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Please let this trade fall through...


Whoop-De-Damn-Do: Love 'Melo, just not at this price...

Chris Paul? No thanks...


I don't think the Nets should trade for Chris Paul. Here, in many hundreds of words, is why.

Travis Outlaw vs. Rudy Gay


The per 48 minute averages: might as well be the same guy...

Labelling T-Will


Why it's a bad idea to define T-Will by any one position.

Thanks, Rod


I say my thanks to Rodney King Thorn.

The Marginalization of Courtney Lee


How the Nets offseason has marginalized Courtney Lee.

WhoopDeDamnDo: Could Bosh Send LeBron to the Nets?


Could a Wade-Bosh pairing in Chicago send LeBron to the Nets?

WhoopDeDamnDo: The Audacity of Hope


Nets sign LeBron? It just isn't possible...right? Right?

WhoopDeDamnDo: Draft Day Mistake


The Nets to take a long look in the mirror...

WhoopDeDamnDo: Sorting out the Wes Mess


Wesley Johnson? Really? What just happened?

WhoopDeDamnDo: Rod Thorn and the Infinite Improbability Drive


Given the number of possible outcomes this offseason, I impart a piece of advice for fellow Nets fans: Don't Panic.

WhoopDeDamnDo: Avery's Hiring


Avery's in. I explain why I'm on board.

WhoopDeDamnDo: Don't Fear Cousins!


I break down why Nets fans shouldn't fear a DeMarcus Cousins/Brook Lopez frontcourt...

WhoopDeDamnDo: Rivalry Weak


Rory, of Slippery When Nets fame, unleashes his fury on the Nets main rivals. You'll never guess who's number one...

WhoopDeDamnDo: Why do Nets Fans Fear Cousins?


I explore why Nets fans seem to unanimously agree that Derrick Favors is a much better fit than DeMarcus Cousins.

WhoopDeDamnDo: Devin's backup


The Nets are going to overhaul their roster this summer. We've speculated on many things, but no one thinks about the backup point guard. Considering Devin's injury history, this could be pivotal.

Whoop-De-Damn-Do: Draft Day Options


There's been some debate over what the Nets should do if they decide they don't want Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins. Follow the link for options.

Is Larry Brown the Surprise Candidate?


I surmise whether Larry Brown is the surprise candidate Rod Thorn wants to interview. It seems obvious, but would it be a good hire?

WhoopDeDamnDo: Thoughts on Avery (interview)


I asked ESPN TrueHoop blogger Rob Mahoney from The Two Man Game his thoughts on Avery Johnson.


The Championship Template

Note, I've created a table as a visual help.  It is located here:   It is not news to say that this is the offseason the entire NBA has been looking toward for...

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