 1st inning then promptly K'd a couple a batters. 2nd inning was much worst. Leadoff single...

Morgantown potential short-season affilate for the Pirates


Won't happen for at least a couple years but as a resident of Morgantown (Star City to be exact) I really hope to jeebus it happens.

Lacee Collins no longer at Root Sports


Shocking news.......I guess Lacee Collins partied a little too hard down at Marlins Park.


Minor League thread 4-29-12

Highlights for this evening: Starling Marte has homered for Indy. Still has K troubles thourgh (21 K's in 83 ABs) Justin Wilson is rollling (nojinxnojinxnojinx) Tallion pitched 5 scoreless...


Blue Jays - Pirates 3-7-12 thread

the Pirates are 2-0 since Andrew McCutchen agreed to a 6 year $51 million (or more likely 7 year $66 million) extension. Coinedence, I think not. There's a newfound swagger with this team. We...

Pedro Alvarez: Like A Boss


Thanks to the lovely Kristy Robinson (Pirates Prospects) for the link.

Project Prospect: Pirates farm system 8th


That, by far and large, is the highest rated system Pirate fans have seen all offseason. In addition: Jameson Taillon 11th Gerrit Cole 18th Josh Bell 54th Starling Marte 88th

Prince Fielder to become a Detroit Tiger


Following in Cecil's footsteps ironically enough. This came out of nowhere. And, naturally, the Pirates have the misfortune of playing the Tigers TWICE this season (home AND away). At least the Brewers have lost their swagger.

Doug Slaten Signs Minor-League Deal


Slaten will provide lefty relief depth, which the Pirates -- who have a ton of good righty options, but not a lot of lefties -- can definitely use.

Perrotto: Pirates want Davis but for Marte and Lincoln its too high


Are you freaking serious? I know Ike Davis is recovering from a bad ankle injury but the Buccos NEED TO DO IT! He would be our new Lefty McThump. Perfect, shiny, and good as new. DO IT NEAL!

Reds interested in Andrew Bailey


The A's want Yonder Alonso which would be a heck of a coup for them. The Pirates need to shop Hanrahan and get this type of talent. They could use a Alonso at 1B.


Gerrit Cole player comparison and ETA

So in his first 3 AFL starts he seems to get better with each one.  Yesterday was a prime example on he can become against lessor talent.  He pitched 3.2 hitless innings with 4 K's and an unearned...


Game 6 St. Louis - Milwaukee NLCS thread

St. Louis leading the Douche Crew 9-5 after 4 innings. It's gonna be a beautiful sight when their little Beast Mode crap bites the dust in their own park. This may be the last time we'll see Fat...


Tidbits from a blogger Pirate fans love to hate

We're all familar with Jake aren't we? Love him or hate him he does make you think and as a long suffering Pirates fan we're all better off for it I guess.  Here on his e-mail blong are his...


Ron Wotus

A darkhouse candidate may have emerged for this lackluster mangerial search. Believe it or not he is a former Pirate with ties to Western Pennsylvania.

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