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Yhonathan Barrios coverage/vids


FG has a piece on some lesser known fireballers, including every Pirate fan's favorite converted infielder.


Interesting pitching home/road splits

After reading Tim's interesting piece over at PP on the Pirates' collection of ground ball pitchers and infield defense and connecting it with something Brian Cartwright said about park effects...


Some interesting seasons in the minors

I like to snoop around the minor league stat pages and look for prospects that are putting up solid or interesting numbers but aren't getting much attention. Obviously guys like Kingham and...


In Case You Forgot, The West Virginia Hitters Are Good Prospects

There's been a lot of negativity around among Pirates fans so far this season, and there's good reason for that. While these are the some of the better days we've seen since that one play in the...

Jason Bay Steals Jack Wilson's Home Run


Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just two former Pirates, doing what they do best: Jason Bay playing stellar defense and Jack Wilson showing off his home run power


Steelers Defensive Development on Full Display in Win Over Patriots

Steelers Defensive Development on Full Display in Win Over Patriots

Tony Watson sporting a negative FIP


I guess this is the 158.3 of FIP. At first glance, this would seem to be a glitch in FIP/WAR calculations, but if you have a pitcher that strikes everyone out, you can play Ryan Doumit at SS which is essentially adding runs. Funny, anyway.


Fun with DVOA - Week 13

I've been mostly MIA this season, but I stick my head in every now and then.  I did an article a while back on how the Steelers rank in Football Outsiders' DVOA metric and I thought this would be a...

They said this week me and Mewelde Moore are each going to get a series because, you know,...


They said this week me and Mewelde Moore are each going to get a series because, you know, Mendenhall has been taking a lot of abuse and has been in there for a lot of snaps, and at the rate he’s going he’s not going to be able to finish the season, taking that many snaps. So they’re going to try to take the load off him and get me and Mewelde in more, so I’m looking forward to that. - Isaac Redman Good to see someone else noticed.


Fun with DVOA

I know a lot of you are suspicious about Football Outsiders and DVOA.  Football isn't a very easy game to quantify using statistics, three games of football isn't a very meaningful sample size, and...

Starks has high ankle sprain


"Max Starks high ankle sprain, doubtful for next week. Essex expects Tony Hills to play LT, says he's ready" Could be better, could be worse. I was afraid he broke it, which might have meant the IR. Still, high ankle sprains can take a lot of time to return from.


BMF's Post Game Thoughts

Whew, what a game.  I had no idea if we were going to win it going in, and I still had no idea until the holding penalty on the OT kickoff.  Some thoughts: - Bruce Arians called a pretty decent...

Running Backs


Look at picture 13. Logan looks like he's feeling a bit inadequate.

From the "football talk" thread, only finished.


From the "football talk" thread, only finished.


Thoughts and Notes on the Rookies

Behind the Steel Curtain's BadMa'afala provides an in-depth analysis of the 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers' draft.


A Look at the Steelers' Future Salary Cap Situation

A look forward at the Steelers' salary cap situation.

Josh Johnson Retro


I thought this was a pretty interesting career path for a potential Cy Young candidate. We've aquired about a gazillion "projectable" pitchers in the last 2 years and while none of them may end up being as good as a healthy Josh Johnson, at least he's one example of a projection coming true.

NFLPA wins revenue sharing case


People cite the salary cap as the reason that the competitive balance in the NFL works so well, but in reality, revenue sharing plays at least an equally important role. This was only a small piece (5-10%) of the revenue sharing pie and it doesn't mean anything for the new CBA, but it's good to see that revenue sharing is still a priority for the union. We'll see what happens in the next year.


[Sighs in Relief]

Yet, he’s predicting those changes will be sweeping in the off-season, and primary among those to leave will be offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. Link It's a paid article, so I didn't want to...


Playcalling Notes From FO Analysts

Football Outsiders always have some fun and insightful comments about most of the games on a given weekend and publish them in a feature called "Audibles at the Line".  In this week's edition,...

Book excerpt


Not Steelers related, but an interesting article on the philosophical appeal of football.

Santonio Holmes and the WR situation


The Steelers offense is only as great as Santonio Holmes.

Rangers sign Scheppers


Just a minor blip on the radar, but it's not like there's anything else to talk about. It says he signed for over $1M, but there's no figure.


Brian Friday

After looking like a no-hit (or at least a no-power) SS prospect for a good portion of his career, Brian Friday has been impressive in 114 AB's this year.  On one hand, his K% has been steady (17.5...

Coonelly Chat


Coonelly talks about the draft, Sano, money, prospect development, and the importance of having sparkpluginess in his managers. Always nice to hear what actual baseball people have to say, even if they have to be somewhat guarded.

Day 1 Thoughts


Reflecting on Day 1 of the 2009 NFL Draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers


BMF's Mock Draft

One more comprehensive Mock Draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers here on Behind the Steel Curtain

BTSC 2009 Steelers Draft Analysis: The Offensive Line


A look at offensive line prospects the Steelers might be interested in for the 2009 NFL Draft.

BMF's Draft Analysis: The DL


A look at some of the top defensive line prospects that would fit in the Steelers 3-4 scheme, to help understand the upcoming draft.

BMF's Draft Analysis: Intro


A look at the Pittsburgh Steelers' 2009 draft needs and wants.

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